Contest winners, and predicting the future.


So our season is about this good so far^.

My question to you is how do you see things panning out as far as the coaching situation after this season? Or do you think heads will roll sooner? Your thoughts please…

62 comments on “Contest winners, and predicting the future.

  1. And the winner for the Carolina game prediction is……..IRISHPOTATO!!!!!!!!! Woooooooooooo! Congrats and skol sir!

    And the winner of the New York prediction is……………NOVA!!!!
    Congratulations sir!

    You both also just won signed copies of Novas new cookbook; “Lets corn a piranha!”

  2. The only way Ponder will have a good game is if he gets protection, and I don’t mean condems. I’m sure HE’LL have a good game but if his O line stinks it up like they have all year he’s doomed. I wonder which QB the rest of the team truly believes in?

  3. I think Titus is right. Vikings will rise to the occasion Sunday, primetime be damned. Except for 2 INTs last year, Ponder owned the Fudgies. He’s going to be even more determined to make a good showing now. We will NOT blow them out, but we pull out a win and say goodbye to our chance of a superhigh draft pick.

    Vikings win 33-20. Word.

  4. After Sunday’s loss to GB…….
    (Frazier)…….” I think I know our problem Rick……missed opportunities “.
    (Spielman)….” Brilliant ! Plus we could use some new QBs…START CASSELS SUNDAY”!
    (Frazier)…..” But Rick, you had his arm cut off in the last blog”
    (Spielman)….” You’re right….(muttering)..”He made us re-negotiate his contract for that, too”.
    (Frazier)……” I saw on TMZ that New England’s third-string field goal holder might be available”.
    (Spielman)….” Brilliant !…. Bellichick is crafty, though….I won’t give him more than a 2nd rounder…..Are you trying to get my job” ?????
    (Frazier)….”No Sir !! And I heard that if he has a bad game he will let us sit him out if we say that his dog died”.
    (Spielman)….”That’s what we need here…..more TEAM PLAYERS !!! OK, gotta go, my hair is a MESS” !!!!!

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