Vikings Lose Again

Yes, I know, this poster was created for the London game, but it could not be more suitable than it is today. Due in no small part to some horribly poor performances on their home turf the Vikings visited Texas today and were big underdogs. Walking into the stadium with a 1-6 record, they sat distantly at the bottom of the division and just a notch above the bottom of the entire NFL. So fans were pleasantly surprised when they put up a relatively competitive performance, and started to get excited when the team took the lead in the 4th quarter.

Not long after, things started to look all too familiar. When they needed to get just one more score and/or run out the clock, the offense crumbled. They stepped just inside of the range of their young field goal kicker, and instead of trying for the points the genius head coaching staff chose to take a delay of game penalty and punt the ball away.

Heading into the 2-minute drill, needing only a field goal to tie the game, the Cowboy offense took over with the ball inside the 20. The Vikings defense meanwhile acted like they have on numerous other occasions with the lead at the end of the game – as if they had already lost. They laid down and allowed the Cowboys to march all the way down the field for the score, giving the offense just over 30-seconds to try to take it back.

Fortune smiled on the team one last time, as the Cowboys squibbed the ball to Gerhart who was able to return it to midfield for the offense. But that just wasn’t nearly far enough. Minnesota’s offense moved too slowly, and with just two-seconds to go, they needed a 50-yard play to score a TD. So noodle arm steps in and puts all his strength into the throw, just needing to get the ball to drop SOMEWHERE inside the endzone to give his receivers a shot at winning the game for him. But unlike your average high school QB, Ponder just didn’t have the strength to get the ball that far down field, and the Cowboys defense laughed in delight as the ball dropped near the sideline, 5-yards short of the endzone, and another 5-yards short of his target.

Game over. Now all we can do is wonder, how long will it be before this team finally finds a franchise QB?

94 comments on “Vikings Lose Again

  1. Holy crap…I just looked up the scores of the afternoon games. Buccs (who I have pegged as getting the #2 selection in the draft right now) are beating the Seahawks IN SEATTLE! I don’t think any team has a bigger homefield advantage, and they are getting beat by one of the worst teams in the NFL!

    • In Jones’ opinion the Vikings cannot be that much worse at all positions than last year. But we did have the worst QB last year. So why do we keep playing him?

      Don’t tell me it’s because we want an early draft pick. I don’t think they would or could do it that way.

    • @Titus,

      That’s what I just wrote to Parody. We cannot be worse at every position compared to last year.

      However, Jones is jumping on the bandwagon when it comes to the QB. I have been frustrated before all of Ponder’s starts this year. He has ALWAYS BEEN the worst choice at QB this year, and probably last year as well.

      I’m not buying the reason as being because we want a high draft pick. Titus, in his infinite wisdom, , knows we could never get away with it!


    Congratulations man! Though you predicted a Vikings win, you were still closest! Skol to you!

    Mr. TampaVike was 1 point back.


    The Ponder’s Thanksgiving dinner will be held at the KITCHEN table due to his inability to pass anything the length of the dining room table.

  4. (Samantha)…..”Honey, would you bubble screen me the gravy” ?
    Ponder is then stripped of the gravy by the family chihuahua, leading coach Frazier to say…”He did some good things today”.

    • Even the Original Jones has to admit that this Coaching staff has introduced some terms seldom heard by football fans before:

      Going Forward
      Bubble Screen
      He gives us the best chance to win
      back shoulder (NFL wide term)
      he will get inside help
      the cb will be IN FRONT of the receiver
      full house backfield (not in my lifetime and I am OLD)
      take out your best players on third down
      double tight end (Patriots use it, that means it’s right for us!)

    • Frasier: “Christian did some good things with the gravy uh, pourer thing today. But the gravy was pretty warm. The Chihuahua is a good team. ”

      Ponder: “I tried to fool Chi Huahua by quickly glancing at the candied yams, then pump faked to the stuffing before going for the gravy. The cat (Cat Kalil), missed the block on Huahua. And I failed to see that the oven was open. But it was like 15 feet away.”

    The Texans coach collapsed during halftime and was responsive to medical personnel before being strapped to a backboard.

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