Vikings vs. Giants

It’s Monday night, week 7 and an epic battle of two storied franchises is about to kickoff. Vikings vs. Giants in the stadium that is lined up to host the next Super Bowl. Couldn’t be better, right? Well…in actuality, this is the absolute worst Monday night football matchup EVER. That’s right, never in the history of MNF has there been two teams with collective records as bad as the Vikings and Giants, who hold an astonishing record of 1-10 between them this season.

Oh well. At least we’ll get to see if QB#3 has anything worthy of a second contract in him! SKOL VIKINGS!

116 comments on “Vikings vs. Giants

  1. Down here all I am hearing on sports talk radio is about Josh Freeman. Almost all the callers are hoping Josh explodes tonight to show that Shiano should be fired! I agree with Josh exploding….OPENING A CAN OF WUP ASS ON THE GIANTS. I honestly am not over the 41-0 thing from a long time back…..I’m sure they had our plays.

    SKOL VIKINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  2. I am sure Freeman is ready to go. He memorized both 3×5 note cards of Musgraves offense.

    If we lose again I am pretty sure with our remaining schedule we will have a great draft pick come spring. “Get eaten by an otter for Teddy Bridgewater.”

  3. This just in, Musgrave knew that after spending hours with a 64 color box of Crayolas that there was no way a young man such as Josh Freeman would be able to memorize the complete coloring book. Therefore he asked Josh to pick his five favorite pictures and memorize the page numbers. Musgrave will be throwing out hand signals tonight that match the page numbers. Next week they’re gonna name the plays after the crayons.

    • CB A.J. Jefferson YAY!!!!
      LB Gerald Hodges
      DT chase Baker
      DE Justin Trattou That’s OK – we’ve got plenty.
      G Jeff Baca
      WR Rodney Smith We promote him to active roster and then sit him?
      QB Matt Cassel Maybe the trade rumors are true.

  4. Dan Cohen really is a genious. Advertising how he’s going to stop the Vikings new stadium deal at all costs just before the monday night kickoff on the same channel. I hope everybody votes for him as the next mayor of Minneapolis.

  5. For those of you who advocate Gruden for head coach, please take note how he does commentary whenever he covers a Vikings game– he is a biased — against us— don’t believe me, listen to the way he frames everything– Oh, the rookie Xavier Rhodes versus the accomplished (missed that receiver’s name)– rookie and accomplished– he frames all his comments like that —

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