124 comments on “Game Time…Vikings vs Bears

  1. We asked for that loss. We’re aggressive all game except when the game is on the line. We run the ball on 3rdand goal 5 yards out that’s on the coaches! Ponder better wipe the smile off his face he didn’t win shit. Threw the game away again, just because you had a couple of field goal drives doesn’t make you a winner.

  2. 3rd and 8 I think, with goal to go, and musgrave chooses…you guessed it, run up the middle….It’s like we choose to settle for a field goal there and to eat up 2 more seconds off the clock rather than try to make it a 2 score game. Musgrave needs to go. Aside from that, why isn’t Bishop out there instead of Marvin Mitchell? The ones where we should have won, drive me the most nuts. This game was winnable.

  3. This team has no killer instinct. After that gutless 3rd-and-goal run, Billick defended it by saying it took time off the clock.
    Yeah, right. Chicago won WITH A TIME-OUT STILL IN THEIR POCKET !!!

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