The Wizards of VFB.

So the jersey points for the tie game against the cheesers indeed go to…..TampaVike and Vikingology!!!! Belated CONGRATULATIONS V.O. and Tampa!!!! Barroooooooooooo to you! And point for the 23-20 ass whipping we put on Chicago goes to…….GreatIrishPotatoFamineEsquire!!!!!! Skol Irish!!! Congrats! It seems we have a bunch of Wizards among us as there is now a five way tie, though anyone can still win at this point. So get your predictions for the Ravens game in!!! Ahh Feels good to be back.


139 comments on “The Wizards of VFB.

  1. Thinking about everyone’s opinions makes me realize that you’re ALL right. We could succeed with an offense minded HC, or a defense minded HC……..if they do it right.

    Also, thinking about what Spielman has done the past few years, I firmly believe we could win out this season, and he’ll work his magic to get us a quality QB in the draft.

    He knows it’s time to pull Ponder’s plug, or his own job is on the line.

  2. We’re facing a team that is used to playing outdoors, and on their own turf. That typically spells doom for purple.

    But………AP is rockin and rollin, CP84 is being utilized, and Cassel knows who Jennings is. Rhodes is getting confident, Audie Skol is making the most of his 3rd chance.

    Vikes win. 31-28

    • I know– this is a hard one to predict. At first, I thought Ravens, but knowing Cassel is starting, providing a good passing attack, with AD then running crazy, this could be interesting. Plus, something tells me some of the team wants to keep Frazier and they know that every win may make that happen. BUT– Ravens have a QB who can light it up AND they have a great coach, AND they can still make the playoffs. AND they know this game is possibly their easiest out of their remaining games– which, on the other hand, means they might not be prepared if we come out and stick it to ’em. Yes, this is a tough one to call– will have to unveil the SuperDuperIncredulousticTitusOmeter8withAdvancedParametrics17000.4

  3. Ok guys I’m planning on coming to the Twin Cities next year probably November/December so if we’re ever gonna have all of us bloggers at a game that would probably be the time. Gonna wait till all the schedules are released so I can time a couple of home games together. The Minnesota Wild schedule will probably factor heavily into this as well. Boss is gonna give me the time off he’s actually all for it. When he was 20 he took a month long trip to the US and followed Michael Jordan and the Bulls around reckons it was the best time of his life. Anyway, we better have a F$%#ing QB!

  4. This week is it for my fantasy team. Win and I’m in. I have four quality RB’s but can start only two.
    1. Eddie Lacy
    2. Steven Jackson
    3. CJ Spiller
    4. Bobby Rainey

    Which two should I start?

  5. A buddy of mine hit it big with 4 LONGSHOTS………

    (From the Atlantic Lottery Corp)………$22,595.60 Winner!

    A BIG winner out in the NS part of PRO·LINE Nation this past weekend made out with a nice ticket…$22,595.60! It was a mixed bag of 4 longshots that made this bettor happy: two Basketball picks, an American Football pick, and a Soccer pick.

    Here are the picks that made it happen…

    Houston vs San Antonio NBA Houston $5.15-1
    Utah vs Phoenix NBA UTAH $6.75-1
    Jax vs Cleveland NFL Jax $5.00-1
    Liverpool vs Hull City SOC Hull City $6.60-1

    These four picks bet with a $20 wager made this ticket the second largest win of the year on PRO·LINE.

    (In proline you multiply the odds = $5.15 x $6.75 x $5.oo x $6.60 = $1,129.78 x his bet ($20.00) = $22,595.60. Guess he’s buying the steaks and booze next weekend)

  6. operation ruin everybodys season is underway,I know its a super longshot but if we win out and everybody in our division keeps losing we could win the division because of the tie,that means lions will have to lose the rest of their games,its crazy but it would be cool if it happened

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