123 comments on “EPIC RAP BATTLE!

  1. “Jennings did pay Ponder showed no noticeable affects from the rib injury he suffered Week 3”

    Crapass journalism at its finest. Not only did he typo “say” but he doesn’t know the difference between effects and affects.

    Besides, Ponder playing hurt – how would you know the difference?


    We’re the boys from down the bay
    Wynnum Manly all the way
    We’re the ones to watch for now
    Our play is bright & breezy
    We won’t be beaten easy
    They’ll put us to the test
    We’ll keep the ball a moving
    There won’t be any lull
    They’ll have to run like ferrets
    To catch the old Seagull
    And then will come the day
    In the Finals we will play
    With the seagulls flying high

  3. Titus scoreameter is tallying all variables and calculating all vectors, assessing all probabilities, and concluding the final score within .00001 % accuracy. The AP Jersey point this week is all mine— mine, I tell ya. MINE! HEE HEE.

    • I really want to see a veteran at the helm and see if we are contenders. Even Jennings said Cassell is more vocal and more of a leadership presence in the huddle. On the other hand, I do also wonder if we really want what we hope for– I have read articles with blogs– and the KC fans say we are in bad shape if we want Cassell in. BUT, I think Cassell has it– and this is a rare opportunity for him — he may come out and shine.

    • Won’t take long for all the WRs to change horses. My back would be in agony with all the sudden stops, reaching back, twisting, and leaping to try and haul in one of Ponder’s wounded ducks. I think Russian Scud missiles were more accurate than he is.

  4. I said before that if our QB had an arm we would have scored at least 2 more TDs in each game. Ponder managed to help rack up 24-30 points. Cassel will hit receivers in stride ‘effecting’ longer gains, he will also be able to make the 40-yard throws without having to first throw it 100 yards UP, and their secondary will begin to respect that and back off the line and AP will run like AP again. Sooooo – we will score in the 40’s.

    Unfortunately, our coaches have done nothing yet to bolster our injury-riddled secondary. If our front 4 doesn’t get in there and knock Rothlisbooger around, he will have a field day with our hodge-podge pass coverage (Smith can’t do it all, and Rhodes is still rookie enough to have a tough time against a good QB).

    THEY will score in the 40’s.

    But, Walsh will seal the deal for US this time in the last seconds with a 55 yarder.
    Vikes win 45-42.

  5. It was so obvious when Brady spoke– he was giddy over Cassell’s opportunity. I bet anything Spielman and the Wilfs said– you must try out Cassell– One, we cannot go 0-4 and need to shake it up, and TWO, we cannot go 0-4 in front of an international audience and embarrass the owners– especially after an 84 million dollar fine the Wilfs were just handed.

  6. I was listening to Rich Gannon yesterday on his radio show. A Viking fan called in and asked him what his evaluation of Ponder was. He said Ponder is failing to make 3-4 crucial plays in every game this year. Whether it be his inaccuracy or bad decision making he’s costing us points and 3rd down conversions.

    Right after that another Viking fan called in and mentioned on our first drive last sunday, right after we scored a TD, Ponder was laughing and joking on the sidelines. The fan said he’d never seen Peyton Manning act like that on the sidelines and that Peyton studies the opposing Defense all throughout the game. Then Rich agreed and said that Joe Montana was the same way. He was there to do a job and he always kept his head in the game.

    I think it really doesn’t matter what anyone’s opinion of him is now that the fans in the Metrodome are booing him openly and enthusiastically. I’d say his career as a starter is over, and not just in Minnesota.

  7. I watched a little of last nite Rams/SF game. Sam Bradford was horrible, he couldn’t complete most passes, even when he had time and his receivers were open.
    The funny thing is-they were home, and the fans seemed to be OK with his ineffectivness.
    Ponder got booed on his first incomplete pass.

  8. Steelers vs Vikings in London- no sense in changing my prediction at this point.
    This is what I wrote prior to season starting:

    Since this is considered a home game, the Vikes need to play like they are home, get the crowd behind them and beat their AFC opponent. Plus Frazier needs to beat Tomlin! I can read the headlines now…Big Ben gets his bell rung as the Vikings pound the Steelers. Peterson will run wild in this one, and the Vikings will fly home victorious.

    Vikings 26 Steelers 14

  9. Yeah and the St Louis GM said that he would get an extension done with Bradford “in a second” that he’s their “franchise guy”. Yikes. If i was a St Louis fan i would have a pretty uneasy feeling about that. That first pass that he BADLY missed to the open guy in the endzone? Even Ponder makes that throw 10 times outta 10. Bradford hasn’t impressed me much at all. Just cause you have the physical traits doesn’t mean you’re a good NFL QB.

  10. just fired up the all new super duper IOS7.ABS.LED Score Predicting Machine, should have the correct score posted soon. Funny thing, when I installed Cassel as QB I misspelled his name, I put in Castle. Once I corrected it the Vikings lost 2.3 points, must be a London thing.

  11. The Titus Scoreameter8.5 is smoothly working overtime, the fans blowing at full speed to cool the inner workings of its ninth generation calculating powers. The score will come shortly, within .00001 % accuracy.

  12. Okay, so I’ve been mulling over it for a while, knowing that it’s too early in the season to use this year’s statistics as a perfect gauge for what the final score will be, but also seeing that last year’s statistics are just not going to be able to cut it anymore. So I decided to give both years equal credibility in the final outcome, if only for this week.

    With both teams sitting at an embarrassing 0-3 record, this is a make or break game. Whoever loses knows without a doubt that the season is over, and they’d be better off developing their young talent while preparing for the draft, which is only 8-months away. Meanwhile, the winner can go on deluding themselves into thinking they still have a shot to turn the season around and get into the playoff hunt.

    Defensively, the Vikings are far outmatched, giving up 32-points per game marks them as the 30th-worst team in the NFL, while the Steelers, who are averaging 25-points against them per game, are sitting cozy at #22. Offensively though, (to the surprise of many) the Vikings have done pretty well this season, scoring 27-points per game leaving them as the 7th best offense in the NFL. Meanwhile, the Steelers have only been able to score 14-points per game, putting their offense way down at #30.

    So, believe it or not, when all is said and done the Vikings walk away with a victory in London, trouncing the Steelers by a score of 25-21.

  13. After much pondering the Super IOS7.ABS.LED predicted the following score for the London game;
    Vikings – 26
    Steelers – 25

    And if it rains during the game:
    Vikings – 26
    Steelers – 25

  14. Titusscoreameter10.3 just developed and new and improved now predicting the Vikings t o win. The latest version of this super duper abacus is able to add several intangibles to create an algorithm which will predict the score with 99.9999999% accuracy.

  15. I actually see this game more like another one– Vikings going stir crazy, bored off their butts, season much worse than anticipated– and all the while the team facing this in their boredom at the hotel, away from home– and they come game time, they went ballistic— came out to play and with a new starting QB at the helm. The only thing missing is that Winfield had a huge game that night. YOU GUYS– WE ARE GONNA CREAM THE STEELERS!

  16. I think I was goofed on the weather earlier– I was looking at noon London time– the game is noon here so it must start at 6pm. Actually about the same– except a lighter wind at 6mph. Weather should not be a factor.

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