Did Frazier figure it out?

Remember how Christian Ponder took over for Donavan McNabb? Wasnt it a mysterious injury nobody knew about until midway through the week?

Tennessee Titans v Minnesota Vikings

Not sure if its been said but Im excited Cassel is starting, he is a true pocket passer unlike the nervous feet of Ponder who runs to avoid the breeze …. and just by glance I think I saw both starting WRs prefer(between the lines) Cassel?

Jerome Simpson said, per The Star Tribune: “He has great composure. You can just tell he has that leader in him. It’s good to have him in the huddle.”

Greg Jennings told reporters, per the St. Paul Pioneer Press, that Cassel is “more verbal, kind of commanding in the huddle.”

Remember we only got to see Cassel play behind a second string OL in preseason, which may have been more like third string the way our OL has looked to this point.. I predict BIG WIN 34-17 Vikings and Ponder never plays again …. fingers crossed. Im guessing Jennings and Simpson arent the only two Vikings who have seen better leadership from the Tom Brady apprentice.

By shawn6464

91 comments on “Did Frazier figure it out?

  1. Mcnabb got benched in the 4th quarter at soldier field because we were getting our ass kicked. Everyone keeps saying Cassel is gonna get destroyed behind our O-line but there’s a difference between being elusive in the pocket (Brady, Rodgers, Roethlisberger) and just running fast at the first sign of pressure (Ponder).

  2. if Cassel could read the blitzes and put the ball where the receivers can get their hands on it he may spare the O-line more criticism. granted they’re playing bad now,but a QB who gets the ball out of his hand quickly when making the right read can make things easier. also a bonus if he’s throwing floaters ALL OF THE TIME…

  3. Good article Shawn, I agree with everything you said.

    It seemed like during the pre-season Cassel and Patterson were starting to build a nice rapport on the field. I hope they both have big days tomorrow.

    Steelers aren’t very good at stopping the run and with Felton returning I expect AP to have a good day.

  4. Okay so I’ve been catching up on the QB situation and from what I can gather is that Ponder has basically been benched and although Ponder is legitimately injured it’s not as bad as advertised and this whole thing is to protect Ponder in case Cassel is awful? Brady gave it away early and Ponder made a snarky remark that he wasn’t aware he was injured until Tuesday. Am I in the ballpark?

  5. I seriously doubt that Frazier has “seen the light” wrt Ponder. I think Cassel will probably not do well, but I hope I am wrong. Getting wins from second string QB’s is wishful thinking, in my experience. Even more so from 3rd stringers. I also think it is not the offence we should be worrying about – its the defense. We are reaping the “benefits” of releasing Winfield without a viable plan to strengthen the secondary – that’s on Spielman. I also think the team could gel tomorrow and if they do, the Steelers will be dominated. I hope that happens but I am not optimistic.

    • I agree with the majority of your post, but to think the defense would suddenly stop giving up over 30 points per game if Winfield came back is stretchin it. He’s just one player. I loved Winfield, but he was gunna be paid way too much for a 37 year old part time CB who probably would have ended up injured. We had to resign Loadholdt, and we ended up offering more guaranteed money to Antoine than Seattle. He made his decision, now he has to live with it.

  6. SKOL..Let’s finally get that 1st W.. O-line,please give Cassel time to throw. i don’t think he’ll make bad decisions with the ball in his hands. good to have Felton back for this one,we’re gonna need him for this one…

  7. Reading over the old posts to verify all y’alls predictions. Damn you guys are funny!! Puts me in a good mood every time I read over the old posts or, ‘Finished Product” as I refer to it. That last one was a coffee spitter. I should be printing this out like a book!

  8. God Save The Vikings (apologies to the UK anthem)

    God save our gracious VIkings
    Long live our noble Vikings
    God save the Vikings

    Send them victorious
    Happy and glorious
    Long to reign over us

  9. Viking-ology
    09/27/2013 @ 3:30 PM [EDIT]
    Steelers vs Vikings in London- no sense in changing my prediction at this point.
    This is what I wrote prior to season starting:

    Since this is considered a home game, the Vikes need to play like they are home, get the crowd behind them and beat their AFC opponent. Plus Frazier needs to beat Tomlin! I can read the headlines now…Big Ben gets his bell rung as the Vikings pound the Steelers. Peterson will run wild in this one, and the Vikings will fly home victorious.

    Vikings 26 Steelers 14

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  10. Vikings Inactives
    CB Chris Cook
    S Jamarca Sanford
    DE George Johnson
    DT Chase Baker
    G Jeff Baca
    TE Rhett Ellison
    QB Christian Ponder

    Steelers Inactives
    DB Antwon Blake
    DT Hebron Fangupo
    DB Isaiah Green
    QB Landry Jones
    WR Derek Moye
    RB Isaac Redman
    C Cody Wallace

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