Nothing to see here!


So it appears our team may be in some real trouble after a horrid week 3 loss to Cleveland. We may even be approaching another ‘re-building’ period. Knowing our team though, they will pull it together to win enough games so that a truly great franchise quarterback is out of reach come draft day.


134 comments on “Nothing to see here!

  1. This team has the talent, with exception of a few spots, to be really good. I just can’t believe that our entire team picks the same time to slump. Look at this amazing turn around (the wrong way):

    Our number 3 pick left tackle – played better last game, but sucked it up the first 2, after playing lights out his rookie year and going to the pro bowl. His rookie year is supposed the be the hardest.

    Guards- we know they suck. they sucked last year, and they suck now. No big changes here. Why the coaches and Spielman can’t see that, I don’t know. But it’s time for changes. There has to be someone on some teams practice squad that is better.

    Center – I think sullivan has taken a step back. Wobzie keeps proclaiming him one of the best centers in football. I haven’t seen it.

    Quarterback – No change..still sucks. Yeah the losses haven’t been all on him, but captain noodle arm, has to throw the ball accurately in order for the receiver to catch it. Would Cassel be better? Don’t know, but it would at least make the fans think you care. Now is the time to find out if he can do it, not when Ponder gets injured. When Ponder was drafted they said well he has a noodle arm, but he is very accurate and plays smart, is a game manager. So now he can’t even throw accurately. If we wanted that, we could have kept Crapnabb.

    OC- Musgrave is still making bad play decisions. Pat Kerwin on NFL radio said he thought Musgrave was doing a good job. Yeah he makes a couple good play calls, but then makes about 10 bad ones. Here’s an idea, if you need to get to the 30 for a first down, don’t pass it 7 yards short, and hope they make it.

    Jared Allen – I think he has 1 sack in 3 games now. I thought his decline last year was because of the shoulder thing, but it appears I was wrong. This guy has the most sacks since William Wallace sacked York, and now he couldn’t sack ,my grandma.

    AD- Is it because Felton was gone? I don’t know, but without a run game, the rest of our offense becomes predictable. AD says he prefers to run without a fullback, it’s not working very well with Line, and with Ellison. Part of that is on our o-line also.

    defense -Greenway is having a shitty year so far. We can’t tackle, we can’t stop the run, and we can’t stop the pass. Even with our offense struggling, a top 10 defense would have us 3-0 right now, but we are getting turned around, and confused etc etc. Is it scheme? Is it personnel? I think williams needs to go. Sherels had a good game last sunday, but that was about it.

    Special teams – WTF? Just WTF? everyone is struggling at the same time there. New punter, struggling, Blair Walsh, a couple of the kick offs in chicago go to touch backs, and out of the hands of Hester, and we win. Not seeing a tight end wide open on a field goal attempt, is pathetic, especially after they already faked a punt.

    • Valid concerns on many of your points, but if I were a betting man, and I am, I’d guess the TE was standing 2 inches onto the playing field, facing his bench and pretending to eat a ham sandwich or something………not 5 yards onto the field jumping up and down waving his arms to get the holder’s attention.

      The other factor that was not in Walsh’s favor was the rain – the ball will add a few ounces of water weight and not carry as far. But kicking TOWARD Hester……..not wise. Not wise at all. Especially the 4th time after he racked up 250 return yards.

  2. Interesting comparison between Frazier and Steckle, V-O. The latter coached 1 year (1984), we finished 3-13 and I remember a very late-season game in San Francisco where the players obviously quit on him. They should have called him Les Miserables.
    Frazier is too laid-back and Steckle, a former Marine , was a tyrant.Neither approach seems to work.

  3. After coming back for ONE more season, Favre walks into Musgrave’s office and asks him for his playbook. Musgrave reluctantly hands over the two page book.
    Favre promptly tosses it in a trashcan, pees on it, then reaches in the pocket of his Wrangler jeans, produces a lighter and sets the urine soaked book on fire.
    Favre flashes Musgrave a smile on his way out and says “see ya tomorrow…oh by the way, I like my coffee strong!”

  4. Actually, I see some similarities between Frazier and Bud Grant, minus the discipline, of course. Neither know how to smile…….neither showed very much emotion during the game……first names consisted of a vowel and 2 consonants…….endless.

    • I understand completely, but that heartbreak usually happens near the end of the season.

      Just like the “Suck For Luck” season, we’ll probably lose our way to a potential #1 draft pick all season long, then the cosmic forces of the universe will converge and give us a win or 2 in December.

      Or, we start winning games this weekend, and don’t stop.

  5. Our weakest link-COACHING

    Last year the Saints were terrible without Payton on the sideline-this year, they are back on track. I hate the Saints, but this is one example of great coaching vs mediocre coaching.
    Another is the 49ers-they were terrible for a long time, in comes Harbough and they are a Superbowl contender with the same team.
    I am sick and tired of us getting re-tread coaches. We need to do some serious research and hire a great innovative offensive minded coach. And have him bring in a smart group of coordinators with him.
    We have as much talent on this team as any other team out there, but, alas, we are a ship with no sails…

    • It IS amusing/ironic that they ask what’s going on with him, yet show a photo of him being double-teamed.

      It’s just like the articles that will be forthcoming about “What in the world is going on with Adrian Peterson?” Both are performing at a respectable level overshadowed by far superior previous performance.

  6. “We want to see how Christian does today,” Frazier said. The coach said he hasn’t necessarily started game-planning for backup Matt Cassel, but wouldn’t really have to alter the game plan if Cassel is the starter.

  7. We have 13 games left– if we win 10 of 13, we have a shot at the playoffs. That does not leave a lot of margin for losing. So, I do not understand the lackadaisical attitude by Frazier and company — out Ponder on the bench after one quarter on Sunday if it ain’t getting done— cause all of us know Big Ben will get it done somehow, some way. So selfish to let all of the fans and team rely on one player! STOP THE INSANITY! AP will retire and be gone with no championship at this rate– and if that happens, sorry, gang, but I will choose another team as my number one.

  8. The Wynnum Seagulls hadn’t won a premiership since my old man was manager in 86, club went broke and had been garbage my whole life. My dad blamed me obviously but in 2011 we snuck into the finals. Huge underdogs, beat the two top teams and had to beat Redcliffe at Dolphin Oval to make it to the grand final. HAD NEVER WON THERE IN 22 YEARS!!! THE GROUND WAS CURSED! We won 42-0 that day. The next week me and my dad got front row tickets on the tryline Shea Moylan scored the game winning try literally metres in front of us and we FUCKING LOST OUR SHIT!!! Tears, emotions, father son bonding all that kind of crap.

    Have faith Titus the pain is worth the wait!

    Oh and I forgot to mention they went back to back in 2012 so watevs im wearing shorts

    • What troubles me is the mindset of the coaching and staff– look at Harbaugh in San Fran– I may not agree with him but I do like his attitude to win and do what is necessary. Imagine if Cassell had been put in last week or even in Detroit. Who knows– maybe we would still be 0-3, but I doubt it. A change up at QB and I bet we would have minimum one win. Season is too short to say– oh well, we will get better. Three losses to start the season is unacceptable. I, for one, see more than Ponder at fault, for sure– but do something! ANYTHING! Make a change. Stop paddling the same boat if it leaks.

      • Completely agree. Age has caught up to our defense and our drafts haven’t been deep enough to save us. I don’t care if we draft 3 QB’s a year from here on in let’s do it until we find our Brett Favre! We will never win a superbowl without one!

      • Also for Wynnum to return to glory it took a complete clean out a couple of years beforehand. Got rid of all board members, the Ceo, players, staff (including my dad) and a couple years later they win a title. Something to think about in Minnesota I guess…

  9. I am having trouble with this game prediction– I really did have a strong gut impression Saturday the Browns would win– I know that impression and it is 90% accurate, but I let my reason take over- I thought rationally that no way would we lost at home to Cleveland. No real impressions either way on this game– but I do believe AP is ready to break lose.

  10. Yep– Cassell will start!!! Don’t know if that is better than Ponder but it is a change!
    Brady gave it away in that interview– and not just when he said Cassell will start Sunday– he rambled on how Cassell has stayed prepared– and then how these guys just need the opportunity and they are getting it– yep. You can bank on it.

  11. I can see why some think it’s just an excuse to get Ponder outta there, and i wouldn’t be surprised due to the timing, but he did take some hits on Sunday. Not only the sacks, but the plays where he ran the ball. I dunno if Cassel would fare too well behind this line… Ponder had to make a lot of plays with his feet, and that’s not somethin Cassel is known for. If they bench Ponder i wish they’d put in MBT.

  12. So I get home today and decide that it’s probably time to empty the mailbox for the first time in a week. I get there and it’s stuffed full! But there’s hardly any mail in it whatsoever…just this awesome Purple Floyd jersey taking up the majority of the real estate!

    Thanks Irish!

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