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  1. reported early Sunday the Steelers expected Roethlisberger to ask the team to explore trade options in the offseason. Roethlisberger’s agent, Ryan Tollner, calls the speculation “completely wrong” and says the 31-year-old quarterback is “100% committed to winning a championship with the Steelers.”


    They keep showing these ads during the game for Warfarin, an anticoagulation drug in medical use in humans.
    ( From Wiki)…..Warfarin was first used in rat poisons in 1948. Today it is still being used……

    Obviously, rats that don’t need blood-thinners or are on any other medications should ‘talk to their doctor’ before taking Warfarin.

  3. Never forget what it’s all about …..This from a little Belgian boy saluting our troops for saving his Grandparents…..

    In this case, Canadian troops were marching on the road after attending a memorial service. A little Belgian boy waited for them patiently and when the soldiers approached, he stood erect and saluted them.
    The boy has saluted soldiers in the past, but none have ever responded. Troops usually are ordered to ignore spectators. Breaking this rule can also have stiff consequences; for example, a band leader was fired for smiling at Obama during the march.
    But in the case of the young Belgian boy, the leader of the Canadian troops marching issued the command “Eyes Right!” and all the troops followed the order. They looked at the boy as a sign of respect.

    Read more:

      • I have a friend I rely on for all my IT issues– he has over 20 years IT in the US Navy along with a lot of civilian work in computers– he never told me not to buy this one when I asked him about some of its features- he has told me too that most of the brands are built by the same manufacturers– sometimes in the same plants- not like that is shocking news, but most of the big brands are the same.

  4. From re the Dallas defence…….

    Already the only defense in history to surrender four 400-yard passing performances in a season, the Cowboys rolled over for a Saints record 625 yards to go with an NFL record 40 first downs.
    Dallas’ defensive futility is perhaps best illustrated by the fact that three of the top five fantasy running-back performances of Week 10 came from the Saints’ backfield.

    I really hope Wobschall goes to Dallas. It looks like they could use someone who loves making half-assed excuses for horrible play.

  5. This from Nick Eatman, Dallas Staff Writer

    NEW ORLEANS – Who knew the bye week actually started on Sunday? I kinda thought it was supposed to begin after the final seconds ticked off Sunday night in New Orleans, or at least when the team landed back in Dallas early Monday morning.

    Turns out the Cowboys were already in bye-mode long before that. Or at least that’s just the way this one seemed.

    The Cowboys were simply no match for the Saints on this night. And it wasn’t just one side of the ball either. Sure, the defense will get blasted – and should – for its dreadful performance against Drew Brees and that high-powered attack. But the offense was just as woeful, if not worse…….

    He then goes on to rip INDIVIDUAL players AND the GAME PLAN….

    Wobschall has NEVER written anything that scathing….or truthful.

    Send the big Douche to “Big D”. Obviously they need a resident ass-kisser on their website.

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