108 comments on “Eat the purple cool aid, yer welcome.

  1. One of the biggest problems on offense is :
    Three drives of 13 plays;13 plays;eight plays-totaling just nine points.

    Musgrave was overheard by a remote control turtle HCG sent in prior to the game-here now is an exclusive sneak peek at what he said:

    “OK great drive going, were in the red zone, so we can relax and kick a field goal.”

    “Alright, another great drive, take the foot off the gas pedal to assure we get points”

    “WOW, we are clicking now, if we kick another field goal we have…lets see…three more points on the board!”

    “Where did that turtle come from!”

  2. Interesting….Brandon Weeden may not start for Cleveland, with Jason Campbell replacing him.
    Re-arranging the letters in their names, you get……
    ‘Clean Palm Jobs’ replacing ‘Need Boner Wand’

  3. I am so sick of ESPN and the nfl network. Gameday Final used to be highlights of every game now it’s just highlights of 3 games while Deion and Irvin sit there bagging out players they don’t like. All the other games they just show one highlight or none at all. That’s reflective of every single sports show now, just a bunch of guys with huge egos repeating the same shit over and over and over again. Unwatchable.

  4. I just went to Nazivike for the first time in over 6 months. One of the questions submitted to Knobschall was “Why did the Vikings keep kicking to Devin Hester” ? His reply was ” The Vikings thought they had a good plan”.

    (1912 press conference after Titanic sinking)…..
    (Reporter)…. “Why did you sail through an iceberg-infested area” ?
    (White Star Line Official)…..”We thought we had a good plan”.

    I see that nothing’s changed over THERE.

  5. I just read that Ballard said he quit football because it wasn’t fun and he wanted to concentrate on being a better husband, father, and brother. Who ever thought that making almost a million dollars a year for bashing someones head, staying in shape, and playing a game, wouldn’t be fun?

    This weeks prediction is…..Vikings 27-Browns 8

    • “A product of a musical family – his late uncle, Hank Ballard, wrote and recorded “The Twist” before Chubby Checker’s version made it a hit – Ballard plays the cello and keyboard and is learning the bass guitar. His art ranges from drawings to oil pastels.”

      Momma always said “Forrest, never ever trust a cellist….They’ll always let you down.”

    • As much as Wright showed us last season once they allowed him on the field (sound familiar???) I’m quite unimpressed with him these 2 games. Is he underperforming, or are they undertargetting him? Are they undertargetting him because he’s underperforming?

      Either way – rearrange our 3-wide package to be Jennings, Simpson, Patterson and watch the points roll in.

  6. Attention fellow bloggers: Seeing as how my score prediction last week was coming true until some unforseen glitches happened in the game, I have decided this week I will win the points prediction. Currently formulating my wicked-accurate prediction.

    Good luck next week!!

  7. ^The most disturbing quote from that article:

    “It’s just an oversight on our part; a major oversight because Cordarrelle is a playmaker,” Frazier said Monday. “He should be out there. We’ve just got to get him on the field.”

    No sh*t Sherlock.

    look what Hopkins has done with Houston already-he won the game for them last game.

    This is inexcusable -Frazier needs to get the playmakers on the field…NOW.

  8. You guys can play with your LEDs, calculators, tablets , pdf files, excel spreadsheets, and at the end of the day, when I come down from the attic with my prophecy, you will have only one response: Amazement.

  9. Still calculating all aspects of the game – does anyone remember for sure is it Asquared + Bsquared = Csquared, or have I got it backwards? I know pie are round, not squared, so that’s the wrong equation. I doubled our score and added 30 to theirs (sound right Nova?) to get the metric equivalent.

    Our offense is going to light it up. Ponder will be worthy of starting in FF this week – he’s going to run up impressive numbers. AP is going to run up impressive numbers. Walsh won’t be needed except for extra points and a sympathy FG late in the game when we’re so far ahead we are ashamed to run the score up any more. D gets another 7 one way or another. Patterson only gets 2 KR opportunities (one touchback), and they will target him and keep him under 50 yards per return.

    The Browns will get a hard earned FG and a sympathy TD.

    Vikes win 45-10.


      • Shmidt………..then I either have to add points or subtract points……I’ll need to consult my abacus and slide rule (no, Roger, the slide rule doesn’t refer to the QB giving himself up – there actually was a thing called a slide rule – it was the early calculator without batteries, diodes, or buttons).

  10. The Browns are better than you guys give them credit for. We’re still going to win this one, but not quite as big as is being projected.

    Okay, so they’re without their starting QB and have traded away “Adrian Peterson 2.0” but they were still better known for having a stingy defense. Although, the Vikings have had one of the better NFL offenses so far (8th overall in scoring).

    So, my prediction is that the Vikings will utilize the home-field crowd to their advantage, putting up 27-points, but also backing off defensively towards the end of the game and letting the Browns score a TD to make for their highest score yet this year, finishing with 17-points, and letting the Vikings take a knee for the win after failing to recover the onside kick.

  11. The Vikings finally get their first home game of the season as the Browns come to town. Classified as another “Snake-bit” team the Browns have shown improvement, but it won’t be enough. I look for the Vikings to dominate this game early on defense, and finish strong on offense in the second half. The final season of the Metrodome has begun. The home crowd, gets treated to a great game.

    Vikings 31 Browns 13

  12. I hate that NFL game pass has coaches film but only for the first half of quarter 1… Anyway, watched it and I cant remember who was asking about Wright but there’s a play where Ponder hits Jennings along the sideline for a 1st down. Wright is WIDE OPEN on a corner route. Bears were playing one safety deep and the corners took everyone underneath.Would of been a certain touchdown if Ponder didn’t stare down Jennings. Safety was way out of position.

  13. All I can say is if the Browns win, our season is definitely over. It should be a complete blowout , though– with a Vikings team on all cylinders. I almost feel sorry for the Browns– they will get their butt whipped (or surprise us all– the one bad sign is all teh ESPN experts picked the Vikings — unanimous).

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