Maybe the ring a Packer fan always brags about is around his ass…

By vegasvike


  1. The only hope left in this season is to beat Green Bay. I don’t care if it was guaranteed we would get a game-changing player in the draft if we lost to them, i would still NEVER root for us to get beat by those cheese dicks. SKOL Vikings.

  2. Slow blog cycle. Prediction Cook will give up even more yards than normal and may have to be stretchered off the field after he shits his pants and becomes frozen in fear. Cheese doodles 31 – the disgrace of the Norse Gods 20.

  3. With Josh Robinson out, the defense will play better. They will focus on stopping the run game. More man coverage, and they will force Tolzein to beat them through the air. It’s sad though that GB has a better 3rd string QB than our first round pick starter. Makes me wanna blow chunks. Ponder will play better, and not turn it over. Just because with our luck it will make the coaches think maybe he is good, only to suck again. I can’t believe the coaches hate us this much. Anyway, Ponder is starting, so I am starting John Carlson on my fantasy team. He will have a couple TDs and 75 yards.

    I predict we win, and it won’t be very close.

    Vikings 27 – Fudgies 17

    I have lost the last little remaining shred of faith in this coaching staff. It’s like the 3 stooges are coaching this team. Wish I knew how to photoshop.

  4. I just sent an e mail to the Vikings brass offering my services as QB. I don’t have a lot of talent but I only asked for $100,000.00 per game I start. Once I get my first $100k they will see how horrible I am but if I tell them I have a lot of rust to knock off and I have some things I need to work on still, I may get a couple more starts. Who knows, maybe I can bank a few hundred grand before they catch on…
    Worth a shot!!

  5. The good news is that the doctors said my wife can go back to work next week!!!! The car accident really set her back.

    The bad news is that I just found out that we can’t put our offensive and defensive coordinaters on the inactive list for this weeks game…… 😦

  6. I guess I didn’t say anything on here, just wrote to HCG when I sent him my pic.
    Some idiot thought that a stop light was just a suggestion and T-boned her. Of course he had no insurance either. It happened the morning of veterans day.

    Thank you both for your kind words, I will pass it on to her.

      • Had an idiot at rush hour a few weeks back– anyone in the area, if you know being in the right lane of 394 just west of downtown, you usually hit stop and go as it goes to one lane to get onto 94. Heat of rush hour but I was moving well– about 50 mph and yet I knew shortly it would come to a standstill (which it did about 1 to 2 miles down the road). Guy in an old pickup on my rear all the way– I sipped my coffee, played with the radio– let him know I will not be bullied. Well, get this– suddenly I hear his horn blaring! He kept honking at me — what a nut case.

        • That’s nothing. Heading home last weekend down 494, I was in stop & go traffic for a little bit of construction going on over the weekend. While I was keeping tight against the car in front of me, a car to my right came up from behind and started merging while his front bumper was just barely in front of mine. I kept pace with the car in front of me and blared my horn at him, but he kept on pushing over.

          Well, my car is less than 2-years old with just over 10K on it, so I wasn’t about to test his conviction and let him cut me off – but kept my horn going for a few seconds to let him know what an ass he was. Turned my brights on too. Then after I turned them off he stuck his head out the window and stared back at me (stop & go traffic remember) so I turned my brights back on, and he stepped out of his car and approached mine as if to start a fight. I just waved the bastard back to his car and he backed down.

          Complete douche-bag; just wish I took a picture of him so we could have a new face for the week.

          • That’s nothing? Now. we’re having traffic idiot wars? Name for a new series. Mine was pretty bad, tho– trust me. This guy blared his horn multiple times right on my rear at 50mph — normally I would push back, but for some reason I ignored him. Glad I did– when he did go around me, he nearly clipped me– and seeing his pick-up’s age and condition, I am convinced had I hit my brakes he would have played derby cars and rammed me.

  7. Several more reasons to hate Christian Ponder when his name is unscrambled…..

    (1)….Ironed Chinstrap….This is what Samantha, like a good wife, does to his chinstrap before every game, and what most DL do to it with their cleats DURING the game.
    (2)….Cad Inherits Porn….Headline on TMZ (Guest-host tonight….Jay Glazer), when Samantha catches him with adult videos on his computer and his excuse is ” My dad left them to me”.
    (3)….Rip Snort Chained….Which should be the nickname of a REAL NFL QB.
    (4)….I Hindrance Sport….Yes, he is a hindrance.
    (5)….Rancid Heron Tips*….Like chicken wing tips, only from herons, and rancid.

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