Vikings Packers Tie

vikingspackerstie vikingspackerstieSince the NFL put over time into effect, ties have become one of the rarest things ever to occur in a game. It’s so rare in fact, that this was the first time in 35-years that the Vikings have finished a game in a tie. That’s long enough ago that if you’re old enough to have seen it happen, you’ve probably gone senile since and forgotten about it anyways.

The tie didn’t do anything to help the Vikings out, as they were already out of the race to get to the playoffs, and it could have hurt them in draft position if teams like the Falcons, Jaguars or Texans are unable to score a 3rd win on the season. (The Jaguars and Texans face each other once more this year, so one of them almost has to get a 3rd win).

However, at the same time the tie has injured the Packers. With the Bears and Lions losing their games today, all the Packers had to do was beat the floundering Vikings to join them atop the division. So let’s all take solace in the fact that the Vikings were at least able to play the role of half a spoiler, keeping the Packers half a game out of the division lead and possibly doing just enough to keep them out of the playoffs.

127 comments on “Vikings Packers Tie

  1. Parody dude man guy person these guys may be talked about but two of them are lack luster and another is a douche.
    Bridgewater he will be the 1st QB taken and likely the 1st pick of the draft
    Mariota considered the second best QB in the draft but it is unknown if he will declare.
    Manziel over rated D-Bag who puts himself above the team. Also watch how LSU destroyed him.
    Mettenberger he is a one year wonder under a QB friendly system and only gets so highly praised because of size and big arm.
    Boyd he looks good for the most part but he has fallen when it came in big games (FSU for example).

    Derek Carr is the under the radar stud who is the best senior QB in the draft. He is probably the best pocket passer in the draft and if he was at a bigger school (instead of Fresno St.) and not the brother of David (shit pants) Carr he would likely be more respected. He will be a Top 10 pick. Depending on Mariota he is the 2nd\3rd best QB in the draft.

    • I understand where you’re coming from Roger. I’m not a fan of Manzeil. I’m unfamiliar with Carr, but with how high of a pick we’ll have I don’t think we should spend it on him. If Bridgewater and Mariota are not there when our pick comes, we should be patient and get our QB in the 2nd round. It may not be Carr, but at least one of the remaining top-6 should slip, and any one of them could turn into a stud with the right system.

      I just don’t want our team to spend that high pick on someone who COULD be a stud. It should go towards someone who unquestionably will be a stud – a.k.a. Clowney.

  2. The reason I can live with us losing is because I think we can be turned around in one year. If we can just somehow land Teddy Bridgewater at quarterback and combine him with a head coach and offensive coordinator that knows what they’re doing then this offense should roar! We move the ball pretty well as it is. As for defense we’ve got a 2nd and two 3rds to replenish our defensive line and linebacking corps. Free agency should be simple SIGN A CORNER! Spielman can’t draft one so he better go get a proven guy.

    That’s my rambling over but WE MUST GET BRIDGEWATER!!!!


    • Seriously? With the way Ponder has been playing lately? Why waste a high pick on a QB? We need to play Freeman the rest of the season and we need to keep Frazier as the head– I like his overall philosophy– we need new coordinators. Unfortunately, Frazier may be shown the door just because of the social norms surrounding this business. I hate to see a huge change like that — it could mean next year another year like last year– do well, but rebuilding philosophies and we go 10-6. See if Freeman can play– then put all the draft into a defense.

      • In that case, would you be comfortable drafting a guy like Clowney in the first, getting a QB in the 2nd and give him a chance to compete for the starting job from the get-go? Then after that, go crazy improving the defense and getting depth where needed.

        *That’s the second option I would go with. If either Bridgewater or Mariota is available in the first, I’d prefer we take the guy who has the best chance of being a franchise QB.

          • That’s not at all what I’ve been hearing about Clowney. Everything I’ve read has said that his lower stats this year are attributed to offenses assigning more of their protection to him, which has allowed his teammates to capitalize on the attention he has taken away from them.

            • His work ethic is questionable though he’s getting compared to Julius Peppers coming out of college which isn’t bad I guess. Still though I just want our quarterback I don’t care how we get him.

            • It is true he has gotten plenty of attention, although it is probably around the same as last year seeing as he was dominate during freshman year and I think the no.1 overall recruit when he sign with S. Carolina, but he has been said to take off plays this year because he doesn’t want to risk injury.

      • I like Frazier too Titus but I don’t think there’s a chance in hell any of those coaches are there next year, which means the new coach is gonna bring in his OWN quarterback and with a top 3 pick that’s likely where it will go. Freeman had 4 years in Tampa to prove he can play, now he can’t even outplay Ponder…

  3. The only reason for a team this bad is coaching. See KC. This team at worst should have 3 more wins. No excuse for blowing so many leads. Ponder is close to a good excuse but even that doesnt cut it after blowing another 4th quarter lead. Musgrave should have been fired weeks ago and because he wasnt Frazier should be fired.

    Sherels should not be manned up on anyone, let alone Jordy Nelson. Sherels is a good special teamer and I like him there but he cant cover.

  4. Ponder actually looked like a pro QB today. 21-30 for 233yds and 1 TD. Now there were also 3 ridiculous drops including a TD by Patterson and a first down by Jennings. Slant by Jarius.

    • He looked OK, to me. A little over 200 yards is pathetic, considering Matt Flynn played only half the game and had more yards. But Ponder still looks uncomfortable in the pocket. It seems like if his first read isn’t there, he panics and looks to scramble. There were a couple drops, but a handfull of passes were way off. I’m tired of a mediocre/ inconsistant QB. If I could have one that was at least top 15, that would make me happy.

      • How does it relate to the Vikings? Well 1) It’s Minneapolis, and 2) The Vikings head at the top left corner.

        I wasn’t too hot on the banner either, but it was the best I could find last night while avoiding going to bed – and still an improvement over what was there (a shot of the Metrodome from a 90 degree angle of the current background photo).

        If I ever get my hands on some good photo editing software, I’ll throw a good personalized banner in there, but for a group of images that I merged together with MSPaint, this will have to do.

  5. i think Freeman needs a chance to prove himself before going crazy trying to find a QB in the draft. our defense is a much more urgent situation to fix. if we need anyhting on offense, it’s 2 new guards. Fusco and Johnson don’t cut it at all…

  6. Audie Cole needs to finish the seaon starting at MLB so he can be ready for next season. he is our future MLB. Hodge or Mauti should compete to replace Marvin Mitchell at the WIL. i like Sendejo at SS,along with Harrison at FS,can be a pretty good safety combo…

  7. Chris Cook needs to go. i’m alright with Rhodes at CB. i don’t know who’s a free agent CB yet,but draftwise the guy we need to look at is Darqueze Dennard (CB-Michigan State) he is the top ranked CB on the #1 defense in the country

    • Cook is in the final year of his rookie contract. I haven’t heard anything about negotians for a new one yet. I think Cook gets too much blame for the poor design of the system. I’ve seen guys go from our porous cover-2 to be much better players with a different defense. Darren Sharper is a great example. While he still played good for us, he still had some of his worst years here, and it seemed like an easy explanation that he was just getting older. Then he went to New Orleans and led the league in interceptions.

  8. Draftwise, I don’t think CB should be very high on our list of targets. The group could improve a lot better if we find a free agent with some good experience and leadership skills.

    I think our top 4 picks should focus on QB, DT, DE and G.

  9. I don’t know if Jared Allen is sort of saving himself a little for free agency next year or if he has really declined, but Robison is kicking his butt. I think it’s definitely time for someone different in that spot.

  10. Depending on what spot we get as in 1 or 2 and who all declares. If we get the 1st pick easy Bridgewater followed by OG Gabe Jackson or OT\G Zach Martin (LT for Notre Dame but likely moves inside to G in pros because only 6’4) in the second and then defense almost all the way through the end of the draft starting with a NT.
    But if we get the 2nd pick then it is harder (if Mariota stays) but I would go with DE\OLB Anthony Barr. He would basically act as our version of Von Miller without the problems.QB Blake Bortles (UCF) in the 2nd with OG Yankey (Stanford) to start the 3rd. Then follow the method of defense through out unless a guy like HB Ka’Deem Carey is around seeing as Gerhart has likely made a good impression on teams entering FA.

  11. Did anyone hear Frazier’s post game locker room speech?

    (paraphrase) “The game was bittersweet in many ways” HOW? We tied.
    “I’m proud of how we battled” Ya, we battled, we also let a 16 point lead in the 4th quarter evaporate.

    Everything that is wrong with Frazier is summed up in that speech-WEAK.

    • i agree with getting a NT from somewhere (draft or F/A). with Floyd starting fulltime next season,i think Williams is gone after this season (sad for me),and Floyd will need a stud next to him so he can cause havoc in the interior…

  12. Minnesota Vikings cornerback A.J. Jefferson has been released by the team after being arrested for allegedly strangling his girlfriend, according to TMZ Sports….

    Looks like Jefferson has learned how to Cook.

  13. Titus-Frazier will not be the HC next year-He is the last connection to the Childress era. Also, even if he managed to stay (which he won’t) no good OC or DC will want to work under him…he was only able to grab castoffs from other teams.

    My guess is Billick will make a strong push to be the new Minny HC.

  14. I don’t think it could be Billick, he would want too much control, which Spielman won’t give. I think it’ll be a coordinator, and specifically Jay Gruden. I’d be surprised if Spielman hasn’t already called him.

  15. Billick is probable because he loves the Vikings– even when we went to the Saints to play the Championship game, Billick said- I have to pick the Vikings. He still has a connection and he would be a winner– the big question I think, more than Spielman and control issues, is whether Billick would want to coach again– he has a nice gig right now without all that stress. But one thing for sure: Minnesota fans would welcome Billick. Pukedom, I don’t think so.

  16. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  17. Back in the day, Bud Grant didn’t say much, but he could melt a player in minus 20 degree (fahrenheit) weather with his stare.
    Leslie Frazier, who I’m sure is a very nice guy, couldn’t melt an ice cube in Belize with his constant passive, ‘we’ll get ’em next time’ approach.
    The coaches aren’t afraid to play NOT TO LOSE and the players reflect that.
    Sweeping changes must be applied or this team will never have the WILL to win.

    I agree with Titus, bring in Billick and hand him the reins.

  18. No doubt a coach like Billick would have had this team at least at 7-4 at this point. We have some talent issues, but we have a lot of good players– and the QB issue really never should have been such an issue– we had Cassel, who played great his first game, then struggled once and was pulled (while Ponder struggled for about 30 games and was told continuously he was the starter). Then we got Freeman. ANY good coach would have kept Cassel in after Carolina and played him a few more games– then put Freeman in about 6-8 weeks after acquiring him– last week at GB. Our defense has issues, but how much of that is tied to playing from behind and being on the field 75% of the game because our offense goes three and out.

    • Gotta disagree. I don’t think the offense is the main problem, we’re averaging a pretty good amount of points. Most of our losses and the tie came on 4th quarter collapses by the coaching staff and defense. We all know what Cassel is and isn’t at this point, the dude’s a backup. I agree that we should see Freeman, but as long as Ponder is servicable and doesn’t turn the ball over he will stay in, and probably be on the 53 next year.

      • Sure, but I tell you, as a counter argument, I believe most of our scoring happened prior to the fourth quarter– except for maybe a field goal or two. We scored points, but often our time of possession was sub par– and that is what I’m talkin’ about!

  19. What REALLY scares me is the fact that, if we don’t win another game, then :

    (A) LES STECKEL won more games (3) in 1984, our worst season
    (B) He had WAY (LES) TALENT than we have now, when we have the League MVP
    (C) The players QUIT on him

    You would have to be BLIND not to see it.

  20. Spielman will likely go down in Viking Lore with the dubious distinction of having the worst 1 season record as a GM.

    WHY is Ponder in there,game after game ?????????

    It’s obvious……..Spielman wants him to have a MILLION chances to, somehow, justify that draft pick.

  21. The Offense/Defense arguement is ageless. Neither side is wrong. If our offense scored on every possession, we wouldn’t need much of a defense. If our defense held them to 3&outs all game, we could win with a FG.

    Main problem is, no team will sell tickets to games that end 3-0 all season, even if a Superbowl is promised.

    Our offense appears capable of scoring points, but goes into “eating the clock” mode with a lead, and we’ve all seen our leads quickly evaporate because the other team continues to pour on the coals. Game goes on, they get closer, and our D gets worried that they’ll make a mistake and give up the lead, and they make mistakes and give up the lead.

    So, my opinion – the fault lies squarely on coaching. Musgrave is at fault for coasting and “running out the clock” instead of padding the lead, and failing to use the talent acquired for the team. Williams is at fault for calling soft coverage and leaving gaping holes open in the middle of the field. Frazier is at fault for not doing a damn thing about it.

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