Muskrat Suzy, Muskrat Sam……..

…….Ending QB Careers With The Flick Of a Hand

Musgrave's bible.

Musgrave’s bible.

The Vikings exited the momentum-laden bye week with all the steam of a poopy diaper, not even bothering to wait until the 4th quarter to fold up camp this time.  Offensive Coordinator (and yes, he is REALLY offensive) Bill Musgrave went into overdrive to water down an already pathetic game plan – leaving Viking fans desperate to find SOMETHING positive in this week’s serving of Wiener Water Soup.

Musgrave was determined to prove to the NFL world that all it takes to win games is a well-thrown bubble screen, and abandoned the game plan that allowed Minnesota to win their only game thus far by handicapping the only Minnesota QB who has shown the ability to hit a target beyond spitting distance.  Down by 32 points, Musgrave proved doubters wrong (and killed the clock) by weaving together a positively BRILLIANT aerial attack consisting of 11 passes under 5 yards, a rush and a QB scramble, with Kyle Rudolph finally breaking a dunk pass into the clear and scoring.  An exuberant Musgrave was seen on the sidelines yelling “I TOLD you so!” to anyone on the team who hadn’t yet escaped to the locker room in shame.

WHO said bubble screens are useless?!?!?!

WHO said bubble screens are useless?!?!?!

Changes WILL be made, Vikings faithful.  Rest assured.  The QB position has essentially been decided.  Exit Ponder, stage Left, (for whatever someone is willing to trade – a cheese basket, Subway gift card, or a bag of stale Cheetos) enter Freeman vs Giants.  Cassel, the clipboard is yours again.  But a fresh face is NOT going to solve the Vikings’ problems.  Musgrave’s play calling will cause ANY QB to fail, even those named Brees, Brady, or Manning.  I predict that Musgrave will be the next to feel the falling axe, with Alan Williams soon after (but this post is about offense, and already so long it needs a sequel).

By northwoodsv2

72 comments on “Muskrat Suzy, Muskrat Sam……..

  1. Frazier has to push Spielman to let him make changes to the OC and/ or DC, or it will be his own head to roll. The only other coach on the staff to have head coaching experience is Singletary. we know how that ended. I just hate the fact that Frazier is always, I support this person and that person, even though they suck balls. Business as usual for him. He didn’t want Freeman, he thought Ponder was fine, now he still thinks that Williams and Musgrave are doing fine, and he will keep running J Rob out there so the opposing QBs will know where to throw. It’s so frustrating. There has to be someone out there that is better than J Rob, I would take Bobby Felder back even.

  2. Spielmans 2011 Draft
    Drafted Christian Ponder 12TH OVERALL F&%$@%$, Kyle Rudolph, Christian Ballard, Brandon Burton, Demarcus Love, Mistral Raymond, Ross Homan, Deandre Reed, Brandon Fusco, Stephen Burton.

    As of next year we will only have Kyle Rudolph and Brandon Fusco (as a backup hopefully).
    If you want to turn a franchise around you have to find value in the later rounds. This years draft was just as bad and we’re only 6 weeks in. Spielman should be under fire as much as anyone especially seeing as he let Winfield walk and probably chose Ponder over Harvin.

  3. It just goes to show-fans care WAY more about offense. Musgrave needs to go, but Williams should be walking out the door with him. Allowing 32 points a game is the single biggest reason the Vikes are where they are.

    It also goes without saying Frazier will be exiting stage left too.

  4. I was concerned about the Giants game a couple weeks ago, but now I predict Freeman will light up this offense and we win. Then we go on and dominate the Packers at home, and from there this team soars into the playoffs. Yippppeeee.

    • I think he looks that way because as he sat there on Sunday, he could not believe what he signed up for– he thought he was coming to a team that was getting back on track and would make a playoff run.

  5. Awesome article, Northwoods. While i do agree that Musgrave shouldnt be here next year (the most exciting play on his card is an end-around), i think it’s Williams that should be sent packin like yesterday. Up until Sunday we were in the top ten in offense, defense? At the bottom. I think Frazier will finish out the year, cause who would replace him? Priefer would get my vote to finish it out. I sincerely hope Spielman stays, and i know he will. I think he’s a great GM and has done very good things to the roster.

    • Very true. Offense gets all the glory and most of the attention. It’s easy to overlook the D, but when we could be sitting 3-2 now if our D had prevented a TD or 2, people (myself included) should be firing shots at Williams.

      It’s been easy to deduce what’s wrong on the offensive side – a combination of Ponder not being able to make the throw, and Musgrave not coming up with more than 4 plays per game.

      The D, however, is another story. The big question is this – who is at fault – the captain of the D failing to call out adjustments play by play, or is Williams not preparing them for battle?

      Yes. Spielman stays. He has done well acquiring talent. Frazier and Co have done a poor job of using that talent.

  6. I will pass the math exam tomorrow.
    I will get an A because I am the Best in the World.
    I will then celebrate this momentous occasion by doing something so epic that the Norse Gods will take notice and bless the Minnesota Vikings with enough fighting spirit to win out the rest of the season and finally hold up the Lombardi trophy.

  7. Honestly, I am shocked by our defensive play or lack there of. With a head coach who is obviously focused on defense throughout his career as a player and a coach, the final quarter of play last season, and the drafts with new defensive blood, I think most of us felt our defense would make us a contender from the start. Up until Sunday, our offense was scoring a lot of points. Whatever, we do, please fire the DC before the OC, and keep Frazier around for at least another year.

    • I was all on board with that until the part about keeping Frazier around. I supported him up until this year. He was showing that he could get this team going in the right direction, and with a little patience, he could build a strong young unit with the potential to rule the division for years.

      Unfortunately, with all the young talent that he has on the team, he has allowed them to get worse and worse every week this season. With a good head coach, the team would be getting progressively better as the young guys start learning from him as he takes full advantage of their potential. Leslie appears to be doing the opposite to this team.

      It’s unfortunate, but it’s time to start shopping for someone else.

    • I’d like to see Frazier stay too but with a few more losses he’s going to lose the locker room. DC and OC will be gone regardless. The reason we can’t make a comeback this year is because our defense is the worst in the league. We’re gonna need to spend money in free agency to fix it. We need 3 starting linebackers, a DE, a NT, a corner that can play nickel AND THEN a suitable backup.

  8. I have to admit, Frazier may be too relaxed and patient. It does seem the team has become complacent– this is what happens when you can play week in and week out without consequences, despite your performance. And when one player is coddled and praised even though he is a key to the whole team, and his play is mediocre, the rest of team will begin to have resentment as well as believe they are also entitled. Hey, why go all out and kill ourselves when every week the quarterback is told he is our franchise? Yeah, the Ponder experiment’s roots are far wider and deeper into the whole of the organization. Am tired, but I think I made enough sense that most of you know what I am saying.

      • Yeah, but you read it upside down. Of course, it made sense. No, honestly, I reread it now and I hate to read it because it makes total sense– we may need to say good-bye to Frazier– pity, I like him as a person. AND I think his philosophy of Vikings football is fantastic but his implementation needs a major overhaul. There are only 16 games — this is not like other major league sports with a hundred or more games– you cannot afford to sit on the side an lose week after week– not when the average fan looks on and says– hey, you need to do this– and that fan is right!

  9. They were surprised that Freeman was able to grasp the offense so quickly. I LOLED…Have you seen the size of Musgrave’s play sheet? My 14 year old would be ready to play by Monday…run up the middle, run up the middle, 4 yard dump pass…bubble screen…punt

  10. I like that they are making changes, but we can’t keep giving up 30 points on defense. I wish they would do something there. Bringing in a safety to work is a small step, but corner is a big problem. Specifically the slot corner. We spend so much time in nickle, that i’m not too concerned with LB, other than i’d like to see Mitchell replaced with Hodges maybe. But this has been a problem from week one. I remember reggie Bush catching ball after ball in the middle of our defense. The middle has been open all year. Guaranteed Tom Caughlin and the giants are planning on every other play going to the slot receiver.

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