Vikings Dominate into the 4th Quarter!

At the half, the Vikings were leading this game 13-7 in Green Bay. Half-time adjustments have never been something for this fanbase to look forward to, and now heading into the 4th-quarter the score is 20-7. However, unless by some miracle the coaching staff has finally figured out how to mix things up late in the game to keep the opposition guessing, we could be getting ready for things to get just as ugly as they usually do.

Everybody expected the Vikings to lose this game, and so far they’re all wrong! Is that good or bad? For the future of the team, it makes things worse, but damn would it feel nice to hand it to the Packers in their house!

82 comments on “Vikings Dominate into the 4th Quarter!

    • Ponder needs a coach like Harbaugh (the San Fran one) to mentor him in quarterbacking and to NOT reward mediocrity. Notice, since Ponder was benched and Freeman was brought in, Ponder has played some of his best football — last week was a debacle but that Seattle team is unstoppable.

  1. TELL ME I’M WRONG… 23-20 Vikings still lead.

    It’s ponder with a lowercase p if we don’t win this one.

    Put Ziggy Wilf in the game at QB from now on until the end of the season!
    I’m totally serious!

  2. OMG!!!!!!! Here we go again….same old thing. Don’t put your foot on their throat and kill them, lets keep them alive just enough to beat us just before the final buzzer……

    Williams will play the prevent us to win defense

    • @Parody,

      Regardless of what happens today, the Vikings need to make some additions/subtractions for next year. Perhaps ponder could be the answer at QB. If that is the case then it’s linebackers that we need the most. In the Jonsie opinion.

    • @Roger,

      Well I will have to take back my opinion on Sherels bein the best cover guy the Vikings have. But he was on the field at the end of the last defensive series, so the coaching staff believes in him. Besides he is one of the few who can tackle.

      We’re upset about 20 yarders, if Sherels wasn’t on the field they would be 30 yards or more nearly every play. (or someting lak tat)

  3. So now…Vikings come on the field in shotgun formation, try to run AD up the middle and go for 5-yards. After that, Leslie decides that it isn’t worth the chance and chooses to take a knee and send the game into overtime.

  4. I went into this game thinking the worst thing we could do is win but now I know there is a much worse outcome. WE COULD TIE! Just run out the back of the endzone so we get something out of it

  5. Please spell the name of the coaches choice for starting quarterback with a lowercase letter.

    He did have a good game statistically today. But what did they rush for? 230 yards or so? A Qb should be able to pass better with that kind of running attack.

    Somehow are coaches SEEM to be missing that.

    (p)onder is the name of the MN Vikings Quarterback. I’ll have to live with it.

  6. (c)hristian ponder is the name of the MN Vikings Quarterback. As long as he is at the helm the Vikings will not defeat another NFL team.

    When I have changed my opinion I will award him with uppercase letters.


    Frederick Jones

    P.S. I suggest the rest of the Vikings fans also send one of these in to Ziggy Wilf, and also suggest that Mr. Wilf play quarterback instead of ponder until we find a suitable arrangement.
    P.P.S. The Offensive Line had a great day today. Joe Berger is my candidate for Vikings player of the day.

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