The ‘Musgrave Ritual’……Explained !!!!!

(From Wiki) “The Adventure of the Musgrave Ritual” is a short story by Arthur Conan Doyle, featuring his fictional detective Sherlock Holmes.

The plot follows the villain, who baffles Holmes and Watson by running twice up the middle, throwing incomplete and then punts…..

Elementary, my dear defensive coordinator……

By novascotiavike

64 comments on “The ‘Musgrave Ritual’……Explained !!!!!

  1. @NWV2- it’s possible the LED’s could be your problem. I’ve seen people add extra lights to touring bikes that have put their rectifiers into overtime thus burning them out. Which in turn causes the overcharge problem. I don’t remember if you were adding lights or just replacing them but if your problem has disappeared you may want to leave well enough alone.

  2. Ponder went 18-for-28 for 236 yards but threw three interceptions in the Vikings’ 34-24 loss to the Lions. He will have to rebound this weekend if the Vikings want to win in Chicago for the first time since 2007.

    But the mistakes he made against the Lions can be fixed, Ponder said.

    “Monday morning, as you head into the film room you get that bad feeling, and as you watch the game you’re like, ‘Oh man, that’s something that was dumb that could have easily just not happened,” Ponder said. “As you watch it, it’s a bad taste in your mouth. But at the same time it gives you confidence because, hey, these are easily correctable.”

    What the reporter left out was “……..and the FOLLOWING Monday, I’ll get to correct them all again.”

  3. You guys think the big game by Simpson is a sign of things to come for a guy like Carlson? Maybe he can have a break out game? It’d be nice if he could actually do something other than block…

  4. We have the talent– if we are not winning, it is the coaches fault and lack of QB play. Our greatest years were always under the best coaches with excellent quarterbacks– Grant- Tarkenton, Green- Cunningham, and Childress-Favre.

  5. Agree with Roger, not a fan of the Chilly Willie. Remember Favre pushing Chilly away in that one game? And 12 men in the huddle?
    Unfortunately we will probably have to rely on Frasier and Ponder for this year.
    Don’t forget Green-Culpepper either (that sounds like a tex-mex dinner!)
    “ok sir, I have you down for one Cadillac margarita and plate of Culpepper, did you want the red sauce or the Green?”

  6. I was gonna post the ” Score prediction signed jersey contest of great awesomeness and trophy contest” predictions, but an un-named hero did it first. Skol to you!

    Also, I will update all predictions tonight. Skol to all of you, and my respect.

    But first a few jokes……..

  7. I prefer the one-liners.

    Nova narrates Morgan Freemans life.

    Nova once pissed in a semi trucks gas tank. It is now Optimus prime.

    Nova breast fed a baby jaguar, it was named Chuck Norris. Perhaps you have heard of him?

    Crop circles are Novas way of telling the world that sometimes, corn needs to lay the fuck down. Calm down corn!!

    Next up are Parody, Roger, and Titus jokes. Then three more every week. No one is safe this season.

    Hopefully me too.

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