Biggest Loser

Biggest Loser

Matt Ponderman to the rescue! Thought it was time to start a new thread.

By vegasvike

76 comments on “Biggest Loser

  1. Sorry I was busy when you called. Got the message. Maple. Lots of maple. Unfortunately, only half the leaves are down, so I’m looking at a repeat performance in a couple weeks.

    Your return number showed “restricted” and you didn’t mention your name, so I couldn’t call back.

  2. Just calculating the prediction using the advanced just release TitusNewParametrics and started by surveying the last few weeks of Dallas games– they have not scored a whole lot, actually. But with our staunch defense, I foresee the Cowboys score over 30 points but AD will have his best game of the season.

  3. If I time my clock change just right PLUS the time zone difference between here and Dallas, I may be able to use the actual score as my prediction. That and a Delorean could make me the winner of the jersey point!

  4. 10 reasons to hate the ‘Dallas Cowboys’….even with the letters scrambled;

    (1)…’Cosy Sow Ballad’…HCG, you were into animal husbandry, sing us one on your next vid while we sit around the fire !!
    (2)…’Salad Boy Scowl’….The look on the face of a young vegetarian who is served a steak.
    (3)…’Always Lob Cods’…NEVER, EVER throw them overhand !
    (4)…’Bad Colas Yowls’…The sound made when served a bad Coke or Pepsi.
    (5)…’Lasso Cow Badly’….Catch it around…oh, I don’t know….the tail ????
    (6)…’Slay Loco Bawds’….A ‘bawd’ is a ‘madam’….Soooo….kill crazy whorehouse-keepers.
    (7)…’Woody Balls Sac’….No explanation required.
    (8)…’Cola Sod Bylaws’…These are regional laws that prohibit the use of certain soft drinks in the making of sod.
    (9)…’Saw Boas Coldly’…The act of sawing certain snakes without showing emotion.
    (10)…’Tony Romo’.

  5. These seven players will be inactive for the Vikings today:
    CB Chris Cook
    S Jamarca Sanford
    DT Fred Evans
    G Jeff Baca
    RB Matt Asiata
    QB Josh Freeman
    TE Rhett Ellison

    Here are Dallas’ inactives:
    WR Miles Austin
    CB Morris Claiborne
    S J.J. Wilcox
    LB DeVonte Holloman
    T Darrion Weems
    TE Andre Smith
    DE DeMarcus Ware

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