2nd half minus 4 minutes

The other one is getting pretty long and we needed one for the second half anyways.

137 comments on “2nd half minus 4 minutes

  1. It’s elementary chaps! Put a passing threat in and the offense is unstoppable. I did not see the first half, but Cassel does pose a threat from what I see— if we win this, PLEASE keep Ponder on the sideline.

  2. Traditionally the Steelers are one of 6 NFL teams that doesn’t employ cheerleaders.

    If we can make these guys 0-4, with the success of the Pirates, they might have to put Troy Polamalu in a dress on the sidelines to attract fans.

  3. The big question now– if we win today– we now have two weeks till the next game and Ponder’s injury should be healed. WHAT WILL FRAZIER DO? Or will the Wilfs and/or Spielman override any decision to return Ponder?


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