This tells it all…

untitled tell it all

Green Bay AT Minnesota

We have been invaded by Packer fans in the Metrodome-for the last time…the picture says everything-

We have nothing to cheer about, except for the impending changes in the coaching staff, and the draft order.

By vikingology

106 comments on “This tells it all…

  1. I have nothing but contempt for Dallas, so I will take a hot shower after writing these 4 predictions;

    (1) Wobschall will suffer a broken collarbone after attempting to do the ‘Sprinkler’ while riding a mechanical bull.
    (2) Midway through the 3rd quarter, Jerry Jones’ lizard-tongue will be flicking faster than a strobe light.
    (3) Tony Romo will be a ‘hero for a week’ (shudder).
    (4) Cowpokers 41-The 2013 NFL’s BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENTS- 13.

  2. I think the key to winning today and in the future is to solve the Vikings Curse. There is a black cloud that has hovered over this team since inception. Does anyone disagree? Owners-coaches-players?? Do we need to call in Nicholas Cage? NATIONAL TREASURE III – The Curse of the Vikings

  3. Freeman will likely play, which means 2 possible outcomes: more exciting QB play and WRs getting the ball more than 2 yards downfield. OR more exciting QB play for the first quarter, then we all begin cringing as Freeman sails it 30 yards beyond his targets again and again.

  4. Thoughts on Gods\Spirits please?
    Fire Spirit
    Uncivilized and untamed side of war, bloodlust, savage animalistic rage of combat, weapons of war, the defence and sacking of cities, rebellion and civil order, banditry, courage, and politics.

    Possible a mixed look of these two pics:

    Also thinking of stuff for water, wind, and earth related spirit\gods ideas. Any help would be appreciated.

  5. Frazier-“I don’t know who I playing against Dallas on Sunday.” “Ponder knows the system better, and I did say he is my starter, but Freeman may save my job, because I can always say he is warming up for next year…we ARE off the record, aren’t we?”

      • What about the year Josh had where he was very good– and what did they say last night– Josh had five straight games where his rating was about 115 or higher? That was last year? If he can play that well and with AD in the backfield, wait– our defense. Then again, if we can score well, then our defense will be able to play different schemes, oh wait, our coaches. Well, um, ah, back to dinner.

  6. Anthony Barr, 6-4/235 Outside Linebacker UCLA
    2014 Scouting Preview By Charlie Campbell

    Career Recap: Jim Mora, Jr and his staff moving Barr from fullback to outside linebacker turned out to be one of the best coaching moves in college football last year. That gave the Bruins had one of the best pass-rushers in the nation as the converted junior was an absolute terror off the edge.

    Barr had little impact at fullback during his freshman and sophomore seasons, recording a total of 12 receptions. Last year on defense however, he dominated the Pac-12, collecting 13 sacks, 83 tackles, 21.5 tackles for a loss, five passes batted and four forced fumbles. Barr’s sack total was the second largest in the nation behind only Georgia’s Jarvis Jones.

    Barr was extremely consistent with sacks in 10-of-13 games. He finished the regular season well with 1.5 sacks against Stanford in the Pac-12 Championship Game. A few weeks earlier, Barr ended Matt Barkley’s collegiate career with a devastating hit on a sack against USC. When Barr wasn’t getting to the quarterback, he was getting consistent pressure on the signal-caller and makes pursuit tackles in the ground game.

    2013 Season Outlook: There is no doubt that Barr will be a marked man in the Pac-12. Offenses will be aiming to stop him, and it wouldn’t be surprising if they constantly send double-teams his direction. However, Mora has a good coaching staff which probably will move Barr around to try to get him single-blocked. He mainly went against left tackles in 2012, but this year it would be surprising if UCLA didn’t move him around to make it harder to land double teams on him.

    Barr will be able to show the progress he’s made as a run-defender in the second game of the season when the Bruins take on Nebraska. Aside from the Cornhuskers, he will take on a number of teams with quality running games including Oregon, Arizona and Washington.

    The best test of the season for Barr will come against Stanford. The Cardinal has a potential first-round pick in left tackle Andrus Peat. Barr typically lined up against the left tackle in 2012, so this should be a great matchup that could have big draft implications for both players. Barr’s pass rush and run defense will be tested in this contest.

    The Pac-12 is an excellent conference for college football; only the SEC is better. If Barr has another productive season, he will have given NFL teams two good seasons of tape against top competition.

    Skill-Set Summary: Barr looked like a natural edge-rusher who had been playing the position for years in 2012, despite having just switched from fullback. It’s clear he has the physical ability to be a special player.

    Barr is an explosive athlete who offers tremendous speed off the edge. He has a great get-off when the ball is snapped and puts tackles on their heels. Barr has good agility to get leverage on his rushes and not let tackles get a good grip on him. He also knows how to finish when he gets to the quarterback. Barr can put signal-callers down hard with textbook hits.

    Barr is awesome in pursuit. He has the speed to chase down backs and quarterbacks from behind. When Barr gets free from his block, he closes in an instant. He is like a heat-seeking missile, as his pursuit skills look similar to what Jarvis Jones did at Georgia.

    Despite his tremendous junior season, Barr wisely decided to return for his senior year. He has room for improvement even with how good he was in 2012 and isn’t a polished linebacker just yet. Barr improved as last season progressed and still needs more development. There are a few areas where he could improve his game.

    Specifically, Barr needs to get stronger to defend the run. He has the frame to add 10-15 pounds of bulk and that would be a good idea. The senior needs to get better at runs coming straight at him and shedding blocks in the ground game. Barr also needs to improve his awareness as he can overpursue at times. Considering Barr’s lack of experience as an outside linebacker, those issues are understandable and he could make a big jump in 2013.

    It would be nice to see Barr add more and refine his pass-rushing moves, too. He has a great speed rush off the edge and can get off tackles on his side, but he could use more technique to shed blocks when he doesn’t have leverage. Barr also needs to work on dropping in pass coverage.

    Mora and his coaching staff should make Barr a more complete player as a senior. He could be a beast as a pass-rusher with a few more years of direction from his NFL team.

    2014 NFL Draft Expectations: Barr’s natural pass-rush ability and his shear explosiveness off the edge make him look like a potential high-first-round pick entering the 2013 season. If the senior can add strength and improve his run defense while continuing to get after the quarterback, he could solidify himself as a top-10 pick.

    The bloodlines are there for Barr as his father was a standout fullback at Notre Dame who was a fourth-round pick of the Eagles.

    Barr’s would be perfect for the NFL as an outside linebacker in a 3-4 defense. He will need some work dropping in pass coverage, but looks like a natural as a standup edge-rusher. In a 4-3 defense, Barr should be an outside linebacker in a role like Von Miller with the Broncos. Barr could be one of the top prospects in the 2014 class if he puts together another good season.

  7. NOV 03
    14:00 MINNESOTA
    DALLAS V 7.90 H 1.20

    This is the line put out by ‘Proline’ here in Atlantic Canada. You can legally bet on any sporting event at any corner store, gas station, etc.
    If you pick the Vikes, it pays $7.90-$1.00
    Cowboys get you $1.20-$1.00

    I have never in my life bet against the Vikings, but I’m putting $500 on Dallas to win $100.
    I can’t watch this game, I can’t watch Romo tear us apart. It just hurts too much.

    If you think we have a chance, I suggest a drive across the border. $100 will get you $790.

  8. Sorry prediction game results aint in yet. Still at work. Some jackass the size of Loadholt decided that standing on the urinal was a good idea. I just cannot imagine getting so drunk that you do stupid stuff.

    😉 hehehe.

  9. HCG….I still say KKKKIIIILLLLLRRRROOOMMMOOOO….but I’m sure their backup is WAY better than our 3 second-stringers.

    By the way, this is what the ‘ Proline’ line is on the Vikes winning the Super Bowl MINNESOTA $501.00-$1.00

    And just for comparison, DENVER $ 3.75-$1.00

    The only team with longer odds…..You guessed it…Jax at $999.00-$1.00

  10. Last year, near the goal line and in red zone situations, they ran a play several times that had everyone tight to the line in a run looking scheme with AD in the back. Ponder would fake the handoff to AD in a run up the middle, meanwhile, instead of blocking, Kyle Rudolph would peel off from the end position on the left side and run a short curl route towards the end zone.

    That play worked everytime. I haven’t seen them run it at all this year. Of course we have spent less time in the redzone, but still I would think the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, would apply”.

    I listen everyday to the NFL Chanel on sirius radio, and PK has always spoke positively about Musgrave, and lately it hasn’t been so rosy of an endorsement. His play calling has been mostly horrendous, and even the calls that work, work mainly because of the talent. Someone less talented than MVP probably wouldn’t pick up a first down on a screen pass on 3rd and 8. With that said, could it be Ponder’s indecisiveness that is making Musgrave’s play calling look worse than it is? I watched Ponder all season long, as soon as his main read wasn’t open (they usually are, but his noodle arm makes him easy to pick off), he gets antsy feet and immediately looks to run or bootleg. we saw a completely different result with Freeman. He stayed in the pocket, even under pressure and delivered the pass (although sometimes a little high, and mostly alot harder than Ponder). I wish I had the numbers at how many of those passes that Freeman threw that were catch able. It seemed to me that alot of those passes, although high, hit them in the hands. Darell Bevel for head coach?

    Not sure what happened to the defense. The loss of Winfield was big, but he was just one guy. Our nickel defense has been horrible. Josh robinson isn’t getting it. He needs to be sat down for a game or 2 until he figures it out. Who is out DBs coach? He isn’t doing his job. With JA probably leaving at the end of the season, is it time to move to a 3-4 defense. I think Everson Griffin would be athletic enough to play outside, or put his hands down and play inside. We would need a monster nose tackle to plug the middle. Who might be a good HC that is a defensive guru, that we could bring in? I just hate seeing us run all over like this. we were able to stop the run well at the beggining of the Packer game, until the defense got tired, and rodgers started throwing wherever he wanted. I remember when good running teams wouldn’t even try to run against us. I can deal with an offense that runs alot and eats clock with long sustaining drives, and only puts up 17 -20 points a game, as long as we only let the other team score 6 points. I want our defense to be feared. This cover 2 makes me blow chunks. I think we have the personnel, when they are all healthy to be able to play more man to man, and to blitz more, but we don’t.

    Does the money we pay to a head coach count against our cap?

    How about Dan Quinn from the seachickens? he coached defense at florida State and was top ten defense 2 years in a row, and now with Seattle, they are top 5 I believe. And Seattle owes us one from taking all our players.

    Sorry about the book I wrote 🙂

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