Last Bears game at The Hubert Horatio Humphrey Mall of America Field Metrodome.(Or how I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb 2 Electric Boogaloo.)

“That is OUR mammoth carcass, bitch!”

My fellow bloggers, we get to taste a little chunk of history tomorrow. Next time we face the bears at home, it will be in a stadium more well known for the kids fingering eachother, sharing now and laters, and listening to Aerosmith and Zep. But I digress, THIS time, someone will have as good of a shot as ever to get a 900 foot game. adrian-peterson-130627-800
That is 300 yards in Parody scientist talk!


I know many are saying we need a great QB, so lose out. I know I have. But now that I am off work and drinking semi moderately, SCREW THE bEARS. Also it cant hurt to spoil the windy citys chances a little, and leave a turtle in their bed! That is slang for……………..I mean GAME ON! GO VIKES!!

98 comments on “Last Bears game at The Hubert Horatio Humphrey Mall of America Field Metrodome.(Or how I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb 2 Electric Boogaloo.)

    • Screw that! I wanna see Musgrave and Williams suit up and try to show us that THEY can execute their own game plans…especially with Williams, so he can demonstrate how easy it is to stop an offensive player from getting a first down when he’s given a 10-yard cushion.

      • What I was trying to say is that they are pretty much inactive during the game (no changing the gameplan, soft and slow when we have the lead, ect.) so lets just make it official.

        I would also like to see this Parody!

  1. The Vikings and Bears have both announced their inactive players for today’s game:

    CB Josh Robinson
    DT Chase Baker
    G Jeff Baca
    T Mike Remmers
    QB Josh Freeman
    WR Rodney Smith
    TE Kyle Rudolph

    QB Jay Cutler
    LB Lance Briggs
    S Major Wright
    S Anthony Walters
    T Jonathan Scott
    T James Brown
    DE Cornelius Washington

  2. I blame musgrave and ponder is an idiot,he always throws to simpson no matter what,someone needs to tell him he has more then one read,its not even a read its just automatically ponder to simpson,thats why he is always double covered,everybody knows

  3. WALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jones has heard it said more than once that the QB position should be treated much like any other position. If there is inconsistent play we should substitute.

      My order of QB has been the same all season except Freeman passed ponder as soon as he arrived.

      1. Cassel
      2. Freeman
      3. Anyone else on the roster
      4. ponder (note he still has not earned the capital letter to begin his name yet.)

      It might take me A FEW YEARS to get over the continuous starting of the one ponder! Perhaps he will be good, and he certainly does possess weapons Cassel/Freeman do not have, but he is not consistent. Do the rubber band/wt training exercises, then get back to me.

  4. 23-20 Vikes pull it out…….better late than never??

    Got too busy slaying deer last week to put in a prediction. Nice game by Cassel – good to know ONE QB knows who Jennings is.

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