The future is…

Depending on how you look at the future of the Minnesota Vikings it can be very fuzzy. Right now it may look bleak sitting at a record of 3-8-1, having a circus of imbeciles as their coaching staff (Musgravey, Williams, and Ring Master Leslie), and key players at key positions already on the down side of their careers (Williams, Allen, Cook, Ponder). But on the bright side the Vikings will be starting construction on the new stadium this Winter, a new and hopefully improved coaching staff will be teaching the team full of young talent how to win, a lot of the teams dead weight will be gone, and what looks to be great draft position to land a possible Franchise QB the likes of which we have not seen since Fran “the Man” Tarkenton. At least this is what we all hope will happen but we will not know till it does but the Vikings need to get better fast not only for us fans, many who have suffered for far too long, but for the Great Running Back of All Time Adrian Peterson. After everything he has done for the Vikings he deserves a Super Bowl ring.

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    • I was thinking about that today. I used to be 100% get rid of him, but now i’m about 50%. I just don’t want to be knee jerk, and start a coaching carousel, that leaves us mediocre for years. The defense philosophy is sound, and will work with proper coaching and execution and leadership. The playcalling needs to change. I’m all for changing both coordinators, at least musgravey. I think with a good draft in 2014, we can compete.

    • @Titus,

      I would tend to agree with you on keeping Frazier on as Head Coach. I think his “ponder” thing is that he wants the team to rally around a young quarterback, and become world champions just like Jim McMahon and the Bears.

      The Vikings played ponder too soon and refused to bench him. That had to be foolish because it only works with the very best QBs. Peyton Manning, Sid Luckman, Sammy Baugh, Otto Graham, Fran Tarkenton, John Elway, Dan Marino and very few others. It is a select group.

      Most guys have to spend time in the minors, Europe, or on the bench before starting in the NFL. I know guys might want to add Jim Kelly to the list, but he played in the USFL first, same with some other people. How many more can you name that started right out of the draft and became great. (I’m not sure you can count RGIII or Luck yet, they haven’t won anything. Klaepperhoweveryouspelllit might qualify.)

  1. We definitely need new coordinators– but changing Frazier puts us back at ground zero. Frazier has a great philosophy and vision for this team– but he tends to be too loyal toward personnel, which is good and bad.

    • @Titus,

      I tend to agree with Frazier being too loyal to his personnel. Either that or they cannot judge talent very well. Almost without exception the reserve at any position has done better than the incumbent.

      But your point about putting us back at ground zero could be right. Most of the winning teams have long-time head coaches.

      The “ponder” at QB thing really upsets me. I can’t remember any decision seeming so far off in all the years I have watched the Vikings.

      It’s disturbing! Demoralizing Depressing

  2. I kind of feel bad for Chris Cook it looked like they put him on Jeffrey cuz Rhodes was getting beat in the 1st half. Does anyone know if that Colts corner is going to test free agency? Can’t remember his name but he’s pretty young.

    • Are you talking about Vontae Davis? If the stories I’m reading on him are accurate, the Colts would be morons to let him make it to free agency. They traded for him in 2012 and the trade is panning out as a great bargain for the Colts.

      If he does become a free agent though, he’ll be looking for a BIG paycheck. If we can afford it, I’d say go for it, but we still need to address other weaknesses too.

      • It’s not him but it would be great if we got Davis. I just realised it’s Alteran Verner for the Tennessee Titans, under the radar guy that would form a good duo with Rhodes. He won’t get a big contract but teams will most likely overpay for him.

    • The Bears moved Jeffery to the other side, not the Vikings. Rhodes did pretty well against Jeffery. Cook had very good coverage on Jeffery on both of those long throws but the passes were perfectly thrown – hard to defend.

    • Well, social norms definitely will pressure the Wilfs to make the change; however, we have seen the Wilfs defy probable choices and make unorthodox decisions. My guess is if we win two more games, Frazier stays, especially if we win on the road.

  3. Frazier fires/cuts all the wrong people-when he got promoted to HC he fired the then current OC Darrel Bevell. And what is Bevell doing now, calling the plays for a soon to be 11-1 Seahawk team.

    Just recently he told Speilman to cut Audie Cole because they were thin on the O-line, citing Cole was expendable. Cole has proven Frazier to be an idiot at evaluating talent beyong his precious “starters.”

    FIRE FRAZIER-we need to have a clean slate…His philosophy will get the team nowhere for as long as he stays.

    • You’re spot-on, V-O ! As Lombardi said…If you’re not fired with enthusiasm, you will be fired with enthusiasm.
      When is the last time anyone saw Frazier enthusiastic about ANYTHING ??

      • Dear novascotiavike,

        ponder is spelled ponder. He has failed to earn a capital letter in his last name.

        He has had way too many chances. Let the coaches know.

        His name is ponder!



  4. Frazier is a good guy-he is just not HC material…keeping him any longer for the sake of not starting from ground zero is like saying keep Ponder a little longer because a new QB will have to learn the system.

  5. The Vikings were leading the Bears 7 to 6 when Ponder left the game. He had just led the team on its longest touchdown drive of the year before the injury. He also had not made a turnover at that point in the game. He had also been sacked 3 times when the Bears were on him almost right away – he had no chance of getting away. Cassel took over in the second half and played very very well.
    I predict that Cassel will start in Baltimore.

  6. I don’t think that we will be able to bring a “top tier” coach here as long as Speilman is in charge. All the big name guys will be looking to have more control. This is why I think that they will keep Frazier, but only if Williams and Musgrave go. I don’t see any other way for the franchise to save face.

  7. It is true that there are plenty of coaches out there who want their chance. The majority of them will be busts and we will be in the same position as we are now. Unless we can get someone with really good credentials, like Billick, I think we should stick with Frazier. The players seem to be highly motivated – there is no quit. We need to solve the QB situation.

    • I like his locker room speeches. They are motivational. The ear of the beholder I guess. Where do you get that “Frazier has little to do with it” – is that an opinion or can you point to something concrete that is not derivative?

      • You’re partly correct – “ear of the beholder” – different things motivate different people.

        Personally, I’m with VO – Frazier is much too subdued to effectively fire up athletes. IRS accountants, maybe, but not professional athletes.

        You’re too intelligent, Cariboo. That’s why you are motivated by him. You respond better to logic than to emotion. After Frazier gets done boring the team, they fire themselves up.

          • I agree Titus, our emotions and our intellect are part of all of us. We all have emotions – they are vital to our well being. The issue is whether or not showing them is constructive and motivational to others. I think they are motivational but short term motivational. Frazier and Grant seem similar to me in this regard. Belichick as well. But I can see that coaches like Carroll are effective, too. So, I think it is not that relevant an issue.

            • Grant utilized passive discipline. He shut off the heaters. He wouldn’t let them wear overcoats.

              But I’m sure he kicked them in the balls in the locker room, too, where nobody could see it.

  8. If there is another Bud Grant out there, I would agree, but how do you find him? Trial and error? Trestman may be one. Pete Carroll looks like one. Your heart is in the right place V-O, but quick fixes rarely work.

    • I wouldn’t call it making it a quick-fix. Frazier has had ample time to show the team making strides in a positive direction, but the team has regressed this year.
      Last year Frazier and staff rode on the Peterson train, this year they are riding in a boxcar to nowhere…

  9. I just can’t believe there is a QB controversy, unless the plan is to lose out the season trying to win (i.e. continue playing Ponder).

    Frazier continues to state “Ponder gives the Vikings the best chance to win.” The only reason he can say that with a straight face is because his face is paralyzed.

    Ponder played 30 minutes +/- going 3/8 for 40 yards, with 32 yards coming on one completion. Cassel played the rst of the game, going 20/33 and 243 yards. It’s not even a CLOSE call. Sure, Cassel had an extra period, so take away the 38 yards he got in overtime, and he STILL blows Ponder away.

    I just don’t get it, unless they’re playing to lose.

  10. Local talk of Frazier maybe keeping his job after the win on Sunday is heating up…. i just can’t agree with it. Leslie seems like a stand-up dude, real nice guy, but i don’t think he’s head coach material. On one hand i can see us saying “we have two years of playing outdoors coming up, new QB will be coming in and what not, Frazier is pretty good with keeping things calm. I can also see us saying “bring in a new regime, by the time the new stadium opens we’ll be a very good team”. I see Spielman going after an offense minded guy, and I still think Jay Gruden is the front runner.

  11. Ponder played the first half. Like I said above, he had led the team on its longest drive of the year prior to his injury. The Bears had sacked him 3 times and had rushed him off his feet.
    Nobody knows for sure how well Ponder would have played if he had stayed in the game, just as nobody knows how Cassel would have played in the first half if he had started.
    Frazier will (and has) point to Ponder’s “body of work” as showing more potential for the future than Cassel, I think.
    Nevertheless, I think Cassel will start in Baltimore. It will be a very tough go.

    • I agree, Cassel is a backup. He came in and played very well as the backup, that’s why we went out and paid a lot of money for him, cause we had Webb as the backup last year. Backup. I’m gunna keep saying the word, cause that’s what he is. I say play Freeman, so we can decide on who should be competing with the rookie QB next summer for the starting job, Freeman or Ponder. At this point i think Ponder will be on the 53 next year and Cassel and Freeman will be in different colors.Backup. You’re right, Ponder has been sacked a ton in the last few weeks, dunno if it’s all offensive line or if it’s on Ponder for not getting the ball out quick enough?

      • I watched the game again last night and it seemed to me that it was physically impossible for Ponder to get the ball out fast enough on those 3 sacks. I remember at least one other play where he had to get rid of the ball because someone was on his tail. I do not understand the Freeman situation, though. Why bring him in? Maybe to assess his potential? Do you need to have a guy right in your organization to properly assess him? Maybe so. If his “mechanics” are screwed up, maybe you need to work with him closely to see if they can be fixed. His play in the Giants game was very poor, but maybe you want to see him perform in a game situation to better understand his issues????

        • His play in the Giants game makes me believe there WAS a concussion, and he wasn’t seeing straight. Game was lost, coaching didn’t know about the concussion, so there was no reason to pull him.

          I’m thinking we’ll see a competition between Freeman and our draft pick next spring.

    • Ponder went 5&out, 3&out, 3&out, and 4&out before that TD drive.

      On the TD drive, Ponder threw a 32 yd pass to Simpson, AP ran for 23 yards, Toby added 2 yards, and Patterson ran 33 for the score. ANYONE can hand the ball off.

      After that score, Ponder went 5&out, and 1&out to end the half.

      You’re correct, nobody knows what would hav happened, but the numbers don’t lie.

      • The second 5&out was the injury, the last 1&out was Cassel.
        What was the difference between the halves? Was it Cassel? Was it adjustments? The Bears rush in the second half didn’t seem to be as effective. Frazier said some adjustments were made, I think in his presser. I wonder what they did (if they did) and why they didn’t do it sooner. Cassel sure played well. That 4th and 11 throw with about 2 minutes left from about the 10 yard line was unreal. So many things happened in that game that could have gone either way.

        • You bring up valid points. Did the O-line play better with Cassel in there? Does that mean they’ve given up on Ponder?

          Hard to believe our coaches made effective adjustments after their track record.

          • With a losing record, it’s understandable that people are negative about a lot of things – it’s hard not to be. We didn’t switch coaches at half time, did we? Maybe Billick was secretly sending in plays – he WAS in the booth wasn’t he? I know – he was wearing a Musgrave costume and Musgrave was wearing a Billick costume.
            Another thing – why weren’t we torched by Jeffery even more after Cook was ejected? Maybe he was tired by all that running around. Brandon Marshall was pretty quiet compared to other games. Man – what a combo – Jeffery and Marshall!!!

  12. In a recent presser, Frazier said something along the lines that “we need to add some pieces around AD to help him and to win”. He didn’t elaborate on what he meant by that. But that probably means offensive line and QB. Do we have the receivers? I would say yes. Think about where we have come from last year – Jenkins, Aromashadu, Harvin, anyone else? They are gone and replaced by Jennings, Webb, and Patterson. Did I miss anyone? Anyway, a big improvement. That is reflected in our attack being more balanced, I think. QB and the O-line are still issues – too many sacks and too much inconsistency.

  13. I hope we don’t even consider drafting a WR in this years draft. I think we’ll part ways with Simpson after the season, which would leave us with Jennings, CP84, Jarius Wright, Greg Childs, Rodney Smith. QB, OL and DEFENSE!

      • Webb has been in for a lot of plays, but mainly blocking – he’s only been targetted 11 times this year.

        I think Simpson won himself/deserves another year. Why would we cut our leading receiver? Oh – Vikings curse.

    • Roger – I didn’t include them because they were here last year. But, you are right, they definitely are part of the mix. I must say I like how Carlson has stepped up lately as a receiver – what happens when Kyle comes back???

  14. If the Vikings consider a WR it should be 6’5 monster Kelvin Benjamin, Florida State but only if he is around late 3rd.
    Meaning a QB has been taken (Carr), a OG (Zach Martin OT\G or Yankey OT\G), and a NT (Nix should fall because of knee injury some maybe him) or CB (Verrett).

    Over the last 3 weeks, the Vikings rank 1st in the NFL in 3rd down defense holding opponents to 23.7% (9/38) on 3rd downs: 1) Minnesota Vikings, 23.7% (9/38) 2) Cleveland Browns, 27.3% (12/44) 3) Carolina Panthers, 27.8% (10/36)
    • RB Adrian Peterson surpassed the 10,000 career rushing yard mark with a 211-yard effort vs. Chicago. Peterson, playing in his 101st career game, became the 3rd fastest to reach 10,000 rushing yards behind Eric Dickerson (91 games) and Jim Brown (98 games).
    • DE Brian Robison has recorded a sack in 3 consecutive games and has 5.0 sacks over the last 5 games.
    • Vikings KR/WR Cordarrelle Patterson became the only rookie in Vikings history to score a TD 3 different ways (receiving, rushing and returning). Patterson is the 6th WR all-time in team history to rush for a TD.
    • Since 2011, special teams coordinator Mike Priefer’s first year in Minnesota, the Vikings are tied with the Denver Broncos and the Tennessee Titans for the most combined kick return and punt return TDs with 6 (4 kick returns, 2 punt returns). The 4 KR TDs lead the NFL.
    • Patterson’s 1,088 kickoff return yards are the most in the NFL in 2013 and ranks 3rd all-time among Vikings rookies. His 109-yard kickoff return TD against Green Bay on 10/27/13 was the longest kickoff return in NFL history. He needs 258 kickoff return yards to break the Vikings single-season record (Buster Rhymes, 1,345 in 1985).
    • Peterson rushed for 211 yards on a career high and team record 35 carries vs. Chicago, marking his league leading 5th 100+ yard rushing game this season and his 5th career game with 200+ rushing yards. Peterson’s 5 games of 200+ rushing yards are tied for 2nd all-time with Tiki Barber, trailing only trailing O.J. Simpson (6).
    • Vikings K Blair Walsh earned NFC Special Teams Player of th Week in Week 12 after going a perfect 4-for-4 on FGs, including a 47-yarder in regulation and a 35-yarder in OT, and added 5 kickoff touchbacks, both season highs. This is Walsh’s 4th POW award, joining Gary Anderson and Mitch Berger for most in team history in only his 2nd season.
    • Over the past 4 weeks, TE John Carlson has 246 receiving yards, the 2nd-most in the NFL by a TE during that span (Rob Gronkowski, 276).
    • CB Xavier Rhodes recorded his 16th pass defensed vs. Chicago, ranking 2nd all-time in passes defensed by Vikings rookie (Orlando Thomas, 19 in 1995).
    • Peterson, with 1,208 rushing yards, has more rushing yards than 10 NFL teams entering Week 14.
    Hope this works – some interesting statistics, even if they come from the dark side.

  16. Just bought my son a Favre jersey (he loves the number 4 and it matches the one I have) on ebay – hope it gets here in time for him to wear it to the Eagles game in 2 weeks….coming from California though, and they estimate delivery for the day after the game. Must be slow because of Christmas?

    Gonna be 3 generations attending the game, with my father joining us. Can’t wait.

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