Is This Guard More Athletic Than Charlie Johnson ?


Just look at those moves…….

By novascotiavike

86 comments on “Is This Guard More Athletic Than Charlie Johnson ?

      • I don’t know but I did mention that on the other blog– I know it seems obvious, but suddenly I had what I thought a deep revelation– Steelers have Big Ben and that could draw cheers. I would say they take it as a compliment to be honest Parody. Brits are a little more easy going than the continentals, and I bet they like it.

  1. THEN AGAIN– I think I have mentioned this– last time I was over the pond, I was waiting in line at the Louvre in Paris when I heard the couple behind me speaking English– we struck up a conversation– and they shocked me with this when I said I was from Minneapolis– they cried out “Vikings” and found out they were big fans.

  2. Did the Vikings ever do much sacking and pillaging in jolly old England? That may have left a bad taste in their mouths and be another reason for them to cheer for Spitsburgh.

    Oh, FYI, “Big Ben” is merely the bell in the clock tower, not the clock which it is commonly mistaken for.

  3. I do believe if AP gets some good runs, the fans will be on our side. PLUS– the fact the Vikings are there all week is a big advantage– not just to adjust to the time but because they are there creating good will and Steelers are still in Pittsburgh. I am beginning to talk myself into a real positive and optimistic mood for this game.

  4. If Ponder does not play this game due to his ribs, then it will show him to be weak.

    Last year, Romo played with two broken ribs, I know how painful a rib injury is-I was limited for a month.

    If Frazier is telling Ponder to rest for this week and he’ll have the bye as another week to heal-Ponder should tell him he wants to play, and he’ll have the bye week to recover.

  5. No sense it getting Winfield back now, not one single player can fix the hole we’re in. And this is most likely his last year, it’s not like he’ll make us a playoff contender. If AD can’t do it, ADub can’t either.

  6. Titus to answer the question about jumping off a cliff if everyone else is doing it I would go with yes because their would have to be a good reason for everyone to be jumping of said cliff.
    Maybe a zombie apocalypse or Musgrave finally unleashes his destructive game plan and the world is quaking in fear.
    Although I would make sure the people jumping are still alive after they land before I would.

  7. Titus – no doubt Windfied could bring us “tangibles”, what I’m saying is what would be the purpose of bringing him on a this point? Our team of crack pots have already tossed the season away and I would HOPE members such as JA are making a locker room presence. I’d love to see him in purple don’t get me wrong but at this point it’s throwing money into the wind. Like a Ponder floppy ball. Signed, Negitive Nancy.

  8. I lived in Europe for 12 years, 7 of them in England. It was a suprise to me to find out that alot of Brits love the Vikings!!!! Before Sky TV came about, they had 4 channels to watch. I can’t remember which one it was but they had a kicker that played in the NFL for a couple of years that would host the “American Football” show. He always showed clips of the Vikings and praised them up. Maybe that is why they liked us?????

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