What a bargain…

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Excuse me miss, I seem to have dropped my change. Can you bend over and pick them up for me!

Nothing like a late Wednesday/early Thursday post to kick off week three.

By vikingology

99 comments on “What a bargain…

  1. Another thing from the coaches film. When Ponder threw his interception he had Rudolph open on a deep corner just above Simpson. Once again he stared Simpson down and didn’t take advantage of the safety out of position.

  2. Just caught up on reading blog.

    Nova that Johnny Seven gun toy is about the coolest toy ever. Grenade launcher, mortar, semi and full auto, fires actual projectiles with a detachable pistol!!!! Takes caps but no batteries!!!! C’MON MAN! That Western Flyer wagon never had a chance! I could rule the world…

  3. GIPF-I understand your feelings toward Ponder, but remember this, Eli was very close to being benched before he went on his run…(he has seven INT’s this year)

    I believe that once the WR’s and Ponder continue to get more confortable with each other, they will only get better.

    I am reserving my judgement on Ponder till the end of the season. If I bitch and moan about Ponder before the season is over then remind me about this post!

    I still think the root of the problem is Musgrave-stay tuned…SEND

    • Henderson critiqued his play as so-so in his first two outings.

      “I think I’ve played OK, think I’ve done some things well. There’s some things I can do better,” Henderson said.

      OH NO!!!! Not the dreaded “..I can do better….” speech. Chalk up another dollar.

  4. Intestinal villi (singular: villus) are small, finger-like projections that protrude from the epithelial lining of the intestinal wall.
    Ok, bear with me here. The reason I am giving this medical definition to you guys is because not all of you are M.D.s. I myself am an amateur gynecologist, and this leads me to …….More Reasons To Hate Bill Musgrave.

    • Interestingly enough, the body also has villi on the respiratory epithelium lining the windpipe. It’s job is to pulse in unison, passing up particles of impurities to the back of the throat, where you can cough them out of the body. The first drag on your first cigarette burns them off, leaving you without a natural defense against lung infiltrates and causes the infamous “smokers’ cough” as crud builds up in your lungs. Lifetime smokers (of 20 or more years) could quit and the villi will never regenerate.

      “Smoking is bad, M’kay?”

  5. If you unscramble what obviously is in code, ‘Bill Musgrave’ becomes…….

    (1)…..Grab Me Villus….what kind of guy would want THAT ???????
    (2)…..Lamb Leg Virus…Looks like it’l be a while before I have leg of lamb again.
    (3)…..Lab’s Liver Gum…Sounds like something Vick would chew on.
    (4)…..Gave Bulls Rim…..No comment, but it sounds disgusting and dangerous.
    (5)…..Girl Burns Veal…..I presume this means his wife. So, she can’t cook. She’s probably a better OC.
    (6)…..Evil Glum Bras…..These are bad, sad bras.
    (7)…..Bill Mug Saver…..Send him a Wobprariedog mug if he will quit, HCG.

    I hope I’ve made some sense (?) out of this whole Musgrave issue..You don’t have to thank me.

  6. Got my new Score Predicting machine. It’s pretty sweet, I went to My Lowes first (for obvious reasons) but they didn’t have one with LED’s. So I went to the Apple Store and got it there. It’s got IOS7, LED’s and ABS.
    It says if Ponder quits holding Musgrave’s weenie the Vikings will win.
    Vikings – 28
    Browns – 11

  7. Jennings is putting the blame for the pick-6 on Simpson. I have to strongly disagree.

    “Simpson ran a bad route.” He was open, past the first down marker. Had he come back for the lollipop Ponder threw after telling the world with his eyes that Simpson was getting the ball, he would have been short of the marker – now, similar to the first baseman who leaves the bag to field an errant throw, maybe he SHOULD have come back for the weak-ass throw and prevented the INT, but was he aware of the D’s position? Then again, maybe Ponder should have looked off the defense, and fired the ball out there on a rope rather than a rainbow, and hit his open man.

    “He gave up on it after Tillman jumped the route.” After Tillman jumped the route and made the catch, there was NOBODY ON THE PLANET NOT WEARING A RED AND BLUE CAPE that was going to catch him. Wasted effort, like the pass, is wasted effort, especially when you start from behind the guy running away from you at top speed. Why hasn’t anyone bashed AP or Ponder for their lame attempts to stop him?

    Ponder says “The ball came out too soon.” Huh? It was late. Waaaaaay late. Late enough for the D to track it, late and slow enough for Refrigerator Perry or my grandmother to jump in front and make the INT. It’s a timing route – the ball has to be arriving a fraction of a second after Simpson makes his turn.

    Kudos to Jennings for sticking up for his QB, but ignoring a problem only makes it worse.

  8. Not able to access the game, but see highlights on ESPN. This game is proof, once again, ultimate success is dependent on great coaching. The KC Chiefs are on the verge of 3-0 after being 2-14? Then again, this is known in statistics, as regression to the means– it is what happened to the Vikes last season. This year, we see where we really stand.

  9. Jennings said the INT wasn’t Ponder’s fault-I’ll take his word for it. The reason I can is simple-it seems Simpson has problems with the “slant” route and that “curl” route.
    He should only have routes that stretch the field vertically, and let the better route runners run the slants.

  10. Alex Smith 3-0. Good for him. It wasn’t that long ago where he was cast aside as a former 1st round pick. Lost in a terrible team until a great coach (albeit a whiner) came in and suddenly Smith had his best year…

    Then, for no reason, that same coach that ressurected his career, benches him in favor of a young phenom (punk) and, at the end of the season trades him.

    Now, with a load of confidence, Smith has guided the Chiefs to a great start. He has a fresh start, and it’s paying dividends for his new team. Take that 49ers! You got what you wanted and Kappy and his team got their collective butts kicked in Seattle.

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