So the Vikings get a homecoming game against the Brownies. Hopefully the coaches are aware of the ingredients. If most of us on this blog actually baked brownies, I would be skeptical to eat more than three.


I’m not gonna pick on the collective retard that is the Browns, I just say we better not have a bad trip, and go 0-3.

Hey, at least we get to see our boys in action.



Maybe even this guy…


To your health dudes…

102 comments on “EAT THE BROWNIES!

  1. Using state-of-the-art highspeeddigitallyenhancedmicrobionicdualexhaust computer technology, I was able to read Ponder’s paper (above).
    It says ” I will not throw turnips to DBs” 100 times.

  2. “It’s pretty clear we have the worst line backer group in the league. Even in the few snaps Bishop took he was also taking bad angles.”

    Irish, no fair judging Bishop on 2 snaps when Ponder is still out there after 3 years.

  3. Greenway is trying to compensate for Henderson’s lack of play-making, which in turn is making Greenway look bad.
    Frazier needs to make a move on the LB situation. Bishop was brought in for a reason, put him out there. Mauti is ready to play too-what are they waiting for?

  4. Of course, then again, considering they are playing someone new at QB and just traded their best player– and that the Dolphins scored 23 -10 in Miami— and the Vikes do show signs of running all cylinders– scoring with D, O, and Special teams– this could be a very long day for Cleveland– and in the dome!

  5. I fell in love with the Vikes in /68, but this guy’s name cemented the relationship……..Charles Goodrum (born January 11, 1950 in Miami, Florida) was a guard and offensive tackle in the National Football League for the Minnesota Vikings (73-79). Goodrum attended Florida A&M University.

  6. Speaking of names (My all-time favorite sports name) in the same era…….Fair Hooker (born May 22, 1947 in Los Angeles, California) is a former American football wide receiver in the National Football League. He was drafted by the Cleveland Browns in the fifth round of the 1969 NFL Draft. He played college football at Arizona State.

  7. That’s life in that part of the world, Titus. I have 3 friends who are working the oil rigs offshore. 2 of them have (in 2 years ) turned down the /copter ride into ‘town’ in favor of playing poker on the rig.

    • It’s more life there as of the past few years– especially since Kenyan forces “invaded” Somali a few years back to take care of some rebels. I know Kenya very well. My past five gfs were from there.

  8. Nairobi was long the model of Africa for western development– sure, they have had corruption and the like– but then the elections in 2008 things got ugly. And now, being on the border of Somali, many of the problems have trickled in from that war torn country. Kenyans are wonderful people– I hate to see this. You look at the pics and you see the one woman in purple jeans (must be a Vikings fan) in terror being led out of the mall–and that could be anywhere at a shopping mall– could happen here, folks.

  9. It DOES happen here , Titus….both in your country and mine…I don’t normally get involved in U.S. affairs, …..that’s YOUR guy’s business, but it seems like every 4 months, there’s a mindless killing, like this week in Washington.

  10. Yeah, by a long gunmen, not by an organized group of rebels with a cause. They asked people if they were Muslim– if yes, they let them go. If no, they shot them. That is not the MO of these other killings. One is a random act, the other more strategic.

  11. Here is another “Vegas” story for y’all, and no it’s not about a dead hooker under a bed in a hotel room….
    My spousal unit is a store manager of a woman’s clothing store, one of her regular customers came in today and was shopping and told my wife she was really nervous because her grandson was playing QB in a high profile high school game today and she couldn’t attend. Who was it? Randall Cunningham’s mom!

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