Prediction-Wobschall is hospitalized in London after consuming 26 helpings of Cock-a-Leekie Soup and Spotted Dick.

Unable to fly home with the now 0-4 Vikings, he accepts a job offer in England as a cricket bat…….

By novascotiavike

108 comments on “CHEERIO !

  1. MINNEAPOLIS — Referee Bill Leavy mistakenly penalized the Minnesota Vikings after coach Leslie Frazier tried to challenge a ruling on a muffed punt in the second quarter of Sunday’s game against Cleveland.
    We should have gotten an unsportsmanlike penalty for not showing up.

    • No surprise there. A game with refs who know the rules well would feel so awkward. But it shouldn’t have made a difference. The Browns already threw in the towel on the season and we still walked out there looking even more clueless than the refs.

  2. No worries folks– seems the pundits knew what they were talking about– saying the Lions would win the division and the Vikes would go 6-10. Jolly good no, gang. The Steelers cannot win this upcoming week– blame it on jet lag.

  3. I’d like to see Frazier stay. We need new blood in the OC/DC positions, though. People who know enough to abandon Cover-2 (hint – it doesn’t work), and someone with balls enough to pull a QB who doesn’t have the stuff (hint – he doesn’t).

    We SHOULD be 3-0 right now.

    Yep the D gave up points, but if Ponder was the QB they promised us he would be when they drafted him, we’d have scored at LEAST 2 more TDs each game.

  4. Overall, Minnesota’s defense gave up 400 or more yards for the third straight week.
    Ponder…….”Our defense played really well”.
    Imagine if the defense had played poorly ??????????

  5. Williams deserves as much blame (if not more) than Musgrave. Although it’s true the offense (Ponder) had a chance to seal the victory two weeks straight, they did have the lead in both games. Williams’ defense promptly gave up the lead in each game resulting in two losses.

    I nominate Alan Williams for DOTW.

  6. The only coach I would think worthwhile to bring in would be Brian Billick. But, you know, Frazier’s approach will work in the long run– I think it is his OC and DC that need changing.

      • I was serious about the bag– and then to make it really an authentic dome experience, when you have to pee, hold it for an hour longer than you can take it– then let it burst out painfully — for the absolute truest experience then gather 10 neighbor men who yell obscenities at you while you pee- like “Are you playing with yourself? Hurry up!”

        THAT is the dome experience. Accurate.

  7. As you might expect, Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh is not thrilled with the salacious news surrounding wide receiver Jacoby Jones.

    TMZ reported Monday the wide receiver was “bleeding everywhere” after a stripper named Sweet Pea struck him in the head with a large bottle of champagne early Monday morning. According to the gossip site, the incident occurred aboard a party bus in Washington, D.C., on the occasion of teammate Bryant McKinnie’s 34th birthday.

    I think McKinnie is getting a little old to still be involved in this sort of thing. Was this one of your girls, Vegas ?

  8. Infamously trouble-prone cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones has run afoul of the law again.

    The Cincinnati Bengal was cited early Monday morning and charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct, Staff Lieutenant Anne R. Ralston of the Ohio State Highway Patrol confirmed to NFL
    As a passenger in a 2013 Dodge Durango that was pulled over for speeding by the Ohio State Highway Patrol, Jones refused a field sobriety test. The driver, Tishana F. Holmes, was charged with operating a motor vehicle under the influence.

    They are going to have to change that old phrase to ‘Keeping down with the Joneses’.

  9. my prediction for the week is……………On the way to the stadium, Bill Musgrave refuses to drive on the left side of the road because it is not in his gameplan. He gets to his first roundabout and crashes into another car. When asked by the police as to what happened, he says ” the car didn’t properly execute my gameplan”.

  10. Bohl started his NDSU career with back-to-back 8-3 seasons. The Bison closed out the 2004 campaign with three straight wins including victories over nationally-ranked Northwestern State (La.) and UC Davis.

    North Dakota State was ranked No. 23 in the final 2004 ESPN/USA Today and The Sports Network Top 25 polls to highlight their first season at NCAA Division I-AA.
    His first season was highlighted by North Dakota State’s stunning 25-24 road win over perennial Division I-AA power Montana in just his second game at the helm.
    Bohl fits the successful profile of Bison leaders of the past. He is articulate, high-energy, experienced, successful and charismatic.

    His first full-time coaching position was as the defensive secondary coach for the Bison under Don Morton in 1984 when NDSU finished second in the nation with a 12-1 record.
    After that Bohl coached on the Division I level for 18 seasons including stops at five different universities. He was the linebackers coach at Tulsa for two seasons (1985-86), the linebackers coach at Wisconsin for two seasons (1987-88), the defensive coordinator at Rice for five seasons (1989-93), the linebackers coach and defensive coordinator at Duke for one season (1994), and the linebackers coach at Nebraska for eight years. The final three seasons at Nebraska also included the defensive coordinator duties.

    His seasons at Nebraska included a number of Top 10 defensive national rankings for a team that compiled an 85-18 record including national championships with a Fiesta Bowl win in 1995 and an Orange Bowl win 1997. At Duke, he helped mold one of the biggest turnarounds in college football, working with a program that posted an 8-4 record in 1994 after the Blue Devils had gone 3-8 the year before his arrival.

  11. Entering his 11th season, the tireless Bohl has an 89-32 record including a 24-8 record against nationally-ranked FCS teams, a 10-1 record in the FCS playoffs and 6-3 mark against Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) teams over the past seven seasons — including a 22-7 win at Colorado State in the 2012. His 89 wins are second only to Rocky Hager (91-25-1, 1987-96).

    Since making the move to Division I FCS, the football program’s performance on the field with the diverse West Coast offense and hard-nosed, aggressive defense has rekindled the excitement in the Fargo-Moorhead community, state of North Dakota and the region.

  12. Here’s what I have a hard time understanding – baseball teams have like 10 (QBs) on the roster, and are not hesitant to pull one out of the game and put in another one if the starter A) begins the game ineffective or B) the opponent figures him out and he becomes ineffective, during the game.

    Why are football coaches so hesitant to do that? Are football QBs sissy boys who can’t function if their feelings get hurt?


    My thoughts – Cassel will enter the game after Ponder goes 3 consecutive 3&outs or 2 interceptions this Sunday. Ponder is doing some serious soul-searching right now. He knows his starting job is at stake, and 1 of 2 things will happen in London – he will come out firing the ball downfield rather than lobbing stinkbombs, or he will fail miserably because his “highly intelligent brain” will suffer a complete meltdown.

    Which Ponder will we see?

    • “……Ponder scored 2 TDs on his own……..”

      …….because he couldn’t get it done with his arm. QB sneaks will only work so long. You think they stack the box NOW? Wait til Defenses realize all they have to defend against is a handoff to AP or a Ponder sneak – you’ll get 10 in the box, and an all-day blitz.

  14. Former Viking and current Detroit WR Nate Burleson breaks arm in 2 places in early-morning single-car accident…..
    The Detroit Free Press’ Dave Birkett was told by authorities that Burleson struck the center median “when he became distracted by an item falling off his front seat.”
    The item? Pizza.
    The moral of this story…….While it’s nice to see an auto accident involving an NFL player without booze involved, nevertheless Burleson’s car should now be outfitted with one of those gadgets that will not allow the car to start if pepperoni is detected on his breath.

  15. “After the loss to Cleveland, running back Adrian Peterson said he had Ponder’s back — something the reigning MVP said when the quarterback struggled last year as well.
    Ponder rebounded from that rut and played the best football of his career down the stretch as the Vikings won their last four games and earned a wild-card berth.”

    Best football of his career. That’s not saying much.

  16. Anyone got a connection (Twitter?) to give Ponder some advice?

    The best thing he can do for himself right now, and it’s SOOOOOO simple, is to stop staring at the guy he plans to throw the ball to. A simple thing will improve our air attack significantly.

    Did you see Rothlisburger? Pump fakes, looking at 3 different guys and going back to one of the first two – he moved the ball. It works. Really.

    • Of course, he needs a little time from the O-line to do that……….

      And one last Ponder bash and I’m done this week. 4 seconds left on the clock, one last hail mary to the endzone for 6. I looked at my Dad and said “Sack. He’ll never get the throw off.”

      Wish my score predictions were that accurate – why the HELL did he drop straight back? Roll out right, give your receivers time to set up on the goal line, and make the throw.

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