121 comments on “Big Belt Buckles

  1. As the Jones said before the game on Vikings.com (Yes, some of us still blog there) starting your 3rd best QB is not a good way to start figuring out how to win.

    Sure the defense, offensive line, etc. are at fault.

  2. I think Ponder is the only NFL QB to average less than 10 yards PER COMPLETION in NFL history! (Well maybe Joey Harrington, Lions may have done it.)

    You don’t need a gunslinger at QB, but for Peterson’s sake he must be able to throw it more than 45 yards!!!

    • The last time that format was updated was in April. Most people don’t care to scroll through that many posts to see the most recent.

      Plus, the fact that it only has 390 posts in that timespan proves that it is extremely unpopular.

  3. They never stopped the old site. You can enter it by going into the BLOG on “Returners.” There are as of this writing, about 390 posts there. It is followed by the “we have moved, ” bogus BLOG!

  4. Did anyone see Ben Leber’s demo on how a CB should cover a WR?

    What happened to the fundamental of at least staying even with the receiver, or staying behind him? When Jefferson made his int. he came from behind.

    That’s the way ya do it!!!

  5. @Parody,

    This regards your commentary about the old Vikings.com blog. All of what you have said is true. I’ve got no argument with it.

    But Jones does not like being told what to do. This site should have become the old site.
    Yeah, I believe that!

    I do miss the old conversations. I still have saved two of your posts on my computer.

    • “This site should have become the old site.”

      Please elaborate on that. What did the old site have that you would like this site to incorporate? I think it was getting more and more restrictive, and offering bloggers (especially the most frequent regulars) less and less of what they wanted, while enforcing some very questionable rules – such as the overly restrictive language filter.

        • You’re right, it is not necessary. However, I would much rather be on a site that allows it, than one that tries to block it. Over there, I noticed a lot more use of profanity, just with poor spelling to step around the filters. I’ll admit that I used profanity MUCH more over there because of the filter. It drove me mad!

  6. Wow. I just read through the posts over on that blog that Fred is advocating. It looks like BB7 really misses us. The only reason Fred is here today is because BB7 was begging him to post a comment. It’s too bad that Fred doesn’t realize that the lewdness on this site used to be tenfold all from BB7.

    • I was on this site about 6 months ago. I also didn’t like Wobschall’s attempts to force us to use his new site.

      I also did not like the swearing on this one.

      I also joined Wobschall’s site but quit. Too restrictive

  7. I was so frustrated that they started Ponder again this week. What did that accomplish?

    Yet they may start him next week.

    You must have the physical talent AND mental talent to play NFL QB. That will never change. The coaches can’t be told that.

    I remember watching a bowl game the MN Gophers were involved in. They were ahead by like 35 points at the half. All they had to do was throw the ball A FEW TIMES TO KEEP THE DEFENSE HONEST. But the Head Coach (Mason) was a know it all. He thought he could run the clock out by strictly running FOR A WHOLE HALF!!!

    (The did throw the ball, but it was about 4 times in the 2nd half)

    CRAZY, CRAZY, Crazy.

    They are not smarter than we are!!!

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