1. Players play the game-but the coaches are supposed to put them in position to win by making those crucial calls in crunch-time that decide the outcome of the game…this is where we FAIL miserably.
    Any other coaching stafff, and we are in first place in the division-GET A COACH that can make those calls!

  2. Started destroying shit at work cuz we were up 13-7 or something with 5 to go? What happened? So glad we didnt win though and with peterson hurt its even more vital we get a qb.

  3. I agree with AD. This game was officiated horribly. The refs shouldn’t effect the outcome of the game like that. Toby non-fumble, The 2 first downs that the Ravens DIDN’T get, greenway interference. All BS. But they should be disciplined for the non-reversal of Toby’s “fumble”.

    Also, why pooch kick, when you have been kicking to him and stopping him all game?

  4. Well after a moment to rethink todays loss ….

    The Vikings did a couple thing right …

    (1)They provided us fans an amazingly exciting game and (2) they maintained their top 5 draft pick

  5. Today’s game showed us three things:
    1) The players still have alot of fight left in them.
    2) There is plenty of good young talent to make this team a contender (with the exception of a QB)
    3) Our coaching staff is below average…

    If we are going to be a REAL contender, we need that elusive franchise QB..but we also need an above average coach.

  6. I appreciate those of you that want to keep Frazier-but, like Ponder, I have had it with him. Frazier, like Ponder has made many mistakes that have cost us the game, but sadly continue to make those same mistakes.

    I do not want to have this discussion next year because Frazier made a late run and deserves to come back…he needs to go.

    The players may like Frazier, but they want to win, and if that comes at the expense of the coach, then the players will gladly welcome change.

    • I agree, I like Frazier but he has made some of the worst decisions imaginable.

      Why did Ponder start over Cassel all season? I think its crystal clear who gives us the best chance to win.

      Why hasnt Musgrave been fired? For that decision alone Frazier needs to go!

      Now we can nit pick the game time stuff and his even keel personality but the above two reasons show a serious flaw in Frazier. He fears hurting feelings. He cant bench under performers for some unimaginable reason. He will stick with a veteran for weeks talking about “It can all be fixed” when it clearly can not.

      Erin Henderson for Audie Cole …
      Josh Robinson for Xavier Rhodes…

  7. Frazier gives us best chance at a high draft pick and Spielman knows it. That’s the only reason why he’s still here.

    His refusal to play Freeman when Spielman and the Wilf’s wanted him here is a giant FU to the organization.

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