So I suck at keeping score on the game I made up. In other news, I wipe my ass with my hands. Butt, in other oth€r n£ws, the universe shines on my drinks!!

109 comments on “HCG’S BEST DRINK!

    • Seriously, we should replace WIlliams and Musgrave first, and see how things go. However, if Frazier is directly responsible for affecting change with his coordinators, then YES, he must go, because he’s not doing it. He will only be a successful HC if his coordinators are successful and he doesn’t have to do anything.

      What really pisses me off is the fact that writers admit that Cassel has had the best game so far, yet have completely discounted him as being able to lead the team. WHY NOT? He’s better than Ponder and Freeman, why not?

      • It’s like 1971 all over again. The Vikings had Gary Cuozzo, Bob Lee, and Norm Snead. Snead went on to lead the NFC in passing the next year for the Giants, Bob Lee was the starter for the Falcons, Cuozzo went no where!

        Guess who was the main starter in 1971? Gary Cuozzo while Snead and Lee rarely got to play!

  1. Titus I’m sorry, the faith is gone for the year. I’ll ALWAYS be a Viking fan, that’s why I have to be realistic and start predicting scores that will get me jersey points! I’ve got a spot reserved to display it next to the helmet I won last year. (I think you were still a weeble Wobble then) Plus somebody already has 2 points!

  2. OK – score prediction widget updated. I only found 4 predictions over the past blogs since the Fudgie game (well, 5, but Goldvike changed his). I’ll try to keep up with it this time.

  3. Wife and I got into a huge disagreement last night.

    I have a question for you all……..

    Is it wrong to turn away a trick-or-treater?

    We had a boy (about 12) come by wearing a fudge pukers uniform and helmet, Aaron Rodgers jersey, and he even was wearing a WWE belt. I just couldn’t bring myself to give him any candy.

  4. I thought Frazier was intelligent. My only hope is that Ponder is on an incredibly short leash and that he will be pulled before halftime if we struggle — at least put an offense on the field that can chew the clock and let our defense remain fresh. SERIOUSLY! It is not rocket science– I probably am the least educated on the blog when it comes to knowing all the ins and outs of the game, but is it really that hard to see what is the best course of action? Cassel should have been starting since Pittsburgh– and maybe be changed up for Freeman this week or next. We now know Ponder is done. Or will he come out of a phone booth in Dallas and instantly transform into Brady?

    • TITUS!!!!!! Don’t say that. I am as true a Viking fan as you are. Maybe not so optimistic as one as you though, but I would never wish the Vikings to sink the season!! Like Herm Edwards once said, “WE PLAY TO WIN THE GAME”

      • Agreed. Not saying I want that, but trying to grasp the logic of playing Ponder Sunday when you have two QBs in the wings–one a pro bowler two years ago and a veteran who has been with us all season and knows the offense. The other, a first round choice who has played exceptional for a few periods, and a guy you just paid 3+ million. WHY?
        WHY? WHY? WHY? I mean, you never know– could we win out– I always will believe as long as there’s a chance.

    • I just don’t think that we have the coaching ability to win….or the quarterback either. Hopefully we will clean house at the end of the season. All new coaches (maybe even fire speilman), three new QB’s, even a new water boy if that would help in some way.

  5. Spielman said. “But if you don’t have them in your building to get a fair assessment and true evaluation, this will give you a clearer picture of the direction you have to go at the end of the year.”

  6. Not many of you are old enough to remember 1971. That year Bud Grant’s coaches chose to start the worst of his 3 QBs. The QBs were Norm Snead, Bobby Lee, and Gary Cuozzo. They started Cuozzo primarily! Every week Viking fans went nuts.

    Snead went to the Giants the next year and led the NFC in passing. Bobby Lee started for the Falcons. Cuozzo went no where!

    This year’s the same: Cassel is #1, Freeman is #2, and Ponder is a distant #3.

    Who is starting? Ponder!?! That’s CRUEL!!!

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