116 comments on “CORK SUCKERS

  1. Act 1, Scene 1
    Setting: Officials locker room – M&T Bank Stadium
    Time: 30 minutes before kickoff.

    HO: OK guys, remember that, if the Ravens lose, they are out of the playoffs and the PTB do not want that! It probably won’t be a problem, since there’s no way the stupid Vikings are gonna beat the defending Super Bowl champions. We probably don’t have to do anything, but keep your eyes peeled for any legitimate opportunities – hint, hint, nudge, wink.
    HO: Any questions? No? Good – go do your jobs.

  2. looks like CP84 has a good shot at living up to his jersey number. He missed one catch that he should have got but then he caught one that I’m not sure how he did it. We’re a franchise QB and a coaching staff away from being a threat in the league.

    • Based off this big board and the current Top 10 picks should go like this:
      1 Houston Texans QB Teddy Bridgewater (Franchise needs a new face to pair with the new HC)
      2 St. Louis Rams (WAS) OT Jake Matthews (I don’t know if Fisher will draft a OLinemen since he never has in the 1st but Saffold is leaving and Bradford is coming off a ACL tear so solidifying his protection is smart.)
      3 Atlanta Falcons OT Cameron Erving (Need to protect Ryan so passing on Clowney is an very difficult but smart option)
      4 Minnesota Vikings QB Derek Carr
      5 Oakland Raiders DE Jadeveon Clowney (Best player available and helps build a strong D to support Pryor and McGloin)
      6 Jacksonville Jaguars QB Johnny Manziel (Not worth it and will kill the Jacksonville fan base resulting in a relocation.)
      7 Cleveland Browns OLB Anthony Barr (BPA and helps make the Browns rotate their LBs like they want.)
      8 Buffalo Bills OLB Khalil Mack (Hometown kid falls a little because of small school but he may be the best defender in the draft.)
      9 Tampa Bay Buccaneers WR Sammy Watkins (Glennon has shown enough to get another year even with what is likely a new HC so get him a weapon that can stretch the field while V-Jax does the heavy lifting across the middle.)
      10 Pittsburgh Steelers DT Louis Nix (A LT would be nice but getting a guy to solidify the DLine is an option so is landing a CB like Darqueze Dennard.)


  3. i keep hearing everywhere that the same refs that screwed us against the ravens were the same refs that screwed us in the NFC championship game a couple years ago,i wonder why they hate the vikings.I also would like to say that i was watching the last play of the game and even though the raven player got his feet in it looks like the ball hit the ground when he fell and he didnt have full control but if that is the case then thats just another mess up by those refs.

  4. *GreatIrishPotatoFamine kneels down and places his hand on his son’s shoulder*

    “You’re not just anyone. One day, you’re going to have to make a choice. You have to decide what kind of man you want to grow up to be. Whoever that man is, good character or bad, it’s going to change the history of the Minnesota Vikings.”

    “Can’t I just…keep being your son?”

    “You are my son, Fran Tarkenton II.”

  5. “You will give the people of Minnesota an ideal to strive towards. They will race behind you, they will stumble, they will fall. But in time, they will join you in the sun. In time, you will help them accomplish wonders.”

  6. GreatIrishPotatoFamine: Goodbye, our son. Our hopes and dreams travel with you.

    Amy Adams: He will be an outcast. They’ll kill him.

    GreatIrishPotatoFamine: How? He’ll be a god to them.

  7. GreatIrishPotatoFamine: Did they hurt you?

    Fran Tarkenton II: You know they can’t.

    GreatIrishPotatoFamine: That’s not what I meant. I meant, “are you all right?”

    Fran Tarkenton II: I wanted to throw that football. I wanted to score that 264 yard touchdown so bad.

    GreatIrishPotatoFamine: I know you did. I mean, part of me even wanted you to, but then what? Make you feel any better? Minnesota is not ready son.

  8. “It was the fourth time this season the Vikings lost in the final minute. If the defense could have come up with four more plays this season, the Vikings could be sitting at 7-5-1 and leading the NFC North by a half-game over the 7-6 Lions. ”

    This is a quote from a BleacherReport article regarding takeaways from the Ravens – Vikings game.
    If true, it seems to me we should be VERY careful about making wholesale team-wide changes this off-season. This article also makes comparisons to the 2011 season during which we also lost a lot of close games. We all know that 2012 turned out much better, for whatever reason. I don’t recall there being a lot of changes – MLB, Matt Kalil, AP in beast mode.

    If we change the coaching staff, we better be as sure as we can possibly be that we are getting someone that can take what we have and mold it into something much better with a limited number of additions. The same at QB. Taking a high first round QB is problematic, as we all know. Maybe we should stay with 2 of the 3 starters we have and develop a young draft prospect from one of the later rounds.

    • Good points, Cariboo. I like how you make the other sides of the argument known. I wish Frazier was the coach of the future, he seems like a great dude, but i just don’t see it. I think there needs to be a new HC, OC and DC. Maybe give Priefer a shot at DC? I think Spielman has done a very good job with this roster in less than two years, so i absolutely want him to stay.

    • Very good points indeed. I know some may disagree with me, but Cassel has proven to be capable of winning. There is nobody in the football world who will say he is in the same category as Brees, Brady, and Manning, but Cassel’s stats show he can get the job done………IF we solve the D problems…..Hell, even Ponder could get the job done if we solve the D problems.

      But Cassel has outplayed Ponder hands-down this year. I don’t care if he was signed to be the back up. That’s impaired thinking by our coaching staff, and it is their doom. Failure to acknowledge better talent, and failure to use that talent….well, maybe there’s some high school teams that need a coach somewhere.

      We don’t need a lot of changes to be a SB threat. We are a DC swap away from success.

    • Agree on some but I still would take Carr give him time behind Cassel if things start going down hill then play Carr. Can’t see Fraizer staying unless he switches coordinators and being who he is I can’t see that happening.
      For sure the OLine needs to be beefed up at the LG and RG spots. Loadholt needs to go back to playing like he did in 2012 but seeing as he got his nice sized check I am not sure if he is motivated any more.

  9. All good points and reading guys. I’d give y’all thumbs up but, ya know. I’d like to see Patterson be the next face of the franchise, if he’s “raw”, he has some promising years in front of him.

  10. I just watched a highlight reel of Derek Carr, and I don’t know that I like him. He was constantly bouncing around in the pocket, literally. He never seemed to be able to keep his feet set, even when there was no pressure. He would even hop into his throws. It looked like it made for some lofty passes that could have been more crisp if he had his feet properly planted and stepped through the throw rather than hopping into it.

    That seems like a habit that will be tough to coach out of him. So if we do go with him, my impression right now is that we should only make the pick if he falls out of the first round.

    • I like his mechanics a lot more. He looks like a traditional QB. My concern with him is that he showed up out of nowhere in the past week. I truly never heard of the guy until a day or two ago, and all of a sudden he is being considered among the top-5 QBs in the draft. Just another Matt Flynn right now – one good game and everybody is thinking he’s the real deal.

      For his own sake, he’d be better off returning to college another year and proving that he is capable of repeat and sustained success. Until then, he should be a 3rd rounder at the earliest.

  11. Three games left and our season is over– that wasn’t so bad, was it? Before we know it, we will be at preseason, all excited, hooting and hollering how we will demolish the competition, win the division and win 12 or 13 games, and heading to the Super Bowl. Are we all delusional, or what?

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