Hello Prancersize Kitty

Hello Prancersize Kitty

As a native Minnesotan and Viking fan, I take offense to the name of our team. I do not find it politically correct, they are not primitive warriors that fight to their death. Therefore I submit a new mascot and name change…

By vegasvike

96 comments on “Hello Prancersize Kitty

  1. Looking into the future…

    2021 version of Politically Correct

    The Alien race (affectionately called the Grey’s) demands the expansion team, The Roswell Grey’s” change their name due to alien racism.

    Head honcho Belzar Boodoraz cites “we have been in (on) this planet for 5 years now and we already have a football team named after us. What next will it be!

  2. I am cooking dinner and thought I would check out VFB because I haven’t looked for most of the day and WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH. This is almost worst for my appetite than Nova’s impersonation of the Jerry Jones lizard tongue rapid movements of excited salivation while watching the Boys cream the Vikings.

  3. GRAVATAR ON!! There we go. I feel like that little Darth Vader in the VW commercial that thinks he starts the car.Does anyone else blog with their iPhone? My WordPress account keeps turning off at random times, I’d like to know what I need to do to stay signed on? Anyone? Bueller?

    • Dallas, WI. Population 604.

      Dallas is a great place to raise children. The people of Dallas care about their community and feel that it is important to provide children with a healthy and safe environment. They maintain the park, a public library, a community garden and a farmers’ market. They also have an active Civic Club that continually makes improvements to the park and provides fun activities for both the young and young at heart.

      The residents of Dallas also have respect for their village and keep their community clean. Residents of Dallas work hard to maintain their beautiful park and brighten up main street with flowers. The Village also provides its residents with weekly garbage pick-up, street cleaning, and clean-up days in May and October.

      People in Dallas make you feel welcome. They are genuinely kind, honest and friendly folks who would enjoy sitting and visiting with you.

  4. I don’t know if you guys hate these “jeremy” ads as much as I do, but they are on approximately every 20 minutes.

    They are about some tight-fisted couple who sent their gay dickhead son to Europe, who runs up the bills.

    Why don’t they just realize that for what they’re paying to T-mobil’s competition, they could just as easily have him killed ?

    • Here’s a suggestion– not in my favor because I do my predictions last minute, but what if you have a deadline — at least try to enforce having predictions in by a certain day–so you can then have them all officially posted and we can all see the winner– ACTUALLY, I think to make it easier on you and all of us– have a blog each week on, say Thursday, with a close by Sunday morning — and ONLY have posts on there for predictions– then we can all see them and help do the math. We can also watch it like a horse race during the game.

  5. I don’t watch MLB but I keep hearing of this ‘Bambino Curse?’ Can someone explain to me this curse because from what I can tell they have been cursed by great location and ridiculous amount of money and luxuries??? Is there curses for the 25 teams that are eliminated on opening day every year because they don’t have money? What I’m saying is MLB is complete shit.

  6. So Irish, the Redskins traded Baby Ruth like 382 years ago and became cursed. Didn’t win a championship for at least 1 Titus(85 years). But THEN they broke the curse and won. This must sound familiar………go Vikes?!?!

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