115 comments on “Game post 2. Electric Boogaloo.

  1. Patterson was supposed to come in and replace Harvin– So far, it hasn’t happened– Gruden. GOSH , SHUT UP!!!! The guy is a negative cloud of horsecrap. HAVE TO MAKE PLAYS WHEN THEY ARE THERE TO BE MADE– NO S–T Sherlock!

  2. It’s amazing to see the difference in arm strength. Cassel looked like he was throwing lightning compared to Ponder, now Freeman is making Cassel’s throws look like slow motion.

    • Hmmmmmmmmm…..maybe? I think Ponder would have been sacked about 5 times now – Freeman has pretty much stood his ground and made a throw. Several balls too hard for the receiver to handle.

  3. Question to FF veterans. I have Reuben Randle and Kyle Rudolph on my team. For some reason I lost 2 points in the past 15 minutes, and neither of them did anything wrong. What gives?

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