Here’s to HCG …




So I was riding my bike home from work this morning and came across this … The Mighty Turtles on Viking RD! How could I not show HCG his retirement corner?

O yea Musgrave sucks. Vikings lost. Frazier is too nice to be a Head Coach. I cant remember what a good QB plays like. Peterson 13 carries and Freeman 53 passes …. someone please explain that one.

By shawn6464

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  2. The scene….December 30th, 2013, Rick Spielman’s office…..
    Coming off a 63-4 loss to the Lions at home, to finish 1-15…..

    (Spielman, screaming into the intercom)……”PEGGY, GET IN HERE NOW” !!!!
    (Secretary , visibly shaken)……”Yes, Mr. Spielman” ????
    (Spielman)……”Do these new sunglasses make my face look fat” ?
    (Peggy)…..”No sir, you look fine”.
    (Spielman)…..”You’re right…Peggy, send out a letter to all our season-ticket holders….How many do we have” ?
    (Peggy)….”17, sir…..4 if we don’t count your family”.
    (Spielman)….”Alright,take a letter”….

    Dear Season Ticket Holder Person;
    We have gone through a bit of a rebuilding year and we thank you for your patience. The coaching staff has shown remarkable patience as well, that’s why I rewarded them with new 5 year contracts.
    We wish to reward you as well, that’s why we are offering 10% off 2014’s season ticket packages. The first 50,000 of you will also receive a ‘Spergon Wynn Remember The Glory Days Poster’

  3. Continued….

    You may or may not know that, in an effort to increase the Viking’s and the NFL’s worldwide popularity, we will be playing 7 of our home games in Kuwait, instead of whatever that college stadium’s name is.
    “We will still have our last preseason game against the Jaguars at home (not included in season ticket price)”.
    We couldn’t do any of this without your continued support.
    Rick Spielman

    (Spielman)…”Ok Peggy, get that mailed out”.
    (Peggy)…”But sir, we don’t have any stamps left. Coach Musgrave used the last one to write yesterday’s offensive plays on”.
    (Spielman)….’DAMNIT !!!! …Get me the Cowboys owner/gm on the line….Smith,Brown….you know…He likes licking stamps, his tongue’s always flicking out like a lizard”.
    (Peggy)….”Jones, sir, Jerry Jones ”
    (Spielman)…” No, that’s that idiot on Fox with the wooden hair…….anyway …he’s shrewd, he’ll want more than just the 3rd-rounder I’m going to offer…..hmmmm……Peggy, do we still own the rights to Herschel Walker”????

  4. I just looked through ten score, or like 5 centipedes worth of Musgrave pictures….and the BEST one needs no explanation;


    Winner gets Charlie Johnson for a day.(He is good at un-blocking drains.)

  5. It looks like DeepSir/Madam has taken time out of it’s busy schedule to grace this blog again with ‘thumbs down’.
    On behalf of everyone on this blog who goes through life working, raising families, socializing and all those other mundane activities, I would like to thank DeepSir/Irene/Bluebird7/Deertracks.
    It must be exhausting, spending 18 hours a day waiting to pounce on someone with your thumb, especially coming off of genital reconfiguration surgery.
    So here’s to you, Irene, we here at VFB wish you all the best in your new life as a woman.

  6. Cue the music……”Here’s to you, Mr. Thumbsdowner Dude………In your endless campaign of spreading disdain, the only way you can……Stripped of the power of written expression, you tirelessly tell ALL the world that you hate them……..One thumb at a time………For all your hard work, THIS Buds for you.”

    • Ahhhhhhhhhhh…….THERE it is. I was starting to worried that my efforts were going to be ignored out of spite. Thank you Thumbsdowner Dude for reinstilling my faith in your efforts. All is right in the world again.

  7. Hey guys! My 6 month old Golden Retriever fetched her first 2 partridge tonight! Proud papa.

    Of course, now that I’ve shot the only 2 retarded partridge in the state I don’t know where to go hunting next, but my little girl is a HUNTER!!!!

  8. (Spielman)……..”GREAT NEWS Leslie !!!!!!.. I just signed the Incredible Hulk @ 2 million a year for a 3 year deal to QB us” !!!!!!!
    (Frazier)……”But what if he misses opportunities, Mrs. opportunities or just flat out (to fail to take advantage of: (Wiki) opportunities”?
    (Spielman)…” Don’t worry…We’ll bench him and say he has a liver problem”.

  9. (Hulk, after breaking every receiver’s hands in practice)…..”But I don’t have a liver problem” !!!!!!!!
    (Spielman)…”Take it easy, big guy………by the way, would your buddy like the nickname ‘Gridiron Man’ “????

  10. (Spielman)…….” UNBELIEVABLE NEWS Leslie !!!!!!! The Hulk’s drinking problem somehow got leaked to the press, but I signed his buddy Iron Man !!!! We’ll bill him as “Gridiron Man……It’s BRILLIANT” !!!!!
    (Frazier)…. “But what if he misses opportun…
    (Spielman)…..”SHUT UP !!!! I KNOW YOUR M.O. BY NOW !!!!!….We’ll play him in the rain and if he can’t produce, we’ll say he’s too rusty”.

  11. (Frazier, after an 84-14 loss at Baltimore)….” Rick, I’m sorry. I thought Gridiron Man looked good for a while but there were those mi……
    (Frazier)….”Blown chances….”
    (Spielman)….”It’s OK. That lightning strike killed any chance we had, but at least it took out Charlie Johnson as well”.
    (Frazier)…”I’m SO glad you feel that wa…..”
    (Spielman)….”Only God Himself could have predicted that”.
    (Frazier)….(Deep breath)
    (Spielman)…”So I went out and signed Him”.
    (Frazier)”———————But what if He………….you know……this IS the Vikings”
    (Spielman)….”That’s why I’m the G.M. and you’re a couch……er, coach. If He can’t cut it we tell the press that on the 7th day He rests”.

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