Green Bay at Minnesota Part One

What else is there to say? GAME ON!

By vikingology

93 comments on “Green Bay at Minnesota Part One

  1. Random Leprechaun Quote-

    Leprechaun: There was an old man of Madras / Whose balls were made of fine brass. / So in stormy weather / They both clanged together / And sparks flew out of his ass.

  2. Really? I mean REALLY?? They just had an 8 minute commercial delay, and the best the Vikings could come up with was a Ponder sneak? Oh, yes….and the punt return for the TD……icing on the cake….yes. I need another beer.

    • That all comes down to coaching. The coaches are telling the guys not to get beat deep, so they hang back and allow the catch underneath instead. Which is essentially worse, because then our guys just get worn out by the repeated success of the opposition in the short game, until someone misses a tackle and the defender breaks loose for 70-yards after the catch and the entire defense looks even more shameful!

  3. With the right coaching, QBs would be terrified to throw the ball against Cook & Smith & Rhodes & Robinson. These guys have all the physical talent you could ask for out of a secondary. Good scheming would take advantage of their talents and good coaching would encourage them to capitalize on their talents and make QBs pay for trying to do anything in the air.

  4. Just a couple thoughts:

    1) Fire Frazier and the entire coaching staff.

    2) Lester Bagley for GM

    3) Ponder still sux big time. yeah Freeman threw the ball high a few times, but Ponder can’t get in-completions when he doesn’t throw the freaking football. Ponder held on to the ball way too long.

    4) Stop throwing freaking bubble screens on 3rd and 8, for the love of god.

    5) I would take not ever having another prime time game again, if it kept me from having to listen to chris collinsworth ever again. Take your lips off the packers butt cheeks. And did they seriously wax nostalgic about all the good memories of the metrodome, and then show the Vikings getting burned by a long TD run on a highlight video? Assholes.

    6) The whole “defending the wide receiver against the pass, by standing in front of them and looking away from the ball”, thing, is NOT working. I don’t think I saw a single pass defended against last night. That is bad.

    7) Patterson is special.

    8) I like the idea of an offense minded coach next time, what do you guys think about Kyle Shanahan?

    9) Can we get Joey Browner a uniform? Our secondary needs help.

    10) I will punch collinsworth in the dick.

  5. Interesting….

    “The blame for the Vikings’ season certainly should not fall solely on Frazier or his coaching staff. General manager Rick Spielman chose to spend the team’s offseason money on the offense, letting cornerback Antoine Winfield go when right tackle Phil Loadholt’s contract got more expensive than the Vikings initially thought it would. In a passing league, the Vikings’ roster looks ill-equipped to win, with an inexperienced secondary and no coherent plan at quarterback. But unless the Vikings’ owners step in and order a complete overhaul of the front office, Spielman might stay on the grounds that he hasn’t gotten to pick his head coach; Frazier was the Vikings’ interim coach, and became the head coach, before Spielman’s title changed from VP of player personnel to general manager in 2012. Whether or not that’s fair, or the correct strategy, it’s often how the business works, and it might be how things play out in this case.

  6. ” Vikings Head Coach Leslie Frazier said in his post-game press conference – this is not a personnel issue, it’s a scheme issue.”

    OK, genius, WHO is in charge of the defensive scheme? Fire his incompetent ass!

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