So you hate scrolling…

Scrolling sucks so here is a new post. I have nothing really to write but yeah I guess I will ramble about writing nothing for awhile I guess.

Castlevania-LoS Gabriel


106 comments on “So you hate scrolling…

  1. Ladies and Gentleman in attendance and the millions upon millions at home you know who I am but for the uninitiated uneducated dimwits out there let me introduce myself I am the BEST in the WORLD.

  2. Well, seeing as how I’m going to be first in line to get a new PS4 I’m probably not going to find much time this weekend to log onto my computer, so I better make my prediction now.

    Vikings start the game as usual, scoring a TD early and giving fans some hope that the team is more respectable than their record indicates. Then Percy Harvin goes on a rampage and the Seahawks beat the Vikings into submission as they beat the spread with a score of 35-15.

  3. Nova!!! You found a way to upload pictures. AWESOME! More questions later.

    So last week I had a blackout/power surge that fried my old computer, ice maker, phone charger, and washing machine. Apparently Siskiyou county has a third world power grid. They told me I can file a claim. It will take 6 months to process, and even then I may get no compensation. That is why I haven’t been here. But I am back with a new ‘puter. A few questions….

    Did we figure out who won the point for the skins game?

    Nova, I don’t know why anyone would EVER do a wedding on Sunday. So screwed up on two levels. You can’t watch football, and you have to recover on a Monday? LAAAAAAME.

    • Funny that you mention that. I talked to the bride-to-be and her father today and told them I couldn’t make the reception.
      She wasn’t too happy…she wanted me to get up and tell a few ‘PC’ jokes. I told her the first one would have been…..
      What do Sunday weddings and sticking needles in your eyes have in common ??
      …..They both will keep you from watching football and both are preventable.

  4. I think HMG is half-right. Yes, Ponder will play and get hurt, but Freeman will come in and light it up. He’s had several weeks to digest the playbook now – if he doesn’t know it yet, he never will.

    Conspiracy theory – Freeman only played in the Giants game because they thought there was no chance in hades we’d lose, and because it was a clause in his contract. Vikings brass came up with the fake concussion to lamely save face (their own, and Freeman’s) but now with the season a loss, they’re holding Freeman back in order to build Ponder’s value and keep us early in draft order.

    There isn’t a team around that would give a wad of used toilet paper for Ponder – he wins a few more games (like he came on strong last year) and maybe we get a used urinal cake for him.

    If Ponder plays more than 1/2 the game, we lose – he’s gonna be flighty, taking off for the sidelines or throwing it away at the first sign of lima green coming his way, worried about taking a hit. He’ll never stand back there long enough to let a play beyond 5 yards deep develop, and the Hawks know it. 34-28 Albatrosses

    However, if Freeman goes in with at least a half to play, we win. They’re not game-planning him and he’ll find receivers open all over. 38-34 Vikings.

    Now I gotta decide what scenario is more likely to play out. Sorry for the novel.

    • Yeah….could have been one of those nights where I woke up feeling not so good the next day for one reason or another – but I swear he posted a video of him doing some sort of speech……ages ago.

  5. A buddy of mine lives in Everett WA and a friend of his has season chicken tickets. He gets the seats a couple times a year and invited me to come up. I didn’t want to spend $2K plus to see the beloved VIKES go down in flames.
    Sea Chucks – 44
    Vikings – umm…, 16

      • I am really torn on this one– if our team shows up and plays hard we can be ahead at halftime. But which team will adjust better? Don’t answer that — merely rhetoric. On the flip side, Seattle is 9-1 and struggled against a few lesser teams recently– odds are they may be ready for a loss– but, they also debut Harvin Sunday. AD will come to play– we all know that– will our D and our QB come too? I need more time to make my prediction. Tough one.

  6. Guys, is it sacraledge.. …sacralege.. …sacrilage.. …sacrelage.. ..sacrelidge.. ..sacreledge.. ..sacrelidge… …shit…. …..bad for me to sew a PATTERSON nametape over MOSS?

    spell-check doesn’t like any of my variations.

  7. With Ponder’s shoulder hurt, AP will get about 35 carries, just to keep Ponder from being hit all the time. AP will go over 200 yards. Another good game from Carlson, and the Vikes receivers will be a non-factor. Vikes 24 – lima beans 21

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