Vikings Win!

The Vikings and Steelers traveled to London in order to continue relations with the Britts so the league could try to get a few new teams across the pond and expand its revenue stream even further. The game was scheduled long before the start of the season, back at a time when it was thought that these would be two respectable teams making an early push for the playoffs. Little did they know that both teams would already have the 2014 draft in the front of their minds this early in the season.

The game still turned out to be interesting to watch all the way down to the final drive. The Vikings started this game the same as the previous 3, getting an early score, scoring the first touchdown of the game and then backing down a bit to see how the opposition responds. The Steelers were able to get back within 3-points, but for once the Vikings were able to maintain the lead all throughout the game.

Matt Cassel got the start at QB today in place of the “injured” Christian Ponder. He had some less-than spectacular moments, including a fumble that should have been recovered by multiple Steelers for their first turnover of the year, but he lucked out and the ball bounced far enough down field before being recovered by a Viking, that it resulted in a first down. Cassel also showed that he could play far better than Ponder, finding his receivers quickly, throwing the ball with zip to reduce the defense’s time to adjust, and not panicking quite so much when the protection broke down. Cassel even was able to get the Vikings their first two WR TDs of the year, both to Greg Jennings, who until today was not performing up to his pay scale.

Adrian Peterson finally got things together today as well. With his favorite blocker back from suspension, he was able to run for 140-yards, averaging 6.1 yards per carry, and scored 2-TDs – including a 60-yard burst to the endzone to start off the second quarter.

Defensively, the team was once again embarrassing. Although they gave up the fewest points yet this year, they still allowed 27-points and 383 passing yards to a team that was averaging only 14-points per game. Some positive takeaways from the defense, however, include an interception by Greenway, sacks by Greenway (1), Floyd (.5), Griffen (1), and Allen (2.5), and a forced fumble by Griffen that was recovered by Williams at the goal line to seal the victory in the closing seconds of the game with the final score 27-34 in favor of the “home team”.

128 comments on “Vikings Win!

      • Well, it looked to me more like when someone needs to think while talking and closes his lids– it was not just the visual, but the body language and the pacing as well as contextual that lead me to believe it was more part of his psychological make up — and he had his eyes wide open at varying intervals. I am sure you know or have met people who close their eyes at times as though the thought process is too much at the moment- that’s what it seemed like. Of course, it could be the lights.

  1. Hindsight is 20/20 and not good to do– but had Cassel played every game this year, I think it’s safe to say we would be 2-2. Probable 3-1. Possibly 4-0. Frazier let out an emotional and deep– whoa ooh ooh, NO, Christian is our starting quarterback when asked about it. He seemed hesitantly nervously committed, trying to reassure everyone, stay loyal to Ponder, and yet, he knows deep down — he must– that Cassel must be played.

  2. since the season began i’ve been killing the O-line,but i have to give them some credit. they did good today. gave Cassel time to throw most of the game,and finally did some decent (not great) run blocking…

    • It’s a little like the chicken and the egg. Was the O Line better at giving Cassel more time, or was the QB better at getting the ball out? And, also, the opposing defense respected the faster release of Cassel- so they have to be careful too much blitzing and they are burned.

  3. Far as I’m concerned, Cassel won the job. Hands down. Not perfect by any means, but technique, production, and end result speak volumes.

    If Frazier starts Ponder in week 6 he will lose all remaining faith left in Viking fans, and if they lose that game I doubt he nor Ponder will last long in Purple.

    You HAVE to play the people who give you get best chance of winning, regardless of draft position.

  4. Just watched his presser and I CAN’T BELIEVE Frazier is calling Ponder ‘our QB’.
    The only explanation I can give is that Frazier’s wife told him that she wants him around the house more often.

  5. There is NO WAY Ponder makes those TD passes to Jennings, not with his noodle arm. Frazier should be the first NFL coach in history to be fired 12 seconds into a game if Ponder walks out on the field in 2 weeks.

  6. Titus said it earlier, if we began the season with Cassel as our starter we’d most likely be 3-1 or possibly 4-0.

    And why didn’t Matt Cassel start the season for us? Because Frazier didn’t think it was important to have a competition at the most important position on the team.

    This weeks DBOTW is right on the money.


    A very good description of how our team played. Missing is analysis of the coaching, which should get a B+ for the first 3 quarters, and a D for shutting down in the 4th. Why the hell do you fix it if it ain’t broke???? Run up the score – any other team would, and we damn near needed those extra points we would have gotten. I know I needed them to win a prediction point.

  8. Frazier is not going to break the news that Ponder is no longer the starter immediately after the game. Having Ponder find out via the media is not the way he does business. Cassel will continue to start until he struggles.

    • Good point– and that is why I said he seemed very emotional after the game– WHOA, OOH, NOOO– is how he said it– his voice shaking– maybe he already let it out– he knows the long talk he has to have with his boy, Ponder.

  9. Check it out. Here are the top 5 teams currently with the best points per game average.

    1. Broncos – 44.8
    2. Packers – 32
    3. Bears – 31.8
    4. Lions – 30.5
    5. Vikings – 28.8

    Our entire Division is in the top five! That’s just crazy!

    No Division has ever finished with all four teams having winning records. NFC North definitely has a good shot at doing it this year.

  10. Our scoring by quarter for each game:

    1 —————-7—————-7————–10————–0
    2 —————–7—————-14————-3—————6
    3 —————–7—————-10————-7—————3
    4 —————-10—————-10————-14————–0

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