Coming soon or not soon enough?

Today the Vikings had a hard fought battle that proved they are still a good team if only they had a decent coaching staff. Soon the season will be over and the search for a new staff will began but will it be in time to salvage the talent on the roster? I mean in a meaningless game Petey was injured when the staff could have just used Gerhart to ramp up his potential trade value\FA stock thus resulting in at least a higher compensatory pick.

By roger

19 comments on “Coming soon or not soon enough?

  1. i’m not sure if Frazier’s gone after this season,but he sure had the look of a defeated man today. i think Alan Williams needs to go. his playcalling at the end was horrible,going with that soft prevent coverage. we need a new identity on defense,scrap that cover 2,or find the personel WHO CAN PLAY IT RIGHT…

  2. Observation – we need to re-sign Toby if we can afford him. AP seems to be (if you have to put a description on it) injury prone.

    We’ve got a proven commodity in TG, more than capable if AP continues down the injury path. Yeah, would be cheaper to draft a rookie RB, but the bird in the hand…….

    • i’d like to keep Gerhart also,but he may want to leave and be a featured back for another team. he’s been a backup for 4 years,i think it’s his time to shine for another team. as long as AD is here he’s gonna remain a backup RB…

  3. i like the duo of him and AD,with AD starting and Gerhart finishing in games,problem is when AD is in that zone he gets stronger as the game goes on,only giving Gerhart carries when he needs a quick breather and Gerhart needs to get a rhythm going to get started…

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