Week 6 Stuff…

The Vikings have been battered and bruised within the first quarter of the season resulting in a 1-3 record so far but hope is not lost. Ponder was hurt in week 3 and his play up to then made people believe we would be better without him. Cassel was able to step in against the Steelers and get a win across the pond leaving everyone to ponder what will become of Christian going forward. But it seems that the front office may not have faith in Cassel as a long term starter either with the signing of former Bucs 1st round pick Josh Freeman; the front office also signed Robison to a 4 year $28 million extension with 13 million guaranteed. Some will say that he sucks but truth be told no QB drafted by the Bucs has been successful there. Going forward it seems that Freeman will have every opportunity to unseat Cassel as the starter if he can learn the play book fast enough. Now the Vikings will welcome the Panthers into their stronghold – will this be a mistake or will the Vikings slaughter the overgrown kittens and feast on them all Winter long.

108 comments on “Week 6 Stuff…

  1. Everybody i finally saw one picture of the packers cheerleaders hahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah lol… (Breathing) (Breathing) hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha it was comedy,They seriously had some really fat girls as cheerleaders,dam green bay sucks lol

    • I was on nfl.com and they had the cheerleader picks from last week because most of them were wearing pink for the breast cancer month and they only showed 1 pick of the packer cheerleaders and thats when i saw it,up until today i didnt even think the packers had cheerleaders

      • I just read under FAQ on the Packers site that cheerleaders were discontinued in 1988 but cheerleaders from a university and a college fill in– NOW here is the reasoning– the discontinuation was due to fan indifference.

    • Personally, I think he’s a good acquisition. Tarkenton (usually well-thought out) says it was a mistake – “31 teams didn’t want to make an offer when the Bucs shopped him around.” What I think he failed to understand is that 31 teams would have been stuck with paying a high price for him. Nobody bit, so they cut him and ate his contract. We got him cheap.

      I also think we let the wrong QB go, but I guess it makes more sense monetarily. We’d have ended up doing the same exact thing the Bucs did if we tried to foist Ponder off on someone. If we’re stuck paying Ponder, we might as well keep him around if we need him as a backup.

      • Tarkenton also had scathing commentary when we pursued Favre– and look how that played out – a play from the Super Bowl. Tarkenton was a great QB- but boy he teeter tottors when doing commentary– remember when he praised Ponder as the real deal and what was it– a few months later or what have you he said he was concerned Ponder may not have it. AND any of you that have seen Titus here for any length of time KNOW what I think about letting MBT go. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

  2. Just watched the Vikings/Steelers game-Cassel played well. I liked his throws down field. We still didn’t learn our lesson though…getting conservative on offense and dropping back to allow short throws on defense. We almost blew another game.
    The D-line kept good pressure but we need to figure out the secondary.

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  4. Sorry to hear about your loss V.O.

    My prediction this week is kind of two sided.
    If Cassell starts ….. 34-28 Minnesota.
    If Ponder starts…… 34-17 Panthers.

    Living hear in the Tampa area for 6 years now, I kind of have a pulse on all the Bucs news. The first year Freeman was here, the people were very indiferent to him. The second year, they all loved him. His third year, when things went wrong, he was still doing ok and the people were blaming the head coach. Last year, at the begining of the season, people were very high on him, near the end of the season, something changed. Schiano started talking about some of his poor decisions made during the games. Now the feeling is that Shiano drove him out of town over a power struggle with the GM. People down here blame Joshs’ problems on Shiano. I personally don’t know what the whole problem is but I think when you get a drill SGT for a coach, the players react badly. Look what happened to us with Les Steckel.

  5. Still up in the air, unless someone has heard different…..


    What the hell – go ahead and start Ponder. It’s time for him to piss or get off the pot, and if we lose this weekend with Ponder, we know for damn sure it’s time to close the book……well, at least we FANS know it. Hopefully it would convince Vikings command that Ponder isn’t worth a bag of used golf tees.

    • Everything changed when AP endorsed Cassel in teh presser after the London game– if AP wants a change in QB, then a change will be. I think it obvious Ponder is done– unless he digs in and plays like he is capable ( I think he can be decent to good, but he has been like a spoiled kid with entitlement issues– the job has been his without any competition or question). We would not have a first round draft in Freeman and what some “experts” call the best back-up in football (Cassel), if Ponder were still number one.

  6. “At Wednesday’s morning walkthrough, Matt Cassel – not Freeman or Christian Ponder, who was starting before fracturing a rib Sept. 22 – took the first-team reps, a Vikings player told USA TODAY Sports on condition of anonymity because he wasn’t authorized to discuss the subject.”

  7. Changes, changes, changes……..uh, didn’t we have like 30 DEs?

    “Justin Trattou: The Vikings also made a waiver claim on Wednesday and they were awarded defensive end Justin Trattou who was recently released by the New York Giants. Trattou was undrafted out of Florida in 2011 and has bounced around the Giants practice squad and active roster over the last couple of years. He has very limited playing time and is mostly an unknown at this point. Still, the Vikings front office thought highly enough of his potential that they jettisoned defensive end George Johnson to make room for him.”

    • Johnson wasn’t doing anything. It doesn’t hurt to see what some new kid can do. This team has been pretty good at finding DE talent over the years, so if they think he has some promise, why not drop some dead weight to see if he can deliver?

  8. I’m with Titus on being nervous about the Giants game…. If they go into it 0-6 it just sets up too perfectly for them to get their first win of the year against us. We all know they’re not gunna go 0-16, and a Monday night game at home could be just what they need. I dunno, for some reason it just has me nervous.

    • I am a little less nervous about it with Cassel or Freeman playing QB. Of course, like some bloggers are saying, our D, at times, looks suspect. The fact is Eli can be one of the best QBs in the league when he is on fire– no question. I think we win or lose this game based on our DC.

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