Separated at birth

Sometimes Ponder can look like a vicious attack dog on the field like week 17 of last year but it seems more and more he is looking like this little guy. Whether it’s because he stares down his WRs or he is over thinking the game it needs to change soon. The season has just started but it all hinges on how he grows. Hopefully he can grow into a solid watch dog this year instead of an ankle biter otherwise Samantha may start to with hold treats or possibly send him to the pound.
Boston_Terrierponder the wonder dog?

106 comments on “Separated at birth

  1. The poeple that are thinkin Cassel will just come in and lead us to the promised land are delusional… We know what he is and what he can do, we didn’t get him to be our franchise guy. It’s been one game into Ponders second full year as starter and people think that loss was all him, that’s stupid. Shit i’d rather they put MBT in if they were gunna bench Ponder.

  2. This was mostly a joke about how people perceive Ponder.
    I still believe in him but the DBotW needs to learn how to open up the playbook and not call plays that are not to Ponder’s strength, like rolling Ponder to his left. You have a good LT so why put your QB in the open that way anyways.

  3. Jerome Simpson had a great day-but he has trouble catching the quick slants…just keep him on the mid to deep routes and he’ll be fine.

    Jennings should be the slant guy-I honestly don’t understand why Musgrave is playing so conservative…well I do, but…nevermind.

    Get the damn ball to Jennings Patterson and Rudoulph. GET SOME RHYTHM GOING.

    Frazier-stop handling Ponder with kid-gloves…get in his face and tell him to make it happen!

  4. Ok…ONE more chance. I’ve lived and died (mostly died ) with this team since 1968 and I’m seeing more Gary Cuozzo and Travaris Jackson than Fran Tarkenton or Brett Favre in Ponder.
    If he doesn’t show SUBSTANTIAL improvement in Soldier Field on Sunday, then I am officially a Ponder hater.

    • Wilfs are fluent in doublespeak. Seriously? If we let out our net worth, our families will be in danger from extortionists. That comment just said more than any disclosed numbers. Besides, as the judge said, if you own an NFL franchise, you probably are not that concerned about hiding the fact you are in the top echelon. COME ON!

  5. I don’t want to speculate going backwards or conjecture sending sideways, but I wonder if there is a grand design to thwart the downtown stadium and revert to the Arden Hills site with an open air stadium for half the cost– and all to be owned outright by the Wilfs.

      • I thought the MLS team required an open air stadium– thus the talk of a retractable roof. All I know is that the past 6 years it seems the Wilfs are the most upstanding owners, with integrity and high moral character– now we have a judge recently calling some of their pursuits evil and now the Wilfs crying not to divulge personal worth because family members may be at risk (like no one knows Wilfs are rich) when, like the judge said, it is common knowledge of their estimated worth and if they did not want others to know, they would not own an NFL team. Something is not adding up.

  6. Spielman, you goofed! It’s okay, though- we are all bound to make mistakes. Your track record, overall, has been excellent– now admit the error and get a QB in there that can do the job before AP’s primetime is over!!! DO IT!

  7. I’m firmly in Nova’s corner. I’m no NFL expert, but I am an expert at evaluating physical disabilities. Ponder does the same shit now that caused teams to overlook him before MN stretched to draft him, and would have caused other teams to not draft him until the second round at least, as a back up QB.

    He can’t lead a target consistently. He can’t moderate his throw in a short pass. He can’t react mentally quick enough to make the check-down throw.

    That’s stuff you learn in college. If he can’t do it, he can’t do it.

    If AP runs for 200 yards each game, we don’t need a highly effective QB. But, is AP going to do that? Detroit says “No F’cking way.” Detroit. What’s going to happen when we play a team with a GOOD run D???

  8. I get why you guys have given up on Ponder, im not arguing that. My thing is holding the whole team accountable for that loss, coaches included. If we dont get better play out of the O-line, linebackers, Josh Robinson, Ponder, and the whole run defense, and better play calling from Musgrave, then it’ll be a tough season.

  9. I hate to say it but…….28-10 da bears…….maybe then we can have an email sent to Frazier showing how Musgrave got fired by Seifert in the 4th game of the season when he was the OC at the Panthers.

  10. I’m with HCG – we’re due.

    The team is going to play much better after being embarassed last week. AP will be on fire, Ponder will complete 85% of his passes under 10 yards and BOTH of his passes over 10 yards.

    The only wildcard is the Bears’ D blitzing every single down because they know it makes Ponder pee his knickers.

    Vikes win on 3 TDs and 2 FGs 27-24.

  11. When I made my first quarter predictions, for the first game, I factored in the winning team (Vikings) scoring less than 30 points-I knew if 30 or more points was scored, it would mean a loss for the Vikes.

    As far as this weeks game is concerned- I stand by my first four game predictions. They will remain unchanged-gulp. 20-16 Vikings over Bears.

  12. Here is my original post:

    Minnesota at Chicago

    The Bears have been dominant at home when playing the Vikings. Actually, it’s been brutal for the team in purple. In baseball, sometimes a coach has a feeling about a particular player that has been in a slump and decides to play him. Many times that player responds in a big way for his team. When asked why he decided to put said player in the lineup, the coach would reply “He was due.”
    I’m here to tell you, the Vikings are due.

    Vikings 20 Bears 16


  13. I think Ponder may be on a shorter leash than we all are led to believe. Cassel was on the market for what? 20 minutes? Remember “we’re not trading Percy, we’re not trading Percy”? And then what?
    Furthermore, three years to develop is no longer the norm, Kaepernick, Wilson, RGIII, Luck and Newton three all that out the window.

  14. Honestly, if you take away the turnovers Ponders numbers look pretty good. 18 for 28, 236 yards, 64.3% and 8.4 yards per pass play. The 8.4 yards per play (ranked 8th best in the league) is a HUGE jump from last year when he averaged only 6.1 (ranked 52nd) and that was when he was throwing a ton of bubble screens to Percy Harvin for about half of the year.

    Last year he averaged 183.4 yards and 30 attempts per game. So basically he is getting more yards off less attempts, I definitely like that.

    We’ve only played one game so take these numbers with a grain of salt. But if Ponder can maintain that 8.4 per play and reduce the turnovers our offense could really get rolling.

    Jerome Simpson having the game he had was huge for our offense as well as his confidence. Now if Jennings can get going and they start getting Patterson more involved we might have something here.

      • Yeah, if we go 0-3 we’re really gonna be up against it. but I really don’t see that happening. The Steelers and the Browns look like shit and I think the Bears are definitely beatable. They were behind almost the whole game at home last sunday. I was kind of shocked when they won.

  15. Here is a blurp I just worked my ass off copying from fox sports north.

    Ponder ranks 30th in the league in quarterback rating after one week. His 63.1 rating is better than only Cleveland’s second-year starter Brandon Weeden and Jacksonville’s Blaine Gabbert, who was taken two spots ahead of Ponder in the 2011 draft and is also in a prove-it third year after two down seasons.

    Is it all Ponder……..or is he maybe getting some help sucking from Musgrave???

  16. To me, the most frustrating thing about Ponder are these games where you go “okay, he did some things really well, but he did some really bad things too”. I’m sick of the roller coaster. It’s time for him to come out and eliminate all doubts, put up good numbers and not turn the ball over. That’s the only way he can put an end to the doubts, is if he comes out and shoves the ball down the opposing D’s throat, and wins games for us. Just get out of your own way Ponder, and play like you’re capable of playing!

  17. Musgrave began his coaching career in 1997 as quarterbacks coach for the Oakland Raiders. That season, under the quarterbacking guidance of Jeff George, led to a seventeenth-place offensive finish for the Raiders. The Raiders finished 4-12.

    One year later, relieved of his duties in Oakland, Musgrave moved on to the Philadelphia Eagles to serve as quarterbacks coach. With Bobby Hoying, Koy Detmer, and Rodney Peete sharing quarterbacking duties, the Eagles finished 3-13 and 30th in the league in offense.

    One year later, relieved of his duties in Philadelphia, Musgrave accepted the quarterbacks coaching position with the Carolina Panthers. Led by Steve Beuerlein, the Panthers finished fourth in the NFL in offense with an 8-8 record. Musgrave’s performance, and head coach George Seifert’s growing unease with offensive coordinator Gil Haskell’s seemingly uneven performances, led Seifert to sack Haskell and promote Musgrave to offensive coordinator in 2000.

    Musgrave’s promotion in Carolina was short lived, however, as Seifert sacked him a mere four games into the 2000 season. That dismissal came only after Seifert called Musgrave to the floor and chastised his play-calling in front of the team.

    After his dismissal from Carolina, Musgrave moved on to the University of Virginia where he served as Al Groh’s offensive coordinator for two seasons, with mixed results, despite having Matt Schaub as his starting quarterback.

    Subsequent coaching positions in Jacksonville, Washington, and Atlanta, led to similar results, with his final season in Atlanta proving his most resume-worthy, mentoring quarterback Matt Ryan to continued improvement.

    In all, Musgrave left only one position on his own accord–that of five-year quarterbacks coach in Atlanta. In that final position, he had one of the better young quarterbacks in the league and was able to bring that player along. With lesser talent, Musgrave clearly has struggled in a role far subordinate to the position he now holds in Minnesota. All of which might explain why his exits from every stop prior to Atlanta were met with relief by the relevant fan bases.

  18. How rough has it been for Musgrave in the NFL? Consider that his nine years coaching quarterbacks have come with five different teams, the most recent being Atlanta, and that his first four stints as quarterback coach resulted in one and dones with Musgrave leaving his position for the same position with another NFL team. Consider, as well, that, after joining Atlanta as the quarterbacks coach in 2006, Musgrave remained entrenched in a position regarded as a stepping stone position until his departure for Minnesota in 2011.

  19. I put up a post predicting the whole season a month or two ago– it worked for week one where I predicted a Lions win. So, I think I will go with what I originally said back then– that the Vikes break the losing streak at Soldier Field. I guess I am saying what half the blog is saying– we are due. AP and Allen I assume are ready to make some noise. These guys know there are only so many seasons left for them. And Samantha makes a special pre game meal for Ponder. Bears, watch out.

  20. Sorry guys, but I’m going to waffle on this one.
    Two scenarios:
    1. The Vikings are embarrassed enough by last week’s performance and rise up and smite the Bears 31 to 10 – not even close!
    2. The Vikings continue to make mental mistakes and turn the ball over 4 times and lose 17 to 14.
    I hope for scenario 1 but despair that it will be scenario 2.
    Put me down for scenario 1 – hope springs eternal and all that.

  21. HCG, I apologize for having the wrong statistics in my earlier post concerning your arrests for soliciting hookers (74 vs the actual 78).
    My figures were based on pre-Labor day weekend numbers.

  22. 21-17 Vikes. After Sacking Cutler, Jared Allen has intercourse with Cutler’s mom, and then gives her a female mullet haircut. You know, the creepy kind of 80’s female mullet where it is board straight in the back and kinda spikey on the top….creepy….

  23. Hey Vegas – my bike troubles – I put the incandescent lights back in the dash almost 2 months ago – no burn outs yet. The LEDs must have been too fragile for the bike. I will be getting the J-box rebuilt this winter, with upgraded components. Maybe I’ll try the LEDs again next year, but it’s a pain in the ass to pull the dash apart.

  24. I still have to lean towards Musgrave as being the main cause of the Vikings offensive woes. He is not OC quality material, he is a QB coach.
    He can come up with a few great offensive games (SF/Texans/GB) but week in week out he cannot sustain and Ponder takes the brunt of the weak calling…

    On the flip side, Ponder does have to execute his throws better-but the grand design is so vanilla, Ponder simply has to work with the game plan given to him.

    I really wish Billick would come back as OC, it would be interesting to see what he could do with this squad.

    My prediction-Musgrave will go before Ponder gets benched.

    • I highly doubt Billick would demote himself to OC. He may come back as a head coach if the offer were right– but then again, that is a lot of stress. He had a great career — he probably is very happy doing commentating.

  25. I heard an interview with Jimmy Johnson the other day and he was asked what the biggest characteristics of being a sucessful QB in the NFL are…

    1) Decision making
    2) Accuracy

    Ponders notable weakness

    1) Decision making
    2) Accuracy

    Johnson did say said arm strenth is overrated…but pointed toward a game philosophy similar to the Vikings.

    But the play callling needs to be able to capitalize on other teams’ weaknesses, not this vanilla crap we do every single week. Frazier-light a fire under Musgrave to start calling creative plays to push the damn ball down the field!

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