Second half – bring on the suck.

Flock Beavers

Well, the game is going about as expected.  Ponder has taken advantage of his ……38th??? opportunity to show us he’s not the guy, Rhodes continues to either get beat or commit penalties, and Seattle is debuting their newest beverage – Bottled AP.

By northwoodsv2

46 comments on “Second half – bring on the suck.

  1. wouldnt it be a good time to see what freeman could do. Wait forgot we didnt dress him. I keep seeing some fatboy with the number 91 on our sideline. Dress him and not freeman these coaches are a joke. fuck me what a joke looking good wilfs. idoits


    ……..Does this noodle-armed pathetic excuse for a QB actually think he is on a 5 year training program ?????

    And is Frazier LISTENING to this crap ???????????

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