Good Job, Jerry !!!!

Jerry Jones the owner loves the job that Jerry Jones the general manager is doing.”The facts are that I really do think the way things have rolled out that I’m getting to do some of the best work that I’ve done, relatively speaking in my career of these last several years,” Jones said on KRLD-FM, via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

The 71-year-old confirmed he plans to own the team and pick the players for another 15 to 20 years.

EXCELLENT !!! Another 15-20 years of Cowboy Suck !!!!!

By novascotiavike

108 comments on “Good Job, Jerry !!!!

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  2. something tells me we are going to win…..I don’t have any reasoning behind that thought though. I just think that maybe we are going to be overlooked this week in the pukers preparation for the Thanksgiving day game.

    Also I am hoping to see Williams and Musgrave on the inactive list today!!!!

  3. Minnesota Vikings Injuries

    Jeff Baca OG Inactive
    Chase Baker DT Inactive
    Josh Freeman QB Inactive
    Erin Henderson MLB Inactive
    Josh Robinson CB Inactive
    Kyle Rudolph TE Inactive
    Rodney Smith WR Inactive
    Jared Allen DE Active
    Matt Asiata RB Active
    Rhett Ellison FB Active
    Fred Evans DT Active
    Chad Greenway OLB Active
    Letroy Guion DT Active
    Greg Jennings WR Active
    Michael Mauti ILB Active
    Adrian Peterson RB Active Peterson has been dealing with groin issues all week but should be started
    Christian Ponder QB Active
    Brian Robison DE Active
    John Sullivan C Active

    Green Bay Packers Injuries
    Don Barclay T Inactive
    Chris Harper WR Inactive
    Johnny Jolly DE Inactive
    Nate Palmer OLB Inactive
    Nick Perry OLB Inactive
    Aaron Rodgers QB Inactive
    Sam Shields CB Inactive
    Evan Dietrich-Smith C Active
    Micah Hyde CB Active
    Clay Matthews OLB Active
    Andy Mulumba OLB Active
    Mike Neal OLB Active
    Ryan Pickett NT Active

  4. The Vikings have announced their inactive players for today’s game against the Packers:
    CB Josh Robinson
    LB Erin Henderson
    DT Chase Baker
    G Jeff Baca
    TE Kyle Rudolph
    QB Josh Freeman
    WR Rodney Smith

  5. What was up with that Horseshit play? The refs blew the whistle while the guy was 2-3 yards short of the marker, then the defense backed off and he fell forward – so they gave him a first down.


  6. That pass to Jordy Nelson was an example of the Vikings stupid over/under defensive schemes.

    “Okay, I’ll cover him from behind for 10 yards, then I’ll slack off and let him go to you.”
    That is not fundamental football. That is STUPID football.

  7. That pass ponder (no capital need be awarded for this guy anymore) made to #40 was one I (yes, I) could have made. (Well, the hard center snap might have given me trouble, but if I could get that YES I coulda, shoulda, woulda made that pass to the right sideline running forward!

    Do not refer to ponder with a capital from now on. His name is ponder.

  8. Remember now guys, we don’t want any penalties in this game, so make sure not to grab on to anybody, not the receiver while he’s running his route, not the guy blocking you, not even the running back as he’s plowing through you.

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