Who Is Responsible For Starting Freeman?

Most QBs get 6+ months to learn a new offense before taking over as the starter. Josh Freeman got 6+ days. This was a crazy stupid decision that obviously worked against the team as they struggled to make completions to wide open receivers on just about every passing play.

So, who is responsible for deciding that Josh is ready to start? Why was Ponder not given one last chance to recapture the spot? What made them think that Cassel would not be able to manage the game better than a player who barely knew what the playbook looked like? Did Freeman even have enough time on the roster to get familiar with the color of jerseys he needed to target?

Whoever made this decision has a lot of explaining to do, and he most likely sealed the decision to not give him a new contract with the team. Now, it seems all we can hope for is the team to continue to tank throughout the rest of the season so we can get a top-5 draft pick and hopefully turn it into a player who can fill the holes on the team under whatever new management comes around.

102 comments on “Who Is Responsible For Starting Freeman?

  1. I saw a video on ESPN earlier this week and the commentator said how dumb to start Freeman– that we should start Cassel and if we don’t start Cassel or Ponder, both QBs should never have been on our roster in the first place– that they should know the system and if you start someone who just came to town, then the person who brought in Cassel and Ponder should be fired. MAN I am P OD. I bet Ponder feels vindicated the past two weeks–HA HA HA. I had a huge project with a midnight deadline tonight so was excited to watch the entire game later– HA HA HA HA HA, man, think we will make the playoffs? Win the division? Make the Super Bowl? HA HA HA HA. I am going loopy!

  2. just got back from the game..THIS ONE WAS UGLY..Musgrave and Williams have to go,and they may have to save a seat for Frazier out of town also. i would always defend him,but now my trust in him has sunk to an all time low…

  3. a guy sitting in front of me at the game must have seen all this from day one. i seen it all from ’81 til now,but this guy (who was a Vikings fan) just sat through the whole game numb,like he just expected the worse,he didn’t react off our mistakes or anything. he just had that ”oh well,whatever” look on his face. i was saying to myself ”wow”,i may be that guy in a few years if this keeps up…

  4. Did anyone hear Cris Carter go off this morning? Here’s a long recap-

    Spielman and the Wilfs screwed this team over. Spielman quit on this team by forcing Freeman to play. He wasn’t ready and obviously he barely knew the playbook. Frazier didn’t want Freeman playing, he didn’t even want him on the team it wasn’t fair to the players or coaching staff and it sent a message to all the players that we had given up on the season. Frazier is a good coach he took this shitty team to the playoffs last year. This whole situation started because of personnel decisions from Spielman and the fact he somehow believed Christian Ponder was a franchise quarterback.

    Not looking good for Spielman.

  5. What happened to the fight we had last year? Both our lines would beat teams down at the line of scrimmage, Bears, Lions, 49ers, Packers, Texans, everyone! We dominated all of them!!! What happened to players like Everson Griffin? Robison? Allen? WTFITNOH happened to Matt Kalil and John Sullivan? These guy need to sack up and fight! You know why Frazier’s defensive scheme does work? Because it worked 1 year ago with almost the exact same team! Players need to stop sulking and win the battles! F#$@!!! SEND

  6. What kind of person says to himself “You know, he’s only thrown 30 incomplete passes so far….it’s late in the game…….let’s get him back on the horse and see how he counters…..can’t possibly do any worse than he already has………aw SHIT!!!!……..well, there’s always a commentator job open.”

  7. Wobschall…..”People who know far more about building a roster and caring for the long-term prospects of an organization are the ones who pull the trigger, so I will support whatever decision they make”
    There are many team reporters around the NFL who ACTUALLY CRITICIZE THEIR TEAM.
    Wobschall is the ultimate wiener.
    I can just see him someday working in a gay bar doing a sprinkler pole dance.

  8. IM NOT DONE! For Spielman to treat two thirds of this season as a tryout for one player is damn disrespectful to everyone in the organisation including the fans and by doing so is destroying trust and relationships formed among staff and players. What’s worse is that the media is going to put all the blame on Frazier (who hasn’t been perfect) but god damn he’s not that bad! If you want the best out of people treat them the right way FUCK YOU SPIELMAN!

  9. Positives from the game:
    1. He can throw a rope – our WRs got used to catching a much slower ball, and they will need more practice to toughen up their hands – there were several drops last night.
    2. He can throw it deep – there no longer is anyone on the team who can outrun a deep pass. Hopefully with more practice Freeman will develop rhythm with the WRs.
    3. He was sacked only once – Ponder would have been squashed like a bug numerous times, or would have peed his pants and scrambled instead of stepping up and making the throw.
    4. Our run D finally showed up.

  10. Negatives from the game:
    1. Our secondary is STILL horrible.
    2. Our coaching staff STILL makes horrible decisions.
    3. Our blogging family is likely to develop ulcers and liver disease.
    4. We are clearly going to have some free time on our hands come January.

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