If you really neeed a “thumbs up”…

I now challenge the thought that it is needed. No f#cking smiling 0r thumbs, for 2 weeks. We should vote. I really have not cared if I receive your thumbs? Screw it, go Vikes…hashtag……..



HeinrichHimmler3img src=”https://vikingsfootballblog.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/10c7579-e1341706922395.jpg” alt=”10c7579″ width=”120″ height=”120″ class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-391″ />

127 comments on “If you really neeed a “thumbs up”…

  1. 17-3 Vikes. I don’t think it will be that high scoring of a game.

    I watched the Browns at Ravens game last night and I have to say their Defense is really impressive. Unfortunately for them their Offense is nothing. And now that they traded Richardson they have less than nothing.

    But then again, I think our team has a bad taste in their mouth after last weeks narrow loss and could really be fired up for this game.

    Cleveland might be walking into a situation similar to this:

  2. HCG….Shouldn’t you be at least a little concerned that since there are no ‘thumbs down’, that moronic cretin DeepSir will actually have to find something useful to do with his time ? Because I’m not.

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