122 comments on “Scrolls what are they good for?

  1. What “AT” they good for – HUH????
    So, Simpson lost his starting role, presumably because of the DUI. Will the same thing happen to Henderson? Simpson has continued to make some very impressive catches. Will Henderson step up?
    Bears will be smoked by ADTG – defense will step up – Vikes 35 Bears 10

  2. NW-The only reason I think Ponder will stay is because he is the youngest-Cassel is the backup, and Freeman is too risky keeping him around an impressionable rookie QB. Ponder will go down with more grace and help the youngster any way he can.

    But I fully expect that in a fair QB competition the rookie we draft will come out on top.

    • Who’s the cheapest?

      All good concepts, but do we really want Ponder passing on any of his traits to a new QB? Unless he tells him “Watch what I do, and don’t do that.”

      Many people more knowledgable than me have said Cassel hasn’t gotten a fair shot – when you compare it to the shot Ponder has gotten.

        • But what if he is? What if he’s the final piece of the Superbowl puzzle?

          You’re using the same arguement for NOT playing him as what seems Spielman/Frazier are using to KEEP playing Ponder – we drafted him to be our Franchise QB, so DAMMIT, he’s our franchise QB even if he sucks.

          How many times does a player fail with one team, and have amazing success with another? How many of them found success in MN?

          Joe Montana, Kurt Warner, Drew Bledsoe, Warren Moon, Michael Vikc, Randall Cunningham, Frant Tarkenton, Bret Favre.

          All failed at one point with one team and moved to another.

          I’m not saying Cassel IS the future, I just think he didn’t get much of a chance to try and be it.

  3. http://walterfootball.com/draft2014stock_13.php

    Derek Carr, QB, Fresno State
    The prolific senior season from Carr had an exclamation point put on the season at Fresno State’s Senior Day when he threw for 527 yards and seven touchdowns on 27-of-37 completions. Carr got his day started by lofting in a beautiful 57-yard touchdown pass to Davante Adams. Carr repeatedly hit deep strikes down the field, including a 52-yard pass on the run and a 59-yard bomb to lead Adams into the end zone. Carr and Adams had a 39-yard touchdown on another deep post. Carr put on a passing clinic as it looked like he was playing against a high school team.

    Carr has completed 68 percent of his passes this year for 3,948 yards with 39 touchdowns and four interceptions. There is no doubt that he has the arm, field vision and passing mechanics to be a starting quarterback in the NFL. Carr’s strong senior season has him moving up the quarterback rankings as a first-round pick.

  4. Kyle Fuller, CB, and Derrick Hopkins, DT, Virginia Tech would make another decent pair to go along with Ricky’s love of pairs.

    Darqueze Dennard, CB, Michigan State sounds like a stud.
    Lamarcus Joyner, CB, Florida State Small (5’8) but a solid nickel CB who could possibly do what Mathuie is doing for the Cardz as a hybrid S\CB without the less then stellar character implications.

  5. “So, my opinion – the fault lies squarely on coaching. Musgrave is at fault for coasting and “running out the clock” instead of padding the lead, and failing to use the talent acquired for the team. Williams is at fault for calling soft coverage and leaving gaping holes open in the middle of the field. Frazier is at fault for not doing a damn thing about it.”

    Well put, Northwoods.

    • What I was going to add:

      The quickest fix is most often the simplest and cheapest in the long run.

      Can we fix our defense quickly and easily? I don’t believe so. Too many areas of concern to be fixed easily. Fixing the defense will take a few more seasons of development.

      Can we fix the offense quickly and easily? What are we lacking? We have amazing RBs. We have average+ WRs and TEs. We have marginal O-line. Fixing the O-line isn’t an easy/quick job. We have a marginal QB, who has issues even when not constrained by poor play calling.

      Here’s ONE position to fix that would provide immediate change for the better.

      After all this, I’ve talked myself back into the “QB is the most important position on the field” mentality again.

  6. Starting to hear Christmas music everywhere now. Heard this one from ‘Wham’s’ George Michael (presumably written for his ex-boyfriend)…. I could improve on the chorus ………

    Last Christmas, I gave you my heart
    But the very next day you gave it away
    This year, to save me from tears
    I’ll give you a different throbbing organ….

  7. Sorry, Nova– cute video, but am a bit crabby after seeing this article title – third vikings player arrested in as many weeks– We are the laughing stock of the NFL! Good thing stadium construction begins shortly– never would have been approved in the current environment.

  8. (Police Officer)……..”Sir, I am placing you under arrest for operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol”.
    (Next Viking player to get nailed)….” Man, I’m gonna SUE your ass” !!!!!!! ” It’s too damn COLD to walk” !!!!!

  9. Couldn’t sleep at all last night – too bright out. I think it’s the collective Wisconsin light bulbs turning on as Packer fans are now understanding what Viking fans deal with season after season.

  10. http://www.dailynorseman.com/2013/11/29/5156714/minnesota-vikings-stadium-tickets-for-groundbreaking-available-tuesday

    Groundbreaking set to occur December 3rd. Team members were worried about the construction impacting the Vikings’ final home games with the Eagles and the Lions. In order to prevent any interference with play, construction crews will start dismantling the least used part of the stadium – the Viking’s end zone.

  11. Quote from our fearless leader after the recent player-run-ins:

    “I’ll use this analogy,” Frazier said. “I don’t know if you have kids or not, but sometimes there are things that happen. And you have two or three kids, four or five kids, whatever, but in these situations you’re trying to be consistent. You’re trying to be fair with what you’re doing. But at the same time, you’re dealing with each situation on an individual basis. I think that’s what we try to do here.”

    The Viking’s franchise is in shambles-I think this is the lowest of lows that I have ever seen this team.

    • Sorry V-O, I disagree. The love Boat was much worse. Listening to Frazier’ pressers, it seems that teams are constrained by the CBA. I don’t think the teams are able to do anything that is contrary to the CBA, but I don’t know what the CBA calls for. In watching Frazier’s pressers, I continue to be impressed by his openness and honesty. As a man, I think he is top notch. As a coach, I don’t know. I think being an HC in the NFL has got to be a very, very difficult job. Same as being a QB, you have to know so much and learn so much, it’s no wonder some of them have health issues.

  12. Here’s another reason Frazier should be fired-under utilizing talent:

    The Minnesota Vikings are wasting a valuable opportunity to create the greatest one-two rushing attack in the NFL. Fourth-year running back Toby Gerhart is on pace for his fewest carries in a season with only 19 attempts in 11 games.

    On Sunday against the Green Bay Packers, the Vikings were finally able to unleash the two-back attack many people envisioned when they drafted Gerhart in the second round of the 2010 NFL draft.

    Finally able to unleash? I’ve said it before-Gerhart is the biggest waste of talent on the Vikings roster.

  13. Remember Tampa Bay had “Alstott.” He came in towards the end of the game and bruised his way through tired D lines to secure the victoty…I might add that HE was the difference maker when Tampa Bay was the only team to beat us when we went 15-1 in Moss’s rookie year.
    We all know how THAT year turned out-just like that others…another great team, another missed opportunity.

  14. I think you folks may be misinterpreting what an analogy is. An analogy is a comparison of two groups that have only some characteristics that are similar but other characteristics that are not similar. In this case you have two groups of people (children and young men) and misbehaviours. The types of misbehaviour are not identical, so the punishments are not identical.
    I do not agree that Frazier is not the answer. I do not know. I do know that re-cycling head coaches every 4 years or so leads to nowhere but more re-cycling. I think you have to continually build a winning team by adding and developing quality players. I see that happening. Slowly, to be sure, but changes head coaches and systems every few years is a mistake, in my opinion.

  15. Although I agree building a team through the draft and continuing to develop that talent each season, I also agree our current coaching staff is incapable of doing that.

    IMO, we have as much, or more talent than any team in the NFC North and as much talent as any of the top teams in the league. The difference-COACHING

    • We are missing at least one key ingredient – a “franchise” QB. So, I don’t agree that we have as much talent as any other NFC team or any of the top teams. I still hope that Ponder will become that, but it is not looking good. We also lack something on defense – I’m not sure what. You may also be correct about the coaching, but I don’t think so or, rather, I think it has promise but we may not be able to wait long enough.

  16. Yes, I did forget to add that in-I am too busy enjoying my nightcap.
    Ponder can be good, Alex Smith good with proper coaching…whoops there goes that “C” word again heehee.

    We need Manziel or Carr / Billick or Shaw if we succeed in that, our fortunes will change quickly.

  17. Man, coaching is a hard job, and it requires a lot of time… I hear stories from coaches who tell me that players call them in the middle of the night not knowing where they parked their car.

    Joe Montana

    Maybe they are just like children.

  18. AHHHH…back from a minny vacation with the wife. Stayed at long boat key. Man was it cold for down here. At least the company was good!!!!!

    Just catching up with all my VFB buddy’s. I am intotal agreement with you Titus and CaribooBill!!! To many baby’s in today’s NFL. Plus I do feel that Frazier could very well be replaced at the end of the year. I think that the only way he stays is if we get a new OC and DC. If he resists this at all, Speilman will let him go…..That is IF speilman still has a job.

  19. PREDECTION PROJECTION PRODUCTION PRANCERSIZE PUH? That’s enough, Vikings pull early lead then fall flat in the second half. Game goes down to the double buzzer.
    Chicago – 29
    Vikings – 29

  20. Is this the best CBS Sports has?
    November 29, 2013 9:27 pm
    Vikings role player injuries not a concern
    by Chris Towers | CBSSports.com
    Vikings running back Matt Asiata (shoulder) and quarterback Joe Webb (concussion) are both probable for Week 13 against the Bears, after getting through the week in practice.

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