Titus, factoring in the probability of a Radioactive Trampoline Beaver strike during the game.(And trying to get free Netflix).

By novascotiavike

83 comments on “TitusSupraAdvancedParametrics7000

  1. I just got my new TitusSupraAdvancedParametrics700o up and running this morning, but I think it’s broken. Every time I ask it for a prediction, I put in our opponent first, and then when I enter “vs. The Vikings” it just laughs and says “it doesn’t take an English Professor to figure out who’s going to win that one.”

      • Atlanta, Miami, Buffalo and St Louis are all winnable games for the Buccs.
        But with how badly the Jags have been tanking it this year, it doesn’t look like they ever had a game on the schedule that should have been close. The “easiest” opponent they have left is Houston, who is still supposed to beat them by 11, and are starting to look better now with a different QB under center.

  2. Well, I just read that Frazier is getting more involved in the defense after some of our veterans questioned our DC decisions. If this is true, our defense will improve. AD is catching fire– and if Freeman is ready soon, I expect we are competitive the second half of the season.

    • Plus, the other teams are becoming injury-ridden. Our chances to go from pure sucking to not quite mediocre are on the rise!!!!

      We’re shaping up to win just enough games to get another QB who will take 3 years to show us he’s not capable.

      • Yeah, it is a mixed blessing– we may actually enjoy some wins while watching, but for what final outcome on the season? I say play to win, but knowing it doesn’t matter for the post season is disheartening. Would 9-7 even get a playoff wild card berth? Well, looks like two NFC west teams will be in the playoffs for sure– other than that, there is a remote possibility if we win out and other teams go in a slump– notably all of our division, Carolina, Dallas, and Philly– that maybe we make postseason–

  3. Should the Vikings wait for a Franchise QB?
    I know it has been for too long but here me out. We could wait till next year and draft Jamies Winston. This way we could build up the team so that when he would arrive the team could hit the ground running all the way to multiple Super Bowl wins.

  4. It’s fine for young people (and Wobschall) to preach patience, but I for one am sick and tired of ‘wait till next year’.
    Having followed this team for 4+ decades now, I don’t know how many ‘next years’ I have left and I’m sure that I’m not alone.
    I try to ease the pain with humor, but deep down I am SEETHING, seeing my team play like an expansion team (and a BAD ONE at that).
    I am lucky, having accomplished just about everything on my ‘bucket list’ snd a lot more (HCG…a visit to your bar is on there), but a Super Bowl is completely out of my hands.
    And completely out of this coaching staff’s, too.

  5. Super Bowl winning teams that entered the NFL since Minnesota:

    N.Y. Jets
    St. Louis Rams*
    Baltimore Ravens*
    Tampa Bay
    New Orleans

    Not to mention teams like Atlanta, Cincinnati, Carolina, Arizona , Tennessee and Seattle being IN the SB (some more than once), SINCE 1977, the last time we got a sniff !
    The Fuc%$#g COWBOYS came into the NFL 1 (ONE) year before we did, and I don’t want to talk about all their SB appearances.
    We are fast becoming the Chicago Cubs of the NFL…….I need a Black Seal.

  6. There is still a very, yes, very remote chance we get a wild card spot. It may be tantamount to Pluto, Saturn, Mars, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter aligning with earth, but if we win out and the celestial alignments miraculously appear, it could happen.

  7. Up until now, ’84 was the worst I’VE ever seen, when the players quit on Steckel. But THIS team has WAY MORE TALENT than the ’84 squad.
    Which leads me back to what I’ve been saying all along……We don’t have NFL-caliber coaches.

    • I may be splitting hairs, but can he really be called a bust if his poor play is due to injury?

      Now, Ponder, he’s a bust in my definition. Drafted high with high expectations, and underperformed his entire career so far. Bust.

      Cook has played some good games when he’s healthy and on the field. He’s been injured a lot. Does that alone make him a bust?

  8. Thursday afternoon….The White House

    (Joe Biden)……’Mr. President !! Washington is under attack’ !!!!!!!!
    (Obama)……’Quick !!! We’ll hide in the women’s washroom’ !!!!
    (Biden)…..’Not the CITY, Sir..the Redsk….uh,….the football team’!!!! The coaches’ suite in their Minneapolis hotel was hit by an ICBM (intercontinental beaver missile)
    (Obama)….’DAMN that Nova’ !!! This is a TRAGEDY !!!!! I’ve got ten grand on them at – 2.5′ !!!!!
    (Biden)…..’Shanahan and all of the coaches are in a Minneapolis hospital being de-vanillaized. The team will be coached tonight by Barbara Walters, who was in town researching her new book ‘Why the Washington Swaying Trees is a better name than the Redskins’.
    (Obama)…’Who’s coaching Minnesota’ ???
    (Biden)….’ Still Frazier, Williams, Musgrave and the rest of the cast of ‘Sharknado’.
    (Obama)…’Call my bookie and tell him to make it 25 grand’ !!!

  9. We have a decent shot. Double-threat QBs have given us fits in the past, but RGIII is as mobile as Favre this year.

    What’s stacked against us is:
    Primetime game (we’re like 2-13 now, with 5 consecutive Monday losses)
    No upgrades to the secondary
    Ponder in
    Rudolph out
    Musgrave and WIlliams still wear purple

    In our favor is:
    Home field – the desire to not suck is much greater at home
    AP is hitting stride
    CP84 at least gets to touch the ball on KOs – if only we had a QB who looked downfield – oh wait – Cassel STILL on roster – if only we had a coach who would play a better QB than Ponder
    Maybe Ponder and Jennings have met by now – it’s a small locker room – they’re bound to bump into each other
    Every loss under our belt is one step closer to our next win – mathematically speaking, of course

  10. Vikings win 34 – 21 RGknee slips on a banna peel at halftime then leaves the game on a motorized scooter. ( I have to add that the banna peel will be in the right place at the right time according to fate and is in no way suspicious or perpetrated by any certain individual with a malevolent purpose). 😉

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