1094It is time for an epic, bone crushingly powerful, multi-part post.

This blogger seldom takes pictures of himself. Luckily his game camera caught a rare image of this Sasquatch of a man, along with a mysterious beast in the backround. So the question remains, who is this brave blogger with the balls to show you his actual image? So answer part “A” with a guess, please.

Part B; AND THE WINNER ARE: The two guys the movie “The Hangover” is based on… Nova and Vegas!!!! Congratulations duders! This was the closest and most competitive week yet, as many bloggers almost nailed it.

No one will ever guess this one.

Part 4. The Opinion Poll.

Part 5. Recent news: We lost again.

Part 6. Embrace the suck.

We are one of the winningest teams ever. Just not now. I hate being in new territory, and I greatly dislike the dub step musics, but embrace what sucketh my friends. Good lyrics, good song. Maybe it is a true rebuilding song.

104 comments on “EPIC MULTI-PART POST!

  1. Part A – Something about the picture just says North Woods to me…

    Part B – This isn’t where I parked my car.

    Part C – My first guess is that it’s Nova’s pet – the only problem is that it isn’t glowing…but maybe the picture was taken before the nuclear experiment began.

  2. Some more good news – with Tampa’s big win today over the Falcons, they did good enough to push the odds in their favor to win one more game yet this year, while the Vikings are still projected to lose out the season.

    Soooo….we now get the #2 draft pick! (Assuming teams stay true to the odds). I hope our new franchise QB can stand the arctic weather of TCF field for a couple of years.

  3. Not sure how long this blogger pic contest will be difficult– seems maybe 10 of us are on here with any regularity — and we are close to having two identified. I can guess what Parody looks like without any pic. So, that is three down– and when every one is guessing– like Roger guessing that is me– well those guesses further eliminate choices– I know that pic is not Roger cause he guessed — a little like playing cards–

  4. I hate to break the news– but we ain’t makin the playoffs this season. We are officially done. DONE DONE DONE. I may not even watch another game– what is the point. I cannot take watching this anymore— this is the worst season of my lifetime.

  5. The person in the picture is to skinny to be Parody based on his jersey size, too much hair on his body to be Roger but too different looking than HCG and Nova to be HCG and Nova. Not enough beach and babes to be SoCal or CarabooBill. IAVike is a music guy so can’t be him. So that leaves Titus, VO, Vegas and Northwoods. I have a feeling it’s Northwoods but I’m gonna go with Titus in case he’s playing games. Fool me once Titus shame on you, fool me twice? shame on everyone. INVOLVED

  6. Well, Vegas and I tied for the jersey point. The old adage is “A tie is like kissing your sister”. Since I don’t have a sister, could all the loyal VFB bloggers please send in pics of their sisters and I will pick one to kiss.( You are excused from this assignment, HCG, we know what Terry Rist looks like, the odds aren’t in my favor).

    Part (A)……I will also pick NWV. I like how his jacket matches his dog.
    Part (C)….. That beaver is a pet, not a WMD. If you look closely you will see that his (?)
    firing pin has been removed.

  7. Can you BELIEVE THIS ????? (from Knobschall’s MMM)
    Webb isn’t putting up gaudy receiving numbers, but let’s also keep in mind that not many receivers are doing that this season because*** the Vikings are still trying to establish some consistency and production through the air.

    ***Or could it be because PONDER SUCKS ?????????????

  8. I was wondering how Wobs was going to spin it this week. His head must be about ready to pop off.

    I’ll throw a wrench into the guessing game – I’ll guess it is me…no wait….Titus. It must be Titus…..or me……no, Titus.

    I just visited Wobbles site and all the headlines made me cringe– Frazier: We have a lot of work to do. Ponder: Everything I did is correctable. And on and on the circus wheel rotates or wobbles- take your choice. I exited that merry-go-round immediately.

  10. Titus is right….as the game goes on it will be increasingly easier to guess who it is. Probably should have posted ALL photos, and have people guess the whole batch at once.


  11. Gotta be NorthWoods. Looks like Wisconsin hardwoods, it’s a trailcam photo, and he’s an avid hunter. BUT hedoes have a golden retriever, and that looks like a black lab… of course, he could have two dogs. Only other guess would be VO, but i think he’s had to take a break from the site to help his mum

    • Other option I see is how Cariboo put it – You haven’t given the identity of the distinguished looking gent at the top (who may be trespassing for all we know) – keep the format, one pic per week, do not divulge identities until after all are posted. With the way the season is going, this is a neat way to pass time. Could be a huge “reveal” post at the end of it all.

      This is kinda fun seeing how people come to their conclusions, and seeing what could be attempts at misdirection.

      Up to you HCG. Just tossing one more option out there.

        • I thought you had made the suggestion, but I re-read a few posts and it was CaribooBill who suggested keeping the weekly pic and not revealing the identities until the end. I’m good with either way.

          What do you thing of Jennings “injury?” A lot of players have had “injuries” this season caused by the coaches. Methinks he may have conjured one himself – he may be realizing Ponder and Musgrave are the 1-2 punch of doom.

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