Vikings (the TV show)

Vikings (the stadium show)
imagesCAT4KBG5 Viking garb

One is a sight for sore eyes…the other is an eyesore.

Four games left of a miserable season. A season filled with hope..quickly vanished into thin air like an age-old magicians trick.

What will the last four games bring?
Will Frazier be shown the door?
Will Musgrave and Williams ever find an NFL coaching position again?
Will Ponder stay in Minny?
Will VFB live to see a Vikings Super Bowl?

By vikingology

114 comments on “Vikings…..vs…..Vikings

  1. What will the last four games bring?
    Eye gouging, suffering, and hatred. With the possibility of a small glimmer of hope that the young guys can live up to their potential.
    Will Frazier be shown the door?
    Maybe I like him but he needs to find better coordinators or step down as HC and move to DC.
    Will Musgrave and Williams ever find an NFL coaching position again?
    Musgrave is a parasite that will never go away no matter how awful he is. While Williams has potential to be a decent position coach but should never go higher then that.
    Will Ponder stay in Minny?
    Yes, as a cautionary tale about what having a shit OC can do to a promising young QB.
    Will VFB live to see a Vikings Super Bowl?
    Seeing as how me and Irish are younger then most of you I would say yes the VFB will see a Super Bowl win.

  2. The last 4 games will bring out the best in our team. The defense will continue to improve and will allow fewer points per game than up to now. AD will go wild and finish close to 1800 yards for the season. Our QB (whoever it is) will find open receivers and the promise of what a balanced attack could be will be fulfilled. We will win at least 2 more games.
    Frazier will be shown the door, but not this year.
    Both Musgrave and Williams will find other NFL coaching positions – coaching is a learning process and they are doing that, although it doesn’t seem like it.
    The Vikings will draft a QB and Ponder will be traded.
    Yes – Superbowl LII

  3. Frazier doesn’t learn from his mistakes. He doesn’t like change. Even if he stays and the OC and DC are gone, Frazier has very few people in his circle that he can reach out to-he doesn’t have the clout.
    We need an entire new staff-and that starts with the HC.

    • That doesn’t mean that Rhodes won’t be starting. It might mean that Robinson will replace Cook. It might also mean that Rhodes would start outside and Robinson at nickel. We need 3 starting corners – the 2 outside and the nickel. Robinson, like it or not, may be the best option for one of the 3.
      This seems to me to be another case of turning a positive (good play by Rhodes) into a negative about the team/HC. Why not be pleased that we are seeing good development by a player.
      This is similar to the Audie Cole situation. People whined that he was just cut (a negative about the team) at the same time that he was being praised for his good play. Looking at that situation differently, one could say that the Vikes were able to pull a fast one on the League by waiving (and re-signing) Cole so that they could shore up the O-line for one game.
      This is probably a symptom of being 3-8-1. Nobody would be worried if we were 8-3-1.
      Sorry guys – my rant for today.

      • I, for one, appreciate being called onto the carpet and asked to look at it from another point of view. That’s how you learn.

        Although, I am a lifelong believer that if you always seek to find the positive in mediocrity, all you end up with is mediocrity.

        Figuring out how to balance the 2 is the key. I’m not very good at it yet.

    • Looking at the schedule, I think we’re better off rooting for Houston. Houston is going to have a hard time beating any of their other remaining opponents, but if the Jags mess up bad enough, I can see them winning two of their final three.

  4. I was reminded of a coach, perhaps forgotten, but has suddenly emerged as the top candidate for the Vikings (IMO)

    Fired after only three years (two consectutive playoff appearances) for the Jets. He was fired after narrowly missing the playoffs when Favre’s shoulder injury got the best of him and the season was lost.

    He may not even come into the picture, but the Vikings would be wise to visit with him.

    A coach that know’s his X’s and O’s and is my choice for the Vikings HC position…
    Eric Mangini. Thats right you read that correctly he is a proven winner from the Belichick tree.

    He may want nothing to do with coming back into the NFL, but he would be a great coach for us and he has alot of connections to build a great staff.

  5. I recall reading a few months ago that Tajh Boyd was a top 10 prospect. I hardly pay any attention to college ball, so I don’t have a good viewpoint on it. I’m just wondering if anyone knows why he fell out of the spotlight. Did he start playing poorly…or was it just a coincidence that the first article I read on 2014 draft prospects had a strong bias for an average player?

  6. Mangini is not that bad but I’d rather Shaw. If it wasn’t for a fumble by robiskie the Browns would have beaten the Jets in overtime and most likely been a wildcard team in his final year. He did bring a lot of bad players to the Browns though, not sure I’d trust him with personnel.

  7. I am with you Titus…NO TO MANGINI!!! His track record of keeping “bad” players and thinking he is a “man genius” is counter productive to building a winning team. Belichick’s coaching tree certainly hasn’t flurished in the NFL.

    I would love to see Brian Billick here as the HC but I just don’t see it hapening. I think that as long as Speilman is in charge, he won’t bring in a top notch coach that could possibley take away from his power. My thought process is that he would rather stick with Frazier because Frazier towes the line with whatever he wants. Either that or he brings in a co-ordinater for his first head coaching job.

    Now if the Wilfs were to let Speilman go….then all bets are off. Maybe we could get someone like Billick.

  8. I agree with you Titus…NO MANGINI!!!!!!!!!!!! He is way too Egotistical and he doesn’t have a track record of making players good. Belichik’s coaching tree certainly hasn’t set the NFL on fire.

    I would love to see Billick as the head coach but don’t think it will happen as long as Speilman is in charge. He wouldn’t let someone take away from his authority. So I think that we will either stay with Frazier (as long as he will get a new OC and DC) or get a co-ordinator for his first HC job. Just my opinion.

    • I like the idea of getting coordinator for his first HC gig. Grab one of the guys who has been in charge of a top notch offense or defense for a few years and see if he can continue the success when in charge of an entire team.

    • Well, to extrapolate on your analogy– these guys have been riding bicycles recreationaly, but they have been on them- it’s not like they are hiding in a hole hibernating. These guys are still very close to the game– if not, they wouldn’t be calling these games week in and week out — notice Billick seems more knowledgeable during the commentating? He talks football– Gruden whines and spews negativity– oh, my god, I can’t believe how poorly their offensive line is playing!– and on and on. No to Gruden, a thousand times no.

  9. WE ARE NOT DRAFTING A”Q.B.” IN FIRST ROUND.”””””””””NOPE,NAH UMMMMMMMMM”HELL NO””””””””””””””THEY R ALL BUSTS””””””””””””WE CAN GET SUM IMPLANTS”””””””””””””””””MIRASKULL””””””””””””””””””GROW”””””””””””””””””

    • I believe that Adam Gase (Bronco’s OC) is tooinexperienced to lead an NFL team but it is a nice thought.

      Greg Roman, I believe, will get his chance this year. He seams to be able to adapt his philosophy to the players around him, unlike Musgrave.

    • Broncos OC I’d be cwary about because he has P.Manning to make him look like a genius. I honestly feel like we need more of a defensive minded coach. Panthers, Seahawks, Chiefs, 49ers & Bengals have the best defenses in the NFL, so any of them would be a good addition.

      The Ravens’ DC should be up there too. They lost a couple of big names from their starting lineup this year, have a lot of young players on that side of the ball, but still rank 6th in the NFL for points allowed this year.

  10. All I can say on the coaching choice is one word — AllDay. Don’t bring in some unproven coordinator or college coach– we don’t have time for that. AD has a couple super years left and then maybe two to four good years after that. Get a QB (or play Freeman and see what we have) that can play and get a coach who wins NOW.

    • All Day is different. He is super human. He’ll play into his late 40s and then retire – not because he can’t play, but because he’ll start to feel guilty for destroying so many young players’ dreams about breaking an NFL record in their career.

  11. Ok. Got a new computer(again, last one was a melon), and a day off.. Now where was I…. oh yeah points contest winners, and name those bloggers. Working on it now boys. Feels good to be back. Gonna get caught up on blog, contest, etc………..calculating……..

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