To Err Is Human, To Retain This Coaching Staff Is Insane

By novascotiavike

86 comments on “To Err Is Human, To Retain This Coaching Staff Is Insane

  1. Interesting talk coming fron ESPN as far as who is to blame for starting Freeman. Carter says blame Speilman…inside info says it was all on Frazier.

    I’m with Parody on this one-Speilman is trying to bring in the best 53, nobody told Frazier to start Freeman now.

  2. Art Bell once had an interview with Gordon Lightfoot-he loved his music.

    During the interview, Art Bell asked him (on more than one occasion) what was he thinking when he wrote the words for a particular song. Gordon Lightfoot would reply “I was drunk at the time I wrote the song.” Art Bell finally got fed up and ended the phone interview. (True story)

  3. If Spielman was trying to put the best 53 on the field why would he cut Winfield with no replacement? It’s his JOB to have a replacement ready. He’s drafted 4 corners and they’re all garbage. How can we afford to do that in a passing league it’s inexcusable!

  4. So I’m thinking of making a sign to bring to the game that will get my gorgeous face on TV. What I’ve noticed is that the signs with the broadcasting station’s logo on them seem to have the best chance at getting air time, so I’m thinking something along the lines of


    What do you think? Any better suggestions?

  5. The secondary wasn’t as bad as I thought they would be Monday, I think they get a bit better Sunday night. I like how willliams had them bringing pressure, not just the front four, that’s what we will need against the fudgies.

    Vikings 27 – fudgies 24

  6. OK (deep breath)

    I believe that I used the word “Insane” in this blog’s heading

    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
    Albert Einstein

    “If I had to do it over again, I don’t think I’d do it any differently under the circumstances,” Frazier said about his decision to start Freeman Monday night.

    Freeman starts Sunday, if his lifelong concussion-like symptoms allow.

    Point proven.

  7. It’s the “WHEEL OF UNFORTUNATE” !!!!! (applause)

    With your host ………LESLIE FRAZIER !!!!!! (STRONG BOOING)

    ” OK ladies and gentlemen, on today’s show we have a lot to work on, so contestant # 1, SPIN THAT WHEEL for your chance to start 1 of 3 totally useless quarterbacks” !! (STRONG BOOING)
    ” Oh, what a shame, you hit ‘miss a turn’. Have to watch out for those missed opportunities” !! (STRONG BOOING)

    Stay tuned for” Jeopardy ” season 2013, followed by “Lost”.

  8. Look for Cassels to be traded. Or Ponder. Or Freeman. Or a rainbow-shitting unicorn to crash through the Metrodome roof after the game, interrupting Rodger’s, Matthews and Wobschall’s menage a trois.
    NOTHING would surprise me now.

  9. Well, one thing is certain– if Ponder needed a wake up call out that ridiculous and not helpful atmosphere of total entitlement where he was given the job no matter his performance, then he just had his inner drive, motivation, and winning instinct alarmed by the loudest and ugliest franchise ring tone known to football. Yes, maybe, just maybe we see the Ponder so many had hoped for the past three years. I think he plays very well, to be honest– actually studying night and day this week to prove himself.

  10. Prior to Monday night….
    (Frazier)….”You’re sitting, Christian. You’ve got a broken rib”.
    (Ponder)…..”No I don’t”
    (Frazier)….”Don’t worry, if Freeman misses opportunities he will have a concussion”.
    Tuesday morning….
    (Frazier)…..”You’re sitting, Josh. You have a concussion”
    (Freeman)…..”No I don’t”.
    (Frazier)…..”Don’t worry, if Ponder misses opportunities, there’s always the broken rib story.
    (Freeman)…..”What about Cassels” ?
    (Frazier)….”We’ll find an injury for him. I’ve already run ‘leprosy’ by Spielman”.

  11. I’m actually happy the season ended this way for multiple reasons.

    1. We needed to fire Musgrave (His offense disgust me).

    2.Spielman is going to be able to do damage in the draft with such a great pick (Including the second 3rd).

    3. If we act now we can win fast because we still have a lot of talent.

  12. (Metrodome Security Chief)……”Mr. Wilf, there’s a guy in Canada that says he will launch 25 radioactive trampoline beavers at the dome on Sunday if Ponder starts” !!!.
    (Zigi)……”That place will smell like a Klondike bar ! We have to protect those 300 fans ! OK, Freeman starts” !!
    (Chief)….”He says if Freeman starts expect 50 beavers” !!!
    (Zigi)……” This guy’s nuts !!! He must be one of those VFB bloggers” !!!!!
    (Chief, pointing to the sky)……”GOOD GOD !!!! LOOK AT THOSE GEESE !!! THERE MUST BE THOUSANDS OF THEM” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (Zigi)….”What kind of turtle is that on my chair” ?????

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