Bye Week!

Yes, the weekend has arrived and we Vikings fans have to find something else to do because our team is in the most dreaded of all weeks in the NFL.  The Bye Week!  For 8-months we did what we could to put our minds on other things, patiently waiting for Football season to start back up so we could see if our team has what it takes this year, and now after just 4-games we have to wait again.

So how does one spend the weekend knowing that he won’t get to watch his favorite team?  There’s plenty of options, such as watching one of the other games, re-watching games from earlier in the year or your favorite games from years past, pretending you’re the coach and planning for how YOU would beat next week’s opponent and scanning the free agent market for players to replace those duds currently ruining your team (Christian, Erin, Charlie, Fusco, CBs, we’re looking at you), and maybe even finding something OTHER than football to pass the time!

Personally, I came across a great deal at target this afternoon and got the first four Police Academy movies, the three Naked Gun movies and Airplane all for less than $30, so I’m going to try to drown out my mind with some senseless 80s & 90s comedy.  As you can see, it’s still not enough to keep me fully entertained, as I’m still here writing up a new blog.  Maybe you can present a better idea for how to pass the weekend and stop thinking about just what it will take to get this team back on track.

99 comments on “Bye Week!

  1. Funny, I read the above comic and then immediately– I mean, immediately, I knew who put this post up. Even though most of us have never met in person, I think we have a good sense of who is who.

  2. Speaking of ‘Bye Week’, this would be a perfect week for you to say ‘Bye’, Deep Sir.

    We know that you won’t, because , as Titus SO aptly put it “I think we have a good sense of who is who”.
    In this case “who” is an illiterate, bigoted pussy.

  3. Israelites Lyrics
    by Desmond Dekker & The Aces.

    Get up in the morning, slaving for bread, sir,
    so that every mouth can be fed.
    Poor me, the Israelite. Aah.

    Get up in the morning, slaving for bread, sir,
    So that every mouth can be fed.
    Poor me, the Israelite. Aah.

    My wife and my kids, they are packed up and leave me.
    Darling, she said, I was yours to be seen.
    Poor me, the Israelite. Aah.

    Shirt them a-tear up, trousers are gone.
    I don’t want to end up like Bonnie and Clyde.
    Poor me, the Israelite. Aah.

    After a storm there must be a calm.
    They catch me in the farm. You sound the alarm.
    Poor me, the Israelite. Aah.

    Poor me, the Israelite.
    I wonder who I’m working for.
    Poor me, Israelite,
    I look a-down and out, sir.

  4. I remember reading a lot of experts picking the Lions to win the division before the season started– I am surprised they got something half right. I do believe, with Cassel, we are rejuvenated and will be in the hunt. We really would be better off if Green Bay won, wouldn’t we? I think the fudgeies pull it off– Lions will start their slide. Bears already show signs of unraveling.

  5. Interesting read on the beaver-butt-vanilla flavoring, HCG. It explains 2 things…..
    (1)….Why Musgrave’s game plan smells like a beaver’s ass and
    (2)….After a radioactive trampoline beaver strike, the target area smells faintly like a Klondike bar….

  6. Dear Deep Sir;

    In one of your last idiotic rants before you were sent to your room, you promised to sic the authorities on me because I was a foreigner. You mentioned that your brother or your lover (probably the same guy, I forget) was some hot-shot cop.
    Well, it’s been months now and I’m still afraid to answer the door. I can’t go on like this, thinking that the FBI or CIA is lying in wait for me…..Oh wait…..this is CANADA………so you AND them can take a big Lick on Larry.
    In a far-from-perfect world you are the perfect asshole.


  7. Vikes in the lead for Josh Freeman? Not sure how i feel about that. He has a better arm than Ponder. He would have a ton of weapons in MN, but i’m worried Musgrave could make any quarterback look like beaver poop.

  8. This is breast cancer awareness month so the refs have pink flags. After a Denver penalty Phil Simms just said……I am not making this up……..”Jim, it’s a little confusing because of the color of the flags”.

  9. It will be late tonight here in N.S. (12:30), but just to remind everybody, the Chargers and Raiders are on the NFL Network.
    As an alternative, you might want to try sticking needles in your eyes.

    • (From…….Romo set a Cowboys record with 506 yards and threw five touchdowns on only 36 attempts, but his interception with just under two minutes left is all that anyone is going to remember.

      That and his gay bachelor party !!!!!!!!

        • For those of you who might have missed it…(The Dallas Morning News)…….Ever wonder what an NFL quarterback does for his bachelor party? A trip to Las Vegas or some other party destination comes to mind. Maybe even a visit to an adult entertainment establishment.
          But Tony Romo’s party doesn’t exactly fit that description. The Cowboys quarterback recently divulged a few details from his bachelor party, and brace yourself, the activity of choice is not what you would expect.
          The 31-year-old signal-caller and his 14 or 15 buddies ditched the alcohol and partying. Instead, they traveled to a cabin in West Virginia and played a few games of hide-and-seek.
          “I didn’t really feel like going out, drinking that night,” Romo described. “I mean, we were there for a couple of days, so I was just like, ‘Let’s just find something to do here.’ We tried coming up with a game, but with 14 or 15 guys, there aren’t a lot of non-drinking games at that age you can do.”
          The ultra-competitive Romo even took pride in the fact that the group played twice and he won both times.
          “I stayed hidden for a while,” he said. “I had a pretty good spot. It was probably about 35 minutes. It was enjoyable to win just because I got to tell them all that I was smarter than them.
          “It was fun. We had a good time.”

  10. .“I stayed hidden for a while,” he said. “I had a pretty good spot. It was probably about 35 minutes. It was enjoyable”……Actual quote from Romo after his ‘bachelor party’.

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