The Vikings lost to the Bears by one point in a tough road battle. Don’t know about you guys but as one of our bloggers said, Musgrave runs it up the middle near the end of the game to drain the clock, BUT THE BEARS STILL HAD A TIMEOUT!

Carlson blew it. Musgrave blew it. The team had a fighting chance, but no. And why was Ponder and company smiling and laughing on the sidelines while the game was on the line? Where is the killer instinct? If I was Frasier I would Install a “No F#cking Smiling” policy. Our secondary was toothless. That Ponder rolling to the left play is idiotic. Again, take the rope away from Irish, and get Nova some rum.

108 comments on “Excuses….

  1. novascotiavike

    09/15/2013 @ 3:29 PM [Edit]

    This team has no killer instinct. After that gutless 3rd-and-goal run, Billick defended it by saying it took time off the clock.
    Yeah, right. Chicago won WITH A TIME-OUT STILL IN THEIR POCKET !!!

    Exactly. Billick is the only guy in the world who approves of Muskrats work. I now am officially anti- Musgrave. I have no more doubts.

  2. In other news I finally got kicked out of my own bar last night. I told my employees it was only a matter of time. I warned them.

    I worked 8 hours bartending, then stayed and drank heavily for 7 hours. Watched a great band play. At some point I lit a cigarette indoors(big no no in Cali), and when the bouncers told me to go outside apparently I started yelling ” Are you a f#cking athsmatic? Go eat some gluten, pussy!” Ahhh good times… But that isn’t why I got booted out. Some guy tripped on the dance floor, and when he hit the ground I jumped on him and started dry humping him. I don’t know why. It seemed like the right thing to do at the time. So my wife came out from behind the bar and actually kicked me, then escorted me to the car. She is the meanest bouncer of all.

    Though I don’t remember doing this, so she probably made all of this up.

    Whiskey+Champagne mixed together=FUN.

  3. Vikings played a tough, gutsy game and wind up on the losing end…again.

    If there was ever a time to call a play-action pass on that 3rd down to essentially end the game with a TD, that would have been the time.

    But instead, Musgrave calls the conservative play (the same call that everyone in the entire stadium knew was coming) thus settling for the field goal.

    After that, every Viking fan knew we would lose that game.

    Thank you Musgrave for keeping the door open for the Bears to win the game-

    FIRE MUSGRAVE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I wish we would have went for it on 4th down instead of kicking the field goal.

    We were already up 3 points. Going up 6 does nothing but force them to score a TD, in their own house, which they had no problem doing.

    If a field goal puts us up 7 points then yeah, do it. But kicking a field and going up 6 against the Bears with 3:17 and 2 timeouts left in their own house is pointless. Plus now you’ve kicked a field goal, guess what? Now you have to kick off to Devon Hester and are most likely going to put them on a shortened field (which is what happened). I’m sorry, but that’s just playing to lose.

    We were on the 4 yard line. If we go for it and score we’re up 10 points (GAME OVER) if not they’ll have to drive almost the entire field and most likely have to burn a timeout on the exchange.

    This loss is on the coaching staff.

  5. Clearly Ponder is better than most of us have been thinking– if I can speak for all bloggers. This one is completely a coaching issue— as Eddie Munster said, why, oh why, are you complacent and kick that second field goal– you still allow them one score to win or one score to tie. Make it two scores or a long field. UGH! So disappointed– I honestly thought since July we would win at Soldier Field. The one plus is we stayed in it to the end outdoors, on the road, and lost by one point. Now, it is time to get down to business and win 7 in a row.

  6. This is a bad sign for Minny:

    Tom Pelissero‏@TomPelissero3h
    When head coach comes out and says mistakes were made strategically, and several players mention coaching, it’s never a good sign. #Vikings

    Tom Pelissero‏@TomPelissero3h
    Think they’d have scored on 4th? AP: “Yeah. That’s the mindset we would have had going for it on fourth down. But we just do what’s called.”

    This is the first true dissention I’ve seen since Frazier took over-the Players worked their asses off in that game, only to come up short because of Frazier and Musgrave’s lack of knowing when the game is REALLY on the line.

  7. I know Ponder has been highly criticized for his performances, but I’ll try and sift though some of the lumps:

    Chicago is usually a nightmare for an opponent who plays on their turf-including Minnesota. (See last year)
    Chicago is very hard on opponents QB’s forcing them into making alot of mistakes. (see Andy Dalton)
    I stated earlier this week that when Ponder is given an opportunity to get into the flow of the game, he plays very well-I know he threw an INT, but he also made some good throws too.
    Given the fact that they were in the lead when he left the field, I would say he played a great game-in a very hostile environment.

    This was on the coaching, and they know it-expect some changes from this point forward in how they coach in critical times.

  8. I gotta agree with all of you. Coaches lost today. Players played well enough to win, although you could make a point in believing that they could have held Hester to under 8000 return yards had they tried something different – say, kicking AWAY from him.

    Ponder played a decent game, except when he telegraphed the throw to Simpson – my grandmother could have hobbled over there with her walker and intercepted that ball. He did everything but take an ad out in the paper letting the D know where the ball was going.

    Cook……had a bad game.

    To top it off, a flock of Canadian Geese flew over me on the way home and soiled my windshield. Talk about precision bombing – I’m cruising 74 mph, they are crossing over the freeway at a 45degree angle above me – damn thing must have had a scientific calculator. Nova?

  9. Fire musgrave please he isnt that good at anything I have been saying that since day one. I would rather have chilly back he sucked too why wait till its to late. Chilly lost us a SP must us have a must grave fuck now why

  10. Tom Pelissero‏@TomPelissero6h
    Christian Ponder now 15-of-28 passing for 205 yards and making every big throw down the stretch. Seen this before when on the ropes

    Tom Pelissero‏@TomPelissero5h
    Down mood in #Vikings locker room. Players talking about the 2008 rally from 0-2, but sensed the issues weren’t all execution today.

    Tom Pelissero‏@TomPelissero5h
    #Bears CB Charles Tillman: “My respect level has gone up tremendously for (Christian) Ponder. He did some great things out there.”

    Tom Pelissero‏@TomPelissero4h
    Tillman on #Vikings: “They are a playoff team. It was pound-for-pound, blow-for-blow, a heavyweight battle.”

    We will see what the Vikings are made of after what happened this game:
    INCLUDING THE COACHING STAFF-Speilman is watching …

  11. I fully expect 7 or 8 wins in a row now– call me a lunatic, call me crazy. The players may have lost a game today,m but they gained a heart and soul, knowing they can beat a team on the road– to give it a little more and they can be victors. I expect a thrashing next Sunday at the home opener. Poor Browns.

  12. I missed the first half but Ponder looked pretty good to me. He had the eye of the tiger and made things happen. AP may be trying too hard– he needs to settle down on that 2,500 yard goal and let Toby run more often– sometimes Toby throws off a defense with his different style and can pound and wear them down. When we saw AP favoring that gnarled hand I held my breath– I thought for sure we would see a fumble. He should have been taken out — we were close enough to let Toby get in a rhythm. I actually felt a certain confidence with Ponder at QB late in the game– and have not felt that since Favre– and before that, a few eons before with Cunningham.

  13. ponder was ponder in the 1st half but he played like a nlf qb in the 2nd he didnt lose the the game the SP team played like crap (they where 1 of the best last year) the D played ok and AD had a bad game for him (I think) but what lost the game was the coaching so its not that hard of a decion fire musgrave he is the worst OC in the game stop putting hard decions in front of loosing. No other team deos it will be the end of frazier

  14. It hurts me to say this but Greenway is getting beat play after play after play after play after play after play after play after play after play after play after play. Can we please put Bishop in there he’s the most athletic linebacker we’ve got and EXCELS AT TACKLING.

  15. I can’t get over the last play! How is this any different then the Seahawk Packer finish last year??? If anything it’s worse and no one is complaining about it except a handful of sports analysts! Why wont someone acknowledge our complaints!?!?! Can’t someone please just say we stuffed up.

  16. Frazier….. “I have to do a better job guiding our team in that last sequence.”
    Every week, dating back to last year, it’s “have to do a better job”.
    I am SO sick of hearing this .

  17. Irish here is what should have happened:
    Well since it was a procedure penalty within the last 2 minutes of the game the results should have been a loss of 5-10 not sure and a 10 second run off unless they elected to sacrifice their time out.
    So instead of on the 16 it should have been on the 21 or 26 yard line with 6 seconds to go.

  18. Im done watching nfl network,I thought i was gonna see some highlights and stuff but these bastards just talked shit on ponder the whole time and they kept replaying the mistakes he made over and over again,it was in a loop,since there wasnt that many mistakes to loop in the bears game they started talking about ponders last game.Is Blaine Gabbert and the other shitty QB’s so irrelevant that they never get talked about?

  19. I take back SOME of what I said about Cook-he did make a couple good back to back stops when the Bears were throwing in the end zone in the first half.
    He got turned around and was out of position on the Marshall TD. Bad play.
    On the last play of the Bears winning drive, I initially thought that he was responsible for that TD, but it turns out that it was more on Smith-actually it was Really on our DC Williams, calling a play that was only used one other time-ever.

    In the end, Frazier can overule a play-call on offense or defense, and yesterday he should have stepped in on our first and goal at the six and made sure that is what he wanted called.
    He should have called a TO on the TD throw by Cutler-there was obvious confusion in the backfield and the timeout would have had them more on the same page.

    Of course, Frazier may have liked the offensive selection by Musgrave, and figured why call a timeout when we don’t need to.
    Frazier’s biggest problem revolves around his team philosophy:play not to lose.
    In the NFL, when you have a chance to drive the dagger to seal the victory, you better damn well do it.

  20. This game was the closest we’ve come to winning in Chicago since 2009 when we lost in overtime. We were 12-4 that year and the Bears finished 7-9.

    I’ll take that as a good sign, the Bears are a much better team now then they were back then and that in no way was us at our best. I’m just wondering when we’re going to start firing on all cylinders.

    Something clicked in the 2nd half for our offense, I think we’re getting close.

  21. You guys see Fraziers press conference after the game? Never seen him look so upset and defeated. It shouldn’t take losing the first two games of the year, but i think he gets this WHOLE team, staff included in the right mind set and extremely focused this week.

  22. Well, the first signs of dissension have shown up in Vikingland. It’s a damn good thing we have the Browns at home this week. If the unexpected happens on Sunday, we are officially a team in turmoil, and heads had better roll.
    We should be all over them like a shark on a surfer, like Oprah on a ham, like BB7 on a fly….

    38-17 Good Guys

  23. After week one loss:
    Q: Patterson was only on the field for five plays was that by design?
    A: No, we need to rectify that before the next game.
    After week two loss:
    Q: Patterson was only on the field for six plays. What does he have to do to play more?
    A: He’s doing everything we asked him to. We’ll have to rectify that before next game.

    So your’re telling me we gave up four draft picks for Patterson to play a total of 11 snaps in two weeks? PATHETIC.

  24. Here’s a copy of the texts between my 24 year old son and I right after the Vikings kicked their final field goal…

    ME – Aaaaaand how do you think this game is gonna end ?

    My son – Lol ya I’m def not comfortable with this. We’ve seen it happen too many times

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