After more than 4 1/2  decades of this, my patience is GONE. FIRE THE COACHING STAFF.

By novascotiavike

100 comments on “OUT WITH THE VENOM>>>>>>>WE SUCK<<<<<<

  1. I just don’t get how he keeps running J Rob out there. Does he not see him get beat all the time. I know for sure, he got beat on at least 2 touch downs. There may have been more. God I miss Winfield. Outside of that, I don’t think personel are our problem. I think it comes down to scheme, and coaching.

    I know it didn’t really matter, but a blow to the head personal foul by B Rob? really? I had replacement ref flashbacks for a sec. That was a horrible call.

  2. this one was ugly. after 2 weeks off you would think we would be ready for the read option. the offense was bad but the defense was worse. missed tackles,blown coverages,90 percent of the time Cam stuck the ball in the RB’s stomach,we were totally lost after that…

  3. The problem that I think we have, is that they won’t interview a coach for a head coaching job while Frazier is still around, and you can’t fire him and name someone interim head coach, because those under him suck balls as well. Can you imagine what would happen if it was suddenly announced that new interim head coach Musgrave will have a conference? Minnesota may riot. We may be stuck with frazier until the end of the season.

    The good news is that the Wilfs were once linked to trying to talk Bill Parcells into coaching, so I don’t think they would have any issue with going after one of the big guns out there, Like Cowher, Billick, chucky, maybe Dungy?

    I want a defense that is feared. An awesome offense like Pats or Saints is cool, but nothing like hardnose, old school Viking football. Smash mouth, in your face football. That’s why this is killing me to see our team get run over like this.

  4. IMO- Freeman will play well when he gets a chance to start, this is why Speilman brought him in now. But once Freeman is officially named “The Starter” he will go downhill.

    Why do I say this-because Tampa Bay is playing better without him. They are playing hard for their coach without the distraction that was Freeman.

    We have more talent than last year-but that goes to show how much AP carried the team last year.

    We HAVE to have a new HC next year-the current staff is antiquated. We also need a top pick QB that is NOT a system QB. That is what Ponder is, and that is why he failed.
    We have the talent, now get the right coaching.

    • Spot on. The cover 2 needs consistent pressure on the the QB with the front 4. We didn’t have that. We didn’t even have pressure when we brought 6 that one time.

      I just don’t get though, how you know they are going to blitz heavy, because they have been doing it all game, and you don’t change your game plan around to accommodate that. Go to max protect, and run the screen, for crying out loud.

  5. any QB playing here now should have the easiest job. he’s not even required to win the game by himself. all he has to do is just be smart enough to manage the game and minimize mistakes. half his job is taken care of because of AD, all he has to do is manage the game…

  6. I just watched the Red Sox, down 5-0 and being no-hit through 5 innings, win it in the 9th after a David Ortiz grand slam tied it with 2 out in the 8th.
    A team with heart and leadership, the complete opposite of what we watched this afternoon.

  7. For us locals– the news has the Vikings section on— one more player says “Just one thing here or there not going our way” and I will scream. One just said “The ball rolls the wrong way and it keeps piling up.” YEAH, It’s piling up alright.

    • Spot on.

      Spielman ‘overruled’ Frazier in bringing Freeman in, he needs to step up and send Musgrave and Williams packing – they are NOT getting the job done. Musgrave has a track record of utter failure as an OC, and Williams has failed to correct ANYTHING on defense.

  8. WTF? Musgrave must somehow have stock in bubble screens and 2-yd dunks, why else would you throw them when you’re behind by 20 points?????

    Not a damn player had any desire to be on the field yesterday. Heads up FF players – I dumped Eli off my team last week – you should pick him up for one game ’cause he’s going to light us up Monday.

    Guys in the locker room should give Sanford the “Sticky Bandits” treatment – I’ll bet the guy couldn’t hold onto a friggin octopus wrapped around his hands.

    • Bubble screens drive crazy, and there is no place for them down by 20……Musgrave is the only coach I have ever seen that says on 3rd and 8, throw it 3 yards down field, and hope for the best.

    • I think our team was in a “no play zone” and the coaches were in a “no strategy zone” yesterday. The game is a chess match— the players are the pieces. The coaches are the minds that move those pieces– NEW COACHING!!!!!

  9. “The Vikings might have started out as if they were interested, but by the second half they were going through the motions. It doesn’t matter, anyway. This just isn’t a very good team. Clearly, Christian Ponder wasn’t the entire problem. The Vikings can’t tackle, and they can’t cover anybody. The offense is mistake-prone and unimaginative.
    Quarterback Matt Cassel wasn’t particularly good, either. After throwing a brutal interception on the first drive, he returned to the bench and sat next to Ponder. I figure those two probably bonded right there.”

    “And Minnesota’s Letroy Guion was called for a taunting penalty right after Cam Newton ran into the end zone for a Carolina touchdown. The other team scored, and Guion got a taunting penalty! Imagine if he had actually stopped Newton. He might have stripped naked and raced the length of the field in celebration.”

    Read more here: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2013/10/13/4386625/minnesota-vikings-were-awful-terrible.html#storylink=cpy

  10. (Wobschall actual quote)….
    ” I can assure you they (the coaches) have a good grasp of which players are playing well and which players aren’t”.
    They then proceed to play the players that aren’t.

  11. Hank Williams Jr. – All My Rowdy Friends Are Comin’ Over Tonight (Monday Night Football Theme)
    Do you wanna dance, hey, do ya wanna party,
    Hey, honey, this is ole Hank ready to get the thing started
    The Vikes and the G-Men
    A combined 1 and 10
    This one smells like someone farted
    We cooked a pig in the ground, we got some beer on ice,
    Wait, there’s a Prancercise 3 hour special
    I’d better think twice

  12. Another true story: I also was in Montreal one time– just got there– came out of my hotel to explore and walked down St Catherine’s, I think. Not there 10 minutes and a cute girl walks up to me and asks, “Want to go out?” And being a bit surprised because I had never seen her before I asked her, “What?” And she said again, “Want to go out?” Well, I thought, this is odd, but okay, I said., “Yes, sure.” Then she said, “Fifty dollars and a hotel room.”

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