Yeah so apparently Morgan Freeman is our new team leader. I am not surprised. Wade wilson is no longer cutting it.


Tavarious Jackson, I am for real.


113 comments on “I AM YOUR NEW QUARTERBACK.

  1. Im not happy or upset about this,im just puzzled.Who will get cut?Who will be the backup QB and is Freeman gonna start? I guess im shocked by this move because i dont understand why we made it and it gives me a lot of questions at the moment but no answers

  2. THINKIN MANZ HAS TRIGGER HAPPY TYPE “”””””””””HOMO””””””””””””””””” THROWZ”””””””””””””””””””””2″””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””THIS CIRCUS NEEDS SUMONE 2 STRETCH THE FIELD””””””””””””””””””””N.E.W”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””NEW AGE PURPLE”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””NEW SEASON “”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””2-2″””””””””””””””””””” WE GOT THIS

  3. Heard the Freeman news last night, decided to think about and sleep on it before talking about it. This is a classic Spielman signing, pretty cheap, low risk, potential for high reward. Clearly this is Spielman closing the book on Ponder. It’s too bad that we’re in this situation in the first place, but this could be a good move. Trust in Spielman.

  4. *******BREAKING NEWS*******BREAKING NEWS*******

    Jacksonville, Fla (AP)
    The fan-starved Jacksonville Jaguars are reportedly having discussions with the Minnesota Vikings concerning the acquisition of QB Christian Ponder.
    While some details are still being worked out, it has been confirmed that the Jaguars will send 4 crates of oranges to Minnesota if Samantha agrees to perform all their home halftime shows in a bikini.


    Heres why …. Signing Josh Freeman simply shows the world that the Christian Ponder experiment is OVER!

    We can all rest assured both Cassel and Freeman are better than Ponder and both Freeman and Cassel have appeared in a Pro Bowl … Ponder aka TJack 2.0 is done.

    Cassel has a 1 year deal so Vikings will have nothing but options at the end of the season. Cassel will be the starter as long as he plays well, while Freeman prepares for a chance and Ponder will not see the field again … Is the Frazier plan like it was with McNabb pick an injury and cut the scrub 2 weeks later? Who knows …


    Its over a new beginning … ahh finally!

  6. Comparisons of each QBs best season …

    ……………………………………..Cassel(31) … Freeman(25)….Ponder(25)


    All three are inaccurate completing 58-59%

    Ponder 33-30(2+years)
    Cassel 84-57 (8+years)
    Freeman 80-66(4+years)

  7. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1800909-minnesota-vikings-made-the-right-choice-to-sign-josh-freeman

    Good article by Arif Hasan.

    He points out how much better Freeman is over Ponder. But a good majority of the article covers how antiquated Schiano’s offensive scheme is.

    He also points out that no QB has had more drooped passes than Freeman this year. And that Doug Martin has the highest drop rate of any RB – I can attest to this as I just watched the Bucs at Jets game and saw Martin targeted about 5 times and only snag 1 of them.

  8. Buddy’s wife says to him….” I’VE HAD IT WITH YOU” !!!!!! ….” Now go out and get some of those pills that will help you get an erection ” !!!!
    He returns an hour later and hands her a bottle of diet pills……….

  9. I’m a little OCD on this missing gravatar thing. Can a fellow blogger help me out? I only lose it on my iPhone, I have to sign back in to wordpress at random times. And I signed in prior to my previous post but it was a no go…

  10. I’m thinking MBT is going to get the axe. If the VIkings saw something special in him, he’d be starting now instead of Ponder or Cassel. I really hope I’m wrong.

    I DO like the statement that Freeman struggled with INTs – with Patterson and Simpson, all he has to do is throw it farther than any D and we won’t have to worry about INTs. Something Ponder will NEVER do.

    • I read yesterday that MBT would be cut. That would be a mistake– trade Ponder and get something for him– he is worth a decent amount- and keep MBT and develop him– play Freeman in two to three weeks after he learns the system– and then have Cassel in back up as he was.

  11. I think AP may have been secretly a tad disgusted with all the hoopla in London over Ponder? When AP implied Cassel should be the starter after the game, it was all over for Ponder. It is AP’s team– truth be told.

  12. NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported Sunday that Clay Matthews was diagnosed with a broken thumb following the Green Bay Packers’ victory over the Detroit Lions.

    A league source now tells ESPN’s Adam Schefter that the injury is expected to sideline Matthews for at least one month. Fox Sport’s Jay Glazer reports that Matthews had successful surgery on his thumb Monday.

    In other news, Packer’s team doctors have reported that quarterback Aaron Rodgers is no longer constipated.

  13. Here could be an option for the Vikes…….We could put Ponder on the I.R. and try to work out a trade with someone for him. It would lessen our cap hit than just cutting him. According to wikipedia you may place a player on injured reserve (reserve/injured list) who is “not immediately available for participation with a club”. I also checked to see if you could trade a player while on the I.R. There is no rule against against it

  14. I bet the rest of the NFC North fans pooped in their pants when they realized we will have Cassel and Freeman in the lineup– our offense will start to rival Denver’s and the 98 Vikings– think of it– defenses typically need everything they got to contain AP and now they cannot do that. BAROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo

    I will go to the attic to run the TitusScoreAmeter12.4 and let it warm up a few days before beginning evaluations, assessments, and calculations.

  15. I for one am stoked about signing Josh Freeman. Will he get us into the playoffs this year? possible… Would we have gone without him? Umm, we didn’t seem heading that direction. He can bring the stature in the pocket we’ve been missing. This could redeem Speilman and crew from the ponder blunder. I’m in!

    • No question with good QB play our offense is on a roll– AP is too good for that not to have happened— too bad some stubborn coaching cost us the start at 1-3 but we will rebound— 13-3 is realistic by TitusProhpehtometer.

  16. So I was taking my dog for a walk last night and came across a beaver right in the middle of a heavily populated neighborhood. I could only surmise that it was one of Nova’s scouts gathering info for the next attack. It didn’t look like it recognized me though, so my disguise must have been convincing.

    • If you should run into him again buddy, remember…….he (?) won’t be aggressive or detonate if you mention that the area you live in is a world leader in the production of non-beaver-butt artificial vanilla flavoring.
      And you would do absolutely NOTHING for a Klondike bar.

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